Failing Passport Office Boss “Working from Home” Complains to IPSO that Press are Outside Her Place of Work

IPSO has contacted newspapers about recent coverage of the Passport Office’s current backlog. The current Director General of the Passport Office, Abi Tierney, is according to IPSO

“concerned about the presence of the press and photographers in the vicinity of her home in Leicestershire and wishes to make clear that she and her family do not wish to be approached for comment or photographed in the vicinity of her home”.

IPSO also tells newspaper editors that

“Dr Tierney will not be commenting on the story and asks that all requests for comment be directed to the Home Office Press Office”

Normally we have some sympathy for people swamped by press camped outside their home. Her press officer admits the crisis hit passport office boss “occasionally” works from home. So it is her place of work, even though it is 107 miles from her desk in the Victoria HQ.

Thousands of people are waiting for passports, holidays are being ruined and Abi Tierney needs to get her arse into gear and sort out the backlog. Or better still, resign. She can send her resignation letter by post, from home.

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