Goldsmiths Officially Becoming ‘Communist University’

Fresh from banning burgers, leftie student dystopia Goldsmiths is this summer playing host to “Communist University”, a week of lectures put on by the Communist Party of Great Britain. For just £250 (or a “solidarity price” of £300), you too can be treated to a week of communist-inspired lectures from luminaries of the British left, from Tony “Zionist scum” Greenstein to Graham ‘Stop the Witchhunt’ Bash. How long until the People’s Republic of Goldsmiths just goes the whole hog and starts rounding up the bourgeoisie?

Tory Associations Begin Hiring for General Election

Local Tory Associations are contributing to the worst-kept secret in Westminster – that we are soon heading for a general election – by posting a slew of adverts for campaign managers as they ramp up preparations for Britain going to the polls. Six vacancies have been posted in just the last 5 days…

Boris notably failed to rule out an election in his ‘People’s PMQs’ today, while Damian Hinds’s accidental email leak yesterday was another sign that election preparations are underway. While the Tories are ramping up, Jeremy Corbyn remains on holiday in Romania, while his followers are yet to begin their deselection campaigns against their “centrist” MPs…

Contracting Germany Set On Recession Course

This morning saw the publication of dire statistics for the German economy, which contracted this quarter with many voices now predicting that the struggling country is likely on course for recession. Now it’s not just the German Chancellor that’s looking shaky…

Unlike the UK’s contraction this quarter, the German one is based on much less sound fundamentals.  Overall year on year, the German economy’s growth rate is just 0.4% compared to the UK’s 1.2%. The Chief Business Editor of respected German broadsheet Welt has said that Germany has become “the sick man of Europe”.

GDP has now fallen in two of the last four quarters in both Germany and Italy. The last thing European countries want right now is a disorderly No Deal exit for Britain from the EU…

Hammond: WTO Brexit is the “Only Honest Model”

Philip Hammond’s failing attempts to rewrite history have run up against the inconvenient fact that there is a wealth of video evidence out there disproving his central claim that voters weren’t told before the referendum that voting to Leave could mean leaving without a deal. In fact they got stark warnings from a wide range of the most senior Remain politicians including himself. This latest clip, at Chatham House in March 2016, is the icing on the cake:

Let’s look for a moment now at the default option – the World Trade Organization rules, which is where we will end up if we leave the EU without a deal agreed.

For anyone who wants to ensure a clean break with the EU, the WTO is the only honest model.

What was that Hammond was saying about a “travesty of the truth”…?

EU Supergirl’s Randy Remainer Sugar Daddy

EU ‘Supergirl’ Madeleina Kay has spent the last few weeks jollying around Europe on an interrailing trip, having realised that going on a free holiday is much more fun than standing in the pouring rain outside Parliament with weird old men wrapped in EU flags. Naturally Kay didn’t fund the trip herself, she got the weird old men to fund her vacation instead. So far she’s raised a whopping £22,438, even Eurocrats don’t get funded so handsomely for their jollies…

Her single biggest donor is a man called Adrian Goff, whose generosity currently amounts to a sizable £2,700. According to one past Tweet, Adrian is even using his deceased mother’s inheritance to fund Kay. Indeed Goff is so keen to give money to Madeleina he’s taken to asking if there are other ways to pay her beyond the GoFundMe account…

It turns out Goff’s philanthropic interests are broader than it first appears, Guido has discovered he’s a keen Lib Dem and, even less surprisingly, a porn enthusiast. His Twitter likes include literally hundreds of videos from adult account Voyeur House TV. His generosity has even extended to gifting flowers and “sexy red underwear” to one of the adult actresses from his favourite site:

Luckily for Adrian he’ll now be able to combine his two favourite hobbies after Guido uncovered the Hard Brexit porno being filmed right next to Madeleina’s FBPE friends in Westminster. Brings a whole new meaning to Centrist Daddy…

Boris’s First #PeoplesPMQs

MPs are on holiday but Boris has gone over their heads to his Facebook followers…

Comrade Rayner Defies the Labour Leadership

Discipline is increasingly breaking down in the senior ranks of the Labour Party politburo, this morning previously loyal Comrade Angela Rayner shamelessly defied her party leadership not once but twice live on state television. Counter-revolutionary treachery…

First Rayner contradicted John McDonnell’s incendiary comments on a second Scottish Independence referendum, then – even worse – she sided with calls from Enemy of the People #2 Tom Watson for Labour to work together with Enemy of the People #3 Jo Swinson to block no deal. Next she’ll be saying she likes Tony Blair…

Wannabe Boris Prosecutor’s Lawsuit Thrown Out of Court Again

Wannabe ‘private prosecutor’ and general all-round freeloader and charlatan Marcus J. Ball has lost another legal bid to get the courts to hear his ludicrous lawsuit against Boris Johnson. Despite the High Court utterly ripping his case to shreds and even finding that £350 million-a-week was acceptable as a gross figure, Ball had the temerity to launch another round of crowdfunding to try to dupe gullible Remainers into believing he had the slightest chance of getting his vanity project heard in the Supreme Court. When even snake-oil peddler-in-chief Jolyon Maugham thinks the money has been utterly wasted you know you’re not onto a winner…

The Court of Appeal unsurprisingly rejected his application for leave to appeal this morning. Ball is still left with the option of applying to the Supreme Court directly for permission, incredibly he has said he will carry on with his farcical attempts: “This isn’t over, we are not giving up. We are pursuing it, absolutely.” It’s Ball’s continuing attempts to con Remainiacs who don’t know better out of their cash that are starting to border on criminal…

UPDATE: Ball has responded with a frankly hilarious video statement on his Twitter account, promising that this rejection by the Court of Appeal is not the end of his public attention saga.

Hammond Himself Said Voting Leave Could Lead to No Deal

The latest mendacious line to come from the hard Remain camp is that “nobody was told that voting Leave could lead to no deal”, with Philip Hammond going into overdrive this morning and claiming it is a “total travesty of the truth”. The problem is, as usual, it’s the Remainer line that is a “total travesty of the truth”.

Change Britain have looked at what Remainer politicians actually said and, surprise surprise, everyone from David Cameron and George Osborne to Dominic Grieve and Hilary Benn repeatedly warned voters that voting Leave would lead to Britain leaving the EU after two years, deal or no deal. Along with a certain Rt Hon. Philip Hammond M.P. at the Despatch Box in the House of Commons…

Hypocritical Hammond: I Prepared For No Deal But Boris Mustn’t Be Allowed To

Former Chancellor and perennial Brexit Eeyore Philip Hammond has taken to the airwaves today to warn of the supposedly dire consequences of a clean break from the EU. This is despite him being elected on a manifesto that promised the UK would leave with No Deal if the only alternative was a bad deal. Which, currently, it is.

On Today this morning, Hammond bizarrely doubled down on the notion that he had spent time and money preparing for No Deal, despite the reason for his interview being a big intervention saying such preparation would be damaging and undemocratic. It’s okay when he does it but when it’s Michael Gove and Boris Johnson that’s beyond the pale…

“We were already doing No Deal preparation… we spent £4.2 billion… a large part of it was preparation by the treasury to mitigate the impact on financial services.”

So why does he have a problem with this Government doing the same thing he supposedly did..?

Guido suspects that the reason for the disparity is that Hammond’s ‘preparation’ was purely cosmetic. Last week it was reported that a No Deal planning committee member had revealed that previously “the Treasury was blocking everythingwhereas things are serious now and ten to 15 actions are agreed every day.” Hammond is only upset that now people are actually undertaking the work that he bragged about doing while actually undermining it…

Downing Street sources have hit back hard saying the likes of the former Chancellor “never accepted the referendum result and they fought to overturn it.” Number 10 sources tells the FT that “Hammond and Clarke sabotaged the UK’s preparations to leave. Every day, officials tell us about decisions they took to stop us actually leaving” and The Times that “Everyone knows the ex-chancellor’s real objective was to cancel the referendum result.”

Hammond himself is doing nothing to dampen that analysis, talking up a second referendum again this morning.

“If we can’t resolve this issue in Parliament it will have to be resolved by either a General Election or a second referendum.”

If anyone believes he actually respects the referendum result, Guido has a bridge to sell you…

UPDATE: Guido asked team Hammond if there was any truth to the widely circulating story that the then Chancellor told the Irish that the British Government would never support No Deal during the negotiations that followed the defeat of the first meaningful vote last year. They refused to comment on it…

Another Sky Correspondent Goes Rogue

Just a day after Sky News Correspondent Ashish Joshi made the extraordinary claim on live TV that “Nigel Farage clearly likes Prince Harry in Nazi uniforms”, another Sky correspondent has been giving their highly partisan views a rather too public airing. This time it’s Sky Sports News correspondent Kaveh Solhekol, who tweeted:

Solhekol has now deleted the tweet. Sky in danger of starting to look like Channel 4 News at this rate…

IEA Brexit Prizewinner Appointed Science and Universities SpAd

The SpAd List continues to be filled up with people with excellent free-market, free-thinking pedigrees. Iain Mansfield, a former FCO man in Manila, who won the IEA’s coveted Brexit Prize a whole half-decade ago in 2014 for his ‘Openness, not Isolation’ Brexit blueprint for an “open, prosperous and globally engaged UK that is eminently achievable” is joining Jo Johnson at BEIS to work on the science and universities brief. He’s since written a number of very sensible articles on ConHome

Sadly for the IEA it doesn’t technically bump them up in the SpAd think tank league table, with the TaxPayers’ Alliance still holding a commanding lead. However it’s yet another sign of the positive, outward-looking way the Government is approaching Brexit…

Boris’s Kinder Surprise

Boris got a bit more than he bargained for as his law-and-order week took him to meet prison officers who explained how prisoners smuggle drugs into prison. “A Kinder egg?! … Is that inside the… he’s ingested it… he’s plugged it? … You are joking!” Robert Buckland considers explaining to his boss, before taking the safer route of just nodding along knowingly instead…

H/t Joe Pike

BBC Shows World Greta’s Poo Bucket

In yet another clear sign that the misty-eyed adulation of Greta Thunburg is definitely #NotACult, the BBC has done another fawning piece on the teenager, this time revealing the plastic bucket Greta will be pooing in for the next two weeks to stop the apparent imminent extinction of mankind. Greta will be pushing for a resolution at a New York Climate summit, to get there she’ll be crossing the Atlantic in a small ‘zero carbon’ sailing boat with no toilets. Like anyone enduring personal hardship on principle and not for publicity, she’s taking a filmmaker with her just to make sure everyone else knows about it too…

Greta’s latest stunt is just another reminder that the hard eco-left won’t stop at getting people to do more recycling or developing cleaner forms of technology, their aim is the total destruction of capitalism while taking the general population back to medieval living standards, just without the meat. While supposedly sensible politicians continue egging them on

‘Politicians vs People’ Latest

YouGov have carried out a poll of what politicians think their role is, compared to what their constituents believe they’re elected to do. Says it all really…

Damian Hinds Leaks ‘GE2019’ Email

Former Secretary of State for Education Damian Hinds has (presumably accidentally) leaked a screenshot of his email drafts folder on his public Instagram story. Provocatively the subject is “~RE: Re[2]: GE2019 team thoughts & i…”

The draft message appears to be part of a much longer email chain and is addressed to Debbie Curnow-Ford, a local Conservative activist in his constituency, and a ‘Julie’, presumably his local association chairwoman Julie Butler. The leak is decidedly off-message, but adds fuel to the worst kept secret in British politics. Everyone is gearing up for an election this year…

As of Guido going to pixel the awkward screenshot is still online on his story

UPDATE: After 20 hours, Hinds has finally got round to deleting the accidental post

PM Confirms UK Citizens’ Rights Commitments From Individual EU Countries

The Prime Minister had a busy afternoon speaking with a host of world leaders yesterday, including two key European players. Upon becoming Prime Minister, Boris announced a commitment to unilaterally guarantee the rights of EU citizens currently living in the UK. May belatedly made the same pledge after years of facing accusations of using citizens as bargaining chips. It’s worth remembering that she was the only leadership candidate back in 2016 not to have made a unilateral pledge on the matter….

Now the supposedly benevolent EU that is refusing to make any kind of declaration on UK citizens living in its countries. But Boris’ unilateral gesture seems to be paying dividends. Upon speaking to the Prime Ministers of Belgium and Portugal yesterday, Boris reiterated his promise to the EU citizens in the UK and both European leaders individually said they were committed to doing the same for UK citizens living in their own countries, “whatever the circumstances”. May should have, as Vote Leave argued, taken this approach from the start…

Jolyon Given Another Chance to Waste Remainers’ Money

Twitter QC Jolyon Maugham is at it again, this time up in Scotland where he’s brought a yet another anti-Brexit case. This time the famously successful litigant has teamed up with Parliamentary luminaries Joanna Cherry and Jo Swinson to try to get judges to bar Boris from proroguing Parliament to allow Brexit to happen on October 31 if MPs attempt to block it again. Of course, as the Telegraph’s poll found last night, public opinion is on the side of Boris…

The judge at the initial hearing today has now agreed to grant the case a full hearing on September 6, at the Court of Session in Edinburgh. Giving Jolyon almost another four weeks to keep fleecing yet more money out of gullible Remainers…

George Freeman’s Tent Festival Partners With Environmental Extremists

George Freeman’s lefty remain tent has become so broad it now apparently covers environmental extremists. His ‘Big Tent Ideas Festival’ has announced it is “unbelievably excited” to be partnering with Extinction Rebellion”.

But just last month the think tank Policy Exchange published a paper on the group by Counter Terrorism experts which outlined that Extinction Rebellion:

  • rejects both our representative democracy and the liberal free market economy and explicitly seeks to overturn both.
  • originates in the anti-globalisation Occupy Movement, and promotes ‘post-capitalism’ ‘de-growth’.
  • espouses a ‘civil resistance’ strategy of mass protests involving large numbers of the public who are encouraged to break the law, cause serious social and economic disruption and place a burden on police resources.
  • emphasises the importance of achieving economic damage to a city.
  • believes that the economic costs of protest increase exponentially day by day.
  • has groups behind the campaign with social media accounts that reveal notable examples of extremist content including conspiracy theories, including “concerning instances of anti-Semitism”
  • has a leader who has spoken about people dying for its cause, having said “we are not just sending out e-mails and asking for donations. We are going to force the governments to act. And if they don’t, we will bring them down and create a democracy fit for purpose… and yes, some may die in the process”.

There is no doubt that Extinction Rebellion is an extremist organisation. What is Government Minister George Freeman playing at..?

John Bolton Slams EU Elites For Making “Peasants” Vote Again “Until They Get it Right”

Donald Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton is over this side of the Atlantic to throw his support wholeheartedly behind the UK’s efforts to leave the EU, deal or no deal. Bolton says the UK will be “first in line” for a trade deal with the US and opened the door to both countries doing sector-by-sector mini-deals to accelerate the process.[…] Read the rest


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Boris responds to Tusk…

“I don’t want a No Deal Brexit but I say to our EU friends if they don’t want No Deal they have got to get rid of the backstop from treaty. If Donald Tusk doesn’t want to go down in history as Mr No Deal Brexit then I hope this point will be borne in mind by him too.”


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