Would Priti Be Home Secretary Under Her New Immigration Rules?

Priti’s parents came to the UK in the 1960s, several years before pro-Soviet Ugandan President Idi Amin forcibly expelled Ugandan Asians from the country – meaning her parents weren’t refugees. Would they have got the required 70 points to make it here under their daughter’s new system?…

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Shaun Bailey: London Should Host Olympics if Tokyo Succumbs to Coronavirus

Tory London Mayoral Candidate Shaun Bailey has called for the 2020 Olympics to be held in London again if the Tokyo games have to move due to Coronavirus. This comes after the epidemic forced Japan to cancel its mass participation Tokyo marathon. Perhaps not as far fetched as it sounds…

Bailey told CityAM “I urge the Olympic Committee to seriously consider how London could stand ready to host the Olympics should the need arise. We have the infrastructure and the experience, and if I am elected I will make sure London is ready to host the biggest sporting celebration again, if we are called on in an hour of need.”

A spokesman for Sadiq Khan responded by saying “In the unlikely event that it be required, London, as it has done throughout history, will do its best to step up to the plate.”

If it happened, London 2020 would be the fourth time the city has hosted the games, following 1908, 1948, and most recently 2012. In 2012 London became the first city to have hosted three Games – could it smash through another record with a fourth?…

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Patel Rejects Brits Winner Dave’s Claim that Boris is “Racist”

Brits Album of the Year winner, Dave, made headlines last night when calling Boris a racist during his live performance, along with making references to Grenfell and the Windrush scandal. Touring the studios this morning to promote the government’s new points-based immigration system, Priti Patel hit back at the rapper, calling the claim “utter nonsense”. A priti emphatic denial…

Patel will be hoping the row doesn’t distract from her department’s big announcement today setting out details of the immigration plan to be put in place once we leave the transition period in December. Based on a points-based system with an added minimum wage floor, immigrants will need 70 points to make it in. The points are awarded as follows:


  • Offer of job by approved sponsor – 20
  • Job at appropriate skill level – 20
  • Speaks English at required level – 10

Not required:

  • Salary of £20,480 (min) – £23,039 – 0
  • Salary of £23,040 – £25,599 – 10
  • Salary of £25,600 or above – 20
  • Job in shortage occupation – 20
  • PhD in subject relevant to job – 10
  • PhD in STEM subject relevant to job – 20

Naturally employers of low-skilled workers and Labour are furious…

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EU Threaten to Make Trade Wurst

In scenes first brought to life by Yes Minister, the EU are now threatening the very existence of the Great British banger. To avoid confusion, Boris is safe…

The salaming news comes as farmers say they will have no legal basis to slip their sausages into European markets after the end of the transition period in December.

At the moment the EU has no health certificate for goods such as fresh sausages or mince, as it has never imported the goods from third countries. Boris better be prepared to start lobbying for our frankfurters in Frankfurt…

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Wonk Watch: February Edition

The big news in Westminster wonk land is that Sam Bowman has made a surprise return to the think tank world, after two years as a consultant at regulatory advisory firm Fingleton. Bowman, who before his time at Fingleton was Executive Director of the Adam Smith Institute, will in April become Director of Competition Policy at the International Center for Law & Economics. He’ll split his time between London, D.C. and Portland, Oregon…

Elsewhere, Guido learns that the ASI has snapped up former CCHQ staffer John Macdonald (not to be confused with the Shadow Chancellor of a similar name but deeply different economic views). Macdonald replaces Charlotte Kude as Head of Government Affairs at the think tank after Kude returned to Parliament to head up new red wall MP Jacob Young’s office.

Finally, Guido can reveal that Brexit Central’s deputy editor Liam Vernon has moved across to become Digital Communications Manager of the Centre for Policy Studies. Congrats!

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Thank You Tiggers, for Saving Britain

Today is the anniversary of the launch of The Independent Group, later Change UK, then Change UK – The Independent Group, then The Independent Group for Change, before splitting off into a group called The Independents and independent MPs. Brexiteers have a lot to thank them for…

  • Firstly, their hard-line position within Parliament helped scupper the indicative votes attempt to bounce the UK into a rule taking position. The customs union option came just three votes away from achieving a majority, meaning TIG’s decision to oppose it prevented Parliament backing a subservient post-Brexit Britain trapped within the customs union. Remain strategy became ‘all or nothing’, and they got nothing…
  • Secondly, without pressure generated by the TIGgers, it is unlikely that Labour would have felt compelled to switch to a pro-second referendum decision. Labour U-turned off the back of the threat of more defections and dire EU election results. In doing so they shifted away from their traditonal voters and helped crumble the Red Wall and perhaps even consign Corbynism to the history books. Time will tell…
  • Thirdly, it was thanks to the five TIG defectors who became Lib Dems that an election was called at all. Without the defector induced momentum Jo Swinson’s party gained, they would not have fallen for in behind Number 10’s strategy of forcing an election to break the deadlock. And the rest was history…

Thank you, TIGgers!

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