Sadiq Speaks at Event Hosted by Anti-Gay Church Embroiled in Paedophile Controversy

Guido can reveal that London Mayor Sadiq Khan spoke on Sunday at a Christmas event hosted by a highly controversial church which discriminates against gay people and is embroiled in a paedophilia cover-up. The deeply evangelical Hillsong Church, founded in Australia, has a policy of actively excluding gay people from roles within the church, with founder Brian Houston explaining:

“Hillsong Church welcomes ALL people but does not affirm all lifestyles. Put clearly, we do not affirm a gay lifestyle and because of this we do not knowingly have actively gay people in positions of leadership, either paid or unpaid.”

It gets worse. Brian Houston is also facing an investigation in Australia over his alleged role in covering-up child sexual abuse by his father, Frank Houston, also an evangelical preacher who was accused of molesting nine children. A Royal Commission found that Brian Houston had failed to inform the police and had a clear conflict by assuming responsibility for the Church’s internal investigation himself. Houston sacked his father from Hillsong over the abuse in 1999 but did not report it to the authorities and even wrote to churches telling them not to make the allegations public.

Khan told a reporter at the event that politicians should learn “lessons in kindness” from the Church. That kindness clearly doesn’t extend to gay people or victims of child sexual abuse in this case…

Sajid is the Top Choice of Tory Councillors

Survation have done something interesting, they have polled 862 Tory councillors on their preference for the next Tory leader. Using a run-off single transferable vote method they looked into who would win. First preferences gave a close lead for Sajid Javid of 150 to 142.

After transferring votes Sajid sucks up the majority of third-placed Hunt’s votes and wins decisively. This is an interesting exercise that doesn’t exactly mirror the actual Tory election process which has MPs select two candidates to put before the wider Tory membership. What it does show is that in an open field the race would likely be between Johnson & Javid. The survey reinforces the findings of the ConservativeHome surveys that it should be a two-horse race. Whether Tory MPs agree is another matter…

Watch Survation’s explainer video here.

Fiona Onasanya Guilty of Perverting Course of Justice

Labour MP Fiona Onasanya has been found guilty of perverting the course of justice after a mammoth Old Bailey trial. She stood accused of lying over who was driving a speeding car. The last MP to be found guilty of a similar offence was Chris Huhne. He resigned and a by election was called. Onasanya’s leave voting Peterborough seat has a Labour majority of just 607…

UPDATE: Labour says they have suspended Onasanya and say she should resign as an MP…

“The Labour Party is deeply disappointed in Fiona Onasanya’s behaviour. It falls well below what is expected of politicians. She should now resign.”

The Conservatives selected their new Peterborough candidate, Paul Bristow, in October.

People’s Vote Infighting

Whilst most of the media is focused on Tory infighting and Corbyn’s incoherent and contradictory strategy the People’s Vote crowd are escaping attention. It will be no surprise when Guido tells you there is lots of infighting there too…

The main split is between those Labour MPs like Chris Leslie and Angela Smith who want to use it as reason for walking away from the Labour Party and setting up new party and those who want to try and win McDonnell and Corbyn over to the cause as the best way of getting a second referendum and stopping Brexit. They all despise Tom Baldwin who serves effectively at the pleasure of Alastair Campbell, who along with Blair is the real overlord of the whole thing. The Blairites are very definitely pulling the strings.

Baldwin is obsessed with polls and many on the campaign suspect he got the multi-millionaire Julian Dunkerton, who co-founded the Superdry fashion label, to make the weird precondition of his £1 million donation that it all be spent on polling. Good for YouGov’s profits, with the result that the campaign has an overload of pointless polls telling them nothing really new, which they can’t even turn into stories now the media narrative is all about the shenanigans in parliament.

Some Labour MPs think Baldwin and Campbell are trying to make it all about them and cutting them out. Chuka is especially irked so now sends out his own press releases implying they are from the official People’s Vote – though they are definitely not.

Money is a sensitive subject, because the People’s Vote campaign is at war with Best for Britain, who refused to join the remain coalition. Best for Britain are funded by Soros so have cash but are politically clueless and “p*ssing it up the wall” on Facebook according to People’s Vote insiders.

Every time Best for Britain get attacked in The Telegraph Soros writes another cheque. This infuriates the People’s Vote campaign who consider Best for Britain to be amateurs and political novices – the Lib Dem B-team and third sector campaigners.

Even Best for Britain co-founder Gina Miller quit the organisation to set up her own group ‘End the Chaos.’ This seems to double as a personal Gina Miller photography and publicity campaign, pouring resources into taking pictures of her standing on cliffs and on roads, staring into the middle distance. End the chaos indeed…

Out to Lunch

It is our Christmas Lunch today. We may get totally Junckered…

Soubry’s Searing Attack on Bercow

A furious Anna Soubry has torn into John Bercow for his handling of the “stupid woman” incident. Bercow is visibly rattled as he tries to shout down angry MPs. Is his grip finally starting to slip?

Leadsom Challenges Bercow For Calling Her a “Stupid Woman”

After the furore over Jeremy Corbyn mouthing “stupid woman” at Theresa May at PMQs, Andrea Leadsom has put Bercow firmly on the spot, asking why he hasn’t apologised to her after being caught calling her a “stupid woman” as well. One rule for Bercow, another for everybody else…

Corbyn Calls Theresa May a “Stupid Woman”

Despite the MayBot trying her best to bring some Christmas cheer to the House of Commons, Comrade Corbyn appears to take up the panto villain role in calling the PM a “stupid woman” after her reasonably funny panto gags. That wasn’t very Christmassy…

Labour kicked up a big fuss over Cameron’s “calm down dear”. Will they make the same fuss about their own leader’s comments…

Christmas PMQs: Who’s Asking the Questions?

Q1 Mike Amesbury (Weaver Vale) (Lab)
Q2 Grahame Morris (Easington) (Lab)
Q3 John Mann (Bassetlaw) (Lab)
Q4 Jonathan Reynolds (Stalybridge and Hyde) (Lab)
Q5 Dan Jarvis (Barnsley Central) (Lab)
Q6 Stella Creasy (Walthamstow) (Lab)
Q7 Ian C. Lucas (Wrexham) (Lab)
Q8 Alberto Costa (South Leicestershire) (Con)
Q9 Chris Elmore (Ogmore) (Lab)
Q10 Tim Loughton (East Worthing and Shoreham) (Con)
Q11 Andrew Bridgen (North West Leicestershire) (Con)
Q12 Lilian Greenwood (Nottingham South) (Lab)
Q13 Kevin Hollinrake (Thirsk and Malton) (Con)
Q14 Mary Glindon (North Tyneside) (Lab)
Q15 Peter Grant (Glenrothes) (SNP)

Will it be a Christmas cracker?

Foreign Office Tries to Sabotage Matt Hancock’s Party

Matt Hancock hosted a well-attended Christmas bash for hacks last night in his top floor Department of Health office with sweeping views of Parliament and the London skyline. However it almost wasn’t so, with a mischievous SpAd from the Foreign Office – hosting a rival party just across St James’s Park in Lancaster House – briefing thirsty journalists that no alcohol was being served at Hancock’s party. Happily Guido can report that was certainly not the case. Although Guido hears that booze wasn’t always in such good supply at parties hosted by Hancock’s predecessor – who is now the occupant of the Foreign Office…

Belgian Government Collapses Over UN Migration Pact

Guido would like to thank the Belgians for putting our domestic political crisis into perspective. The Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel resigned last night as his government collapsed after he signed the controversial UN migration pact that his coalition partners opposed. Will they beat their 2011 record of going 589 days without an elected government?

The largest party in the coalition, the centre-right Flemish secessionist N-VA stopped supporting the Government, and after Michel attempted to stay in power with a “coalition of good will”, the opposition proposed a no confidence motion and he resigned. At least the UK still has a Government… of sorts…

Government Departments Unimpressed With Treasury’s No Deal Naming and Shaming

It’s fair to say that other Government departments weren’t too impressed with the Treasury naming and shaming them in yesterday’s Sun for supposedly not spending their no deal spending allocations yet. Guido hears furious ministers and SpAds spent yesterday raging that they indeed hadn’t been able to spend the money – because the Treasury hadn’t released it to them. They can’t all be right…

Boles Promised To Call a By Election if He Defected

After threatening to defect from the Conservative Party in the event of a no-deal Brexit, Nick Boles has still not replied to Douglas Carswell’s challenge to him to call a by-election, as Carswell did when he defected. Why would Boles be reluctant to do this if he believes that his (61% leave voting) constituents also reject no deal?

Now a co-conspirator has dug up an interesting leaflet sent to Nick Boles’ constituents. Under the heading “How do we know you won’t betray us, if we elect you?” Boles writes that

“I think MPs elected for one party should have to stand down and call a by election if they defect to another party.”

Was his defection threat empty, or is he going to “betray” the spirit of an election promise he himself made? Let’s hope it doesn’t come to this…

Labour’s NEC Drops South Thanet Candidate Over Hitler Tweets

Yesterday Labour’s NEC decided not to endorse Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt as a candidate on the basis that she had brought the Labour Party into disrepute. In a late night posting on Facebook she blamed Guido for her demise as a candidate:

“The NEC’s decision was taken on the basis of three tweets that were posted from the Centre for Cultural Change Twitter account, run by a group of academics, to which I occasionally contributed well before I decided to stand as a parliamentary candidate. The Centre for Cultural Change tweets were in no way intended to imply that antisemitism doesn’t exist in the Labour Party. They were taken out of context on the right-wing Guido Fawkes hate blog to imply that I was antisemitic.”

Well you can judge for yourself why the NEC really dropped her as a candidate by reading our original story where she attacked, for example, the “zionist sympathies” of John Bercow and asked “Has anyone looked into Hitler’s policy on Zionism?” Credit where credit is due, Guido was not convinced the new NEC would take decisive action. The prospect of her fighting a crucial target swing seat obviously focused minds…

Remain Campaign’s Shameless Sob Story

The Remain Campaign’s Director of Communications Tom Baldwin has written a real sob story for the Spectator in response to an article which pointed out a major error their recent report attacking the ‘Norway Plus’ option. Baldwin goes full holier-than-thou as he insists:

“We are determined to be an evidence-based campaign and will continue to contest claims for forms of Brexit that are clearly untrue…

“Everyone should owe it to the public to engage in that debate in a way that upholds the very highest standards of rigour and truthfulness.”

This is coming from a campaign that:

  • Claimed for months that it was only interested in securing a “soft Brexit”, not stopping Brexit altogether.
  • Campaigned heavily for the UK to remain in the Single Market and Customs Union – only to now launch a full-frontal attack on that ‘Norway Plus’ option.
  • Was humiliated on national television for a flagrantly misleading video purporting to show Leave campaigners arguing in favour of the single market.
  • Said it was closing down but kept its entire email database in a questionable interpretation of data protection laws.
  • Are largely the same people who ran the Remain campaign with its vast array of discredited scare stories about the effects of voting to Leave.
  • Complained about Vote Leave “micro-targeting” on Facebook but has sent almost as many micro-targeted ads on Facebook in the last two and a half months as Vote Leave did in the entire campaign.
  • Are still under investigation by the Information Commissioner about data irregularities involving the Lib Dems.
  • Claims to be about giving ordinary people a say but is in fact a vast, well-funded corporate lobbying operation with dozens of full-time staff whose only goal is stopping Brexit, not boosting democracy.

The “People’s Vote” campaign have no interest in what people have or haven’t voted for, they simply want to stop Brexit by whatever means that are available to them, desperate for a second chance to atone for losing a campaign that was massively stacked in their favour in the first place. They are free to campaign for what they like but trying to take the moral high ground like this really is shameless…

Boles Will Resign If ‘No Deal’ Becomes Policy, Despite Manifesto Commitment

Former Skills Minister and EEA advocate Nick Boles has threatened to resign the whip if the Conservative Party follows through with its manifesto commitment that ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’. Boles stood on the Conservative manifesto in 2017 and was returned to Parliament by 62% of his constituents. Did he not read it..?

Boles is yet to reply to an interesting suggestion made by Douglas Carswell (who famously called a by election when he left the Tories), in what Guido can only describe as a slam dunk.

Boles’ constituency voted leave by 61-39%…

MPs’ Christmas Door Decoration Rivalry

MPs are busy trying to one up each other with Christmas door decorations this December. The decorated office doors pictured here face each other in One Parliament Street, although it’s fairly safe to say Ben Bradly’s office is winning. Have you seen any MP’s festive decorations in Parliament? Send them in to and Guido will announce a winner over the Christmas break!

Whistleblower Wylie Pocketed $100,000 From Trudeau Despite Telling Collins He Had No Clients

Fans of political dramas will be thrilled by the news that they will also have a Ron Howard-produced biopic of Chris Wylie – “the young gay visionary who created Cambridge Analytica” – to look forward to following Channel 4’s Brexit drama next month. Ron’s blurb says he’s setting out to tell the “true story of Chris Wylie”, Guido thought he would give Ron a little help with piecing some more of the facts together:

As Guido detailed last month, far from turning his back on illicit data activities after leaving Cambridge Analytica, Chris Wylie was busy attempting to flog the “psychographic microtargeting” services of his own company Eunoia Technologies to all and sundry, with little success. Wylie’s snake oil had already been turned down by Donald Trump and the Remain campaign before his pitch to Dominic Cummings flopped too…

Given this litany of failed attempts to monetise his dubious data practices, Damian Collins won’t have been too surprised when Wylie told him at the DCMS Committee on 27th March this year that he hadn’t “been able to benefit” himself from using the data on other projects outside Cambridge Analytica. Not for want of trying…

“I didn’t do any contracts or any, you know, work with that data… I haven’t worked with any clients that data was used for… that data got deleted, I believe, in 2015 on my end.”

Yet Wylie was still trying to peddle his voter-targeting techniques to Cummings in January 2016, and Facebook said that Wylie didn’t certify to them that he had deleted the data until August 2016. The 2015 date is almost certainly wrong…

And just one week before his appearance at the DCMS Committee, a major story broke in Wylie’s native Canada that in 2016 Justin Trudeau’s ruling Liberal Party had awarded a C$100,000 (£58,000) contract – to Chris Wylie and Eunoia TechnologiesSomehow Carole Cadwalladr’s prize-winning investigative skills entirely missed that one…

After media pressure in Canada, Trudeau’s Liberal Party was forced to release a statement confirming that Wylie’s firm had received C$100,000 of Canadian taxpayers’ money to conduct a “pilot project” for the party’s research bureau, including “setting up social media monitoring tools” and to “design and organize several national samples of Canadians to explore responses to Government policy priorities and other issues of national importance”. Which sounds remarkably similar to the psychological voter profiling and micro-targeting techniques Wylie was trying to tout elsewhere…

  • Was Wylie being straight with Collins when he told him he hadn’t “worked with any clients” or done “any contracts” with the data?
  • Was Wylie being straight with the Canadian Parliament when he told them his work hadn’t involved any targeting of voters, despite Liberal Party insiders saying that he had been trying to push micro-targeting techniques to the party for almost a decade?
  • Was Carole completely unaware of any of this as she was busy lionising him in the British press?

In fact, in his failed pitch to Vote Leave, Wylie told Cummings: “some of us will be in Ottowa this month working on a similar project for a major Canadian political party”. Wylie’s proposal to Cummings detailed a number of a data crimes he planned to commit including for his company to retain psychographic algorithms based on Vote Leave’s data “for future commercial applications”. Did Wylie’s work for Trudeau’s party involve “similar” breaches of data protection laws?

These are serious questions for Damian Collins, the ICO and the British media to ask. By his own admission, if Wylie did any work for clients using models built using the Facebook data, even if it wasn’t directly using the data itself, he is guilty of openly misleading Parliament. At least he didn’t walk away entirely empty-handed after all his hard work obtaining the illicit data in the first place…

See also:

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Juncker’s Jolly Dinner

Austrian newspaper Österreich is reporting that EU Commission President Jean Claude-Juncker “caused a stir” and “had to be supported by two staff members” while enjoying a festive dinner last night perhaps a little too much.

360.335.064 (620×310)

Photographs also show the Commission President slapping the faces of other guests and reaching out for high fives.

360.335.063 (620×310)

He did have something to celebrate after his pay rise came through yesterday…

Corbyn’s Confidence Chaos

Jeremy Corbyn has done his best to emulate the plot of a Thick of It episode with his fraught attempts to table a confidence vote this week. Here’s how the chaos unfolded:

  • Sunday: Andrew Gwynne tells Marr that Labour won’t be tabling a confidence motion before May holds the meaningful vote.
[…] Read the rest


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