Rebecca Long-Bailey Claims Coronavirus is an Opportunity for Labour to Campaign

Following in the footsteps of Ian Lavery, in a Zoom call to supporters last week, Rebecca Long-Bailey claimed that the coronavirus crisis gives Labour the chance to campaign, Guido can reveal. Talking to what she thought was a group of just supporters, the leadership candidate claimed:

“The case in this crisis is being made very strongly for socialism and we need to make sure that people don’t forget that all of the support that we’re pushing for, it is socialism.

For the avoidance of doubt, a few months of emergency measures taken now are not socialism, will take years to pay off, and would be disastrous to deploy in normal times. Keep it classy, Becky…

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Rich’s Monday Morning View

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Social Distancing To Last For “Three to Six Months”, Plausibly Longer

Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Jenny Harries had stark words for the country at today’s press conference:

“To make it clear to the public, if we are successful we will have squashed the top of that curve which will be brilliant, but we must not then suddenly revert to our normal way of living, that would be quite dangerous. If we stop then all of our efforts will be wasted.”

“Over time, probably over the next six months, we will have a three week review, we will see where we are going. We need to keep that lid on, and then gradually we will be able to hopefully adjust some of the social distancing measures, and gradually get us all back to normal.”

Three to six months ideally, and lots of uncertainty in that, to see at which point we can actually get back to normal. And it is plausible that it could go further than that.

We’re in this for the long haul…

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Gove: There Is Nothing EU Ventilator Scheme Offers that the UK Can’t Do Independently

“There is nothing that we can’t do as an independent nation that being part of that scheme would have allowed us to do.”

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Ashworth: Government Must Be Stricter
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Long-Bailey Yet To Film ‘Bizarre’ Victory Speech
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