Government Risks Banning Jelly Babies, Fudge, and Sherbet Lemons

Number 10 is at risk of continuing the last government’s public health fudge, as new sugar ban plans could lead to British favourites like jelly babies, dib dabs, boiled sweets, and fudge being made illegal. They can try prying Guido’s sherbet lemons from his cold, dead hands.

Ban-happy quango Public Health England have continued their crusade to make life miserable by recommending that no sweet should be allowed to be made of more than 50% sugar. The Institute of Economic Affairs has published a report denouncing PHE for their draconian proposals that are sure to leave a sour taste in people’s mouths.

Josie Appleton, the report’s author, said:

“These new food reformulation plans go way beyond even the existing Orwellian limits. There is a shocking lack of evidence behind them; it seems the main motivation for the changes is a belief the public are too infantile to make informed choices about their own diet so ‘improvements’ must be made for them.”

We don’t know Werther we’ve said it enough, Boris needs to tell PHE to suck it up.

Labour Quietly Drop Climate Change Target

Jeremy Corbyn has quietly downgraded Labour’s ambition to tackle climate change despite today promising a “green industrial revolution.” It’s not just Brexit pledges that they’ve ripped out of their manifesto…

In 2017 Labour committed to achieving 60% of energy -including heating- from “zero-carbon or renewable sources by 2030”, but now they’ve dropped this target to “low carbon sources” in a recent paper from Labour on the renationalisation of the energy networks.

Low carbon and renewable sources already make up 53% of our electricity mix. That share has risen by over 2.5% in the last year alone. On current trends, by 2030 Labour’s new target will be far, far less green than the actual status quo…

FCO “Crisis No Deal Response”: Go On Holiday

Yesterday’s story about the penny dropping at the FCO that Brexit was really going to happen on October 31 triggered the FCO press office into claiming that they had, of course, been training people on trade policy since 2016.  Unfortunately for the junior press office spinner trying to sell the line that this was just an expansion, Guido’s FCO sources suggest otherwise…

It’s all getting a bit hairy over at the FCO, departments are now being told that more and more staff will have to be deployed – unexpectedly – for Brexit related duties. Many unhappy senior staff are having to decide what they will have to stop doing to compensate for redeployed staff and resources…

Simon McDonald, the FCO’s Permanent-Under-Secretary, has written to staff telling them; “Preparing for a no deal response will become the FCO’s main effort… our EU exit work has to intensify across the FCO.” He goes on to tell them that the FCO Crisis Centre will be coordinating the effort – which tells you all need to know about the FCO’s attitude towards Brexit. Peter Jones, the FCO’s Chief Operating Officer, is coordinating the change in priorities with directors. As if it should not have been the priority since June 2016…

McDonald concludes “Preparing for October is the professional challenge of our lives” before going on to finish his missive “I hope, like me, you manage to take some leave over the summer in preparation for a busy autumn.” No sense of urgency even though a no deal Brexit has belatedly “become the FCO’s main effort”…

May Rejected People’s PMQs

This week, Boris launched his ‘People’s PMQs’ allowing him to answer the public’s questions directly, in one of many examples of Downing Street getting on top of its PR and Coms operation since the new administration started. The People’s PMQs always looked like an obvious PR win, proved by the Facebook livestream receiving 230,000 views and overwhelmingly positive feedback. 

Guido hears from Downing Street aides that the ‘People’s PMQs’ idea was pitched to Theresa May months ago only for her to reject the proposal. Guido is hardly surprised to discover the Maybot missed what could have been an open PR goal…

Sarah Wollaston May Not Be Lib Dem Candidate At Next Election

The Liberal Democrat PPC for Sarah Wollaston’s Totnes constituency has made a less than helpful intervention on local radio, claiming no decision has been made over who will stand for the seat in an upcoming general election. Awkward…

Caroline Voaden, the understandably miffed original candidate, is currently a Lib Dem MEP for the South West. She told BBC Radio Devon that “things are very fluid” and “when the election will be… may have some colouring on who stands.”

“We can only have one candidate for Totnes. At some point a decision will be made about whether I fight the seat for Totnes or whether Sarah does, and that is a decision that the party will make, and it has not been made yet.”

Who knows, by that point Wollaston might have defected to yet another different party…

Friday Caption Contest (Families that Eat Together Edition)

The winner of this week’s competition will receive a free copy of this summer’s must have: The Brexit Card Game. Entries in the comments…

Greta’s Titanic Hypocrisy

As Greta Thunberg continues to poo in a bucket across the Atlantic, it has emerged her trip is not nearly as environmental as she first made out. Nobody could have seen this coming… 

The €4 million yacht she’s sailing on is made of carbon fibre – a material with a carbon footprint 14 times higher than that of steel, and that “spews out a significant amount of greenhouse gases” during its manufacturing. It’s always worth reminding Greta that flying only accounts for between 2 and 5% of the world’s carbon emissions… GQ’s ‘game changer of the year’ clearly putting carbon fibre over moral fibre…

UPDATE: It transpires that the five people bringing the boat back from NYC will first fly over to the States, meaning in total Greta’s PR trip will end up creating six times the emissions it would have done if she’d just flown over to begin with…

Sky News ‘Focus Group’ Stuffed Full of Remain Activists

Fresh from sensationally revealing that Conservative Party adverts “were highly partisan”, Sky News Technology Correspondent Rowland Manthorpe has compiled a report on young people and political adverts. Strangely the only two people interviewed in Manthorpe’s ‘focus group’ are political activists for the Second Referendum campaign…

  • Matilda Allan (titled by Sky as “Teenager”) set up an organisation called “New Generation for a People’s Vote”.
  • Athian Akec (titled by Sky as “Student”) is an anti-Brexit ‘Our Future Our Choice’ activist and (naturally) a Member of the Youth Parliament.

The other two members of Sky’s ‘focus group’ were cut out of the report. Presumably what they had to say didn’t fit the narrative…

UPDATE: Guido has seen Whatsapp messages from Our Future Our Choice coordinating their spokespeople for the so-called ‘focus group’.

Fact Check: Britons Have Not Spent £4 Billion Stockpiling for Brexit

On Monday, Remainers were all abuzz about a Guardian report that Britons had spent £4 billion stockpiling goods in case of a no-deal Brexit, not least Our Future, Our Choice who cried “Stockpiling. Is. Not. Normal. Does this genuinely need to be said?“. The numbers looked dodgy but now Fullfact have comprehensively rubbished this claim. Is anyone surprised? 

The survey found that 20% of consumers had stockpiled goods, and the average amount spent was £380, which was then multiplied up to the £4 billion figure. There were three main problems with this calculation however; firstly the survey extrapolated the survey findings by the total population, not number of households; secondly the survey only asked people in employment, ignoring the unemployed and retired; and finally there was no evidence in consumer activity to prove this supposed £4 billion uptake. The Guardian’s editorial code says that they “must take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information”; the article remains on their website…

Call for British Government to Offer Hong Kongers Freedom Lifeline

As the Hong Kong crisis enters its eleventh week, the Adam Smith Institute has published a new paper entitled ‘Doing Our Duty’, calling on the British Government to grant automatic citizenship rights to the 169,000 British Nationals living in Hong Kong, and open up the application process to Hong Kong nationals. This would allow a host of highly skilled, English speaking people instilled with British values who want to flee an encroaching communist regime. Self-filtering freedom lovers is exactly the kind of immigration Britain should prioritise… 

The paper notes that the UK took similar action when Idi Amin announced the expulsion of South Asians from Uganda. Ugandan Asians, like Hong Kongers were highly educated and with strong English language skills, and integrated quickly. Famous Ugandan Asians include Brexiteer Shailesh Vara MP (the first Minister to resign over May’s Withdrawal Agreement) and Tory Peer Lord Popat. Priti Patel is the daughter of Ugandan Asian migrants too…

The Sino-British Joint Declaration requires the British government to maintain the rights of Hong Kong citizens until at least 2047, and the ASI argues that as the UK cannot act within the territory of Hong Kong, the way to guarantee these rights are maintained for Hong Kongers is as within the United Kingdom.

The ASI’s Matthew Kilcoyne, who authored the report, told Guido:

“Britain has a duty to uphold the rights of the citizens of Hong Kong in the face of excessive force being used toward protestors and laws that infringe on the autonomy of the city. While the UK is far away, the country has a special link to these islands, and it has a responsibility and the ability to offer a home away from Hong Kong should the need arise.”

This echoes the Foreign Affairs Select Committee chairman Tom Tugendhat’s call for citizenship to be offered to Hong Kong residents. Quite.

Boris Set to End Supremacy of EU Law in Days

Boris has directed Stephen Barclay to sign the official order to end EU law’s supremacy in Britain, a move that Steve Baker described to The Times as “absolutely totemic”, proving Boris is “willing to leave on a fixed date with no question of extension. It’s the do-or-die pledge in black and white”. Just one of the many jobs May never got round to doing…

Whilst MPs voted for the EU Withdrawal Act in 2018, which repealed the original legislation making us members of the EEC, it required a “commencement order” to come into force, which Barclay is expected to sign imminently. Not only does the Government’s move show Boris is totally serious in his Brexit pledge, since it does not involve MPs – by which Guido means Remainers – Parliament cannot interfere with the process. Surprise surprise, Dominic Grieve is not happy. The Tories’ wannabe Remoaner in Chief begrudgingly admitted that he can’t stop the order being signed. He’s reduced to admitting he will have to try to reverse it retrospectively…

Epstein’s Strange Painting

According to the the New York Post a painting dubbed “Parsing Bill” by a New York-based artist named Petrina Ryan-Kleid hung on the wall of Jeffrey Epstein’s $56 million townhouse. It was of the former president in the famous dress worn by Monica Lewinsky. Until now Guido believed that Epstein did kill himself in jail, given he knew what lay ahead for him. Now however, well, Clinton had motive for this alone… never mind the other rumours

EU Tariff War With Indonesia Gives Brexit Britain Opportunity to Cream Off Trade

The EU’s trade relations with South-East Asian powerhouse Indonesia have come under renewed strain with Indonesia preparing to slap a 20-25% tariff on dairy products from the EU in response to the EU whacking 8-18% tariffs on Indonesian biodiesel. How dair-EU!

Indonesia’s population of 260 million is over half the size of the entire EU, it’s currently the 16th largest economy in the world and growing at a pacey 5% a year. Indonesia’s trade minister is so cheesed off he’s ordered dairy importers to find new suppliers outside the EU. Indonesia is the fifth largest non-EU importer of dairy products in the world so this is no trifling matter.

After Liz Truss’s big cheese push at DEFRA, it just so happens that the UK will in a matter of weeks be the third largest non-EU exporter of dairy products in the world, and is about to regain control of its own tariff schedules, putting it in pole position to cream off the the EU’s market share. Brits get cheap biodiesel and textiles, while Indonesians will get top-quality Cheddar, Stilton, Yarg, Brie, Wensleydale and clotted cream. Perfect!

Sarah Wollaston’s Shameless Hypocrisy

Sarah Wollaston took to the airwaves this morning in her debut performance as a Lib Dem MP. This is, of course, after she was elected as a Conservative, defected to The Independent Group, rebranded to Change UK, which she then quit to sit as an independent again. Finally she has ended up as a member of the party she likened to a “whiny child” in 2012.

Wollaston has flitted from party to party with impunity, flying in the face of her original argument that defecting MPs should face by-elections. She now claims that there simply isn’t enough time to hold a by-election and her (Leave-voting) constituents deserve an MP who will work to cancel their vote. Right…

It’s worth remembering what the good doctor told her constituents when she was begging for their votes back in 2017. Where’s private prosecutor Marcus J. Ball when you need him..?

Foreign Office Spending £500,000 on Trade Policy Training

While Civil Servants have been dragging their feet when it comes to Brexit, the Foreign Office has notoriously been the worst when it comes to accepting the result of the referendum. However, it appears that with Boris Johnson now in Downing Street and Dominic Raab in charge the penny has finally dropped at the FCO that Britain is leaving the EU on October 31. The foreign office’s mandarins realise that after 46 years they will once again be able to unilaterally decide Britain’s trade policy. In preparation the department is procuring £500,000 of training in ‘Advanced Trade Policy’. Better late than never…

The winner of the contract will need to “Design and deliver a bespoke, class-room based, Advanced Trade Policy (ATP) training programme” in order to “to ensure civil servants improve their trade policy expertise” and will endure for two years following its award. Unsurprisingly, the FCO has confirmed the contract is not being financed by EU funds…

UPDATE: FCO press office insist this is part of a continuing programme of training pointing to this tender which closed in January.

Armed Police Cordon Off Home Office After ‘Stabbing’ Incident

A large number of armed police and motorbike outriders have appeared outside the Home Office. Armed police have now cordoned off the area, a paramedic has also been spotted in the vicinity.

Sources inside the building say the Peel Building is now on lockdown. There are now multiple unconfirmed reports that there has been a stabbing, a man with a bloodied face has been spotted being led out by paramedics with blood on his chest which appears to have dripped down from his face.

The latest reports are that a man was stabbed on Marsham Street outside the Home Office and went inside for help. The Met Police has now confirmed that there was a stabbing outside. Reuters now have a picture of the victim:

Another man has been arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm.

UPDATE: The man’s injuries have been reported as “life-threatening

UPDATE II: Home Secretary Priti Patel has commented on the “unprovoked attack”.

The word going about the Home Office is that the man who was stabbed is a member of HO staff.

UPDATE III: The Met have released the following statement, confirming injuries are not life threatening

Police were called at 13:06hrs on Thursday, 15 August to Marsham Street, SW1 following a report of a man with a knife at the location.

Officers attended to find one man with knife injuries.

London Ambulance Service attended the address where they are with the injured party.

The injuries are not life threatening.

One man (no further details) has been arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and taken to a police station.

Enquiries are ongoing into the exact circumstances of the incident.

Guardian’s Chicken Shop ‘Racism’ Hypocrisy

Lefties led by Twitter rent-a-gob David Lammy are have all gone clucking mad at the news the Home Office are using takeaway chicken shop boxes to advertise anti-knife crime messages. The insinuation is that the Department is somehow making a offensive connection between knife crime, black people and the racist trope of liking fried chicken. Of course a brief look at the actual hard facts behind the move completes undermines the hysteria…

Inevitably both the Guardian and Independent have jumped on the bandwagon, which is funny because just three days ago both publications covered a report uncovering how children are being “lured into crime by ‘chicken shop gangs’ offering free food“. Funny how Lammy didn’t accuse them of being racist then.

Either the Guardian and Indy editors have very short memories, or they’re just cynically stirring up outrage…

People’s Vote Campaigners Shovelling Sh*t

Since Boris became PM and Brexit by the 31st October has become do or die, the People’s Vote campaign have been looking like lambs going to the slaughter. However today they stepped up their hitherto unsuccessful protests by driving sheep past the Department for Trade to bleat out their woolly message about the supposed dire consequences of a No Deal Brexit. Just more fake ewes.

As the Remainers flocked down Whitehall however, one unlucky volunteer was forced to sheepishly walk behind the protest stunt with a dustpan and bucket clearing up their mess Greta-style. Guido has always said those calling for a second referendum are just wolves in sheep’s clothing…

More International Students Coming To Study In Global Britain

As students received their A Level results this morning, Universities Minister Jo Johnson announced that this year more international students are coming to study at UK universities. Despite that nasty Brexit…

Corbyn’s Backdoor Bid to Become ‘Temporary’ PM Bombs

Jeremy Corbyn has finally made a move of sorts on Brexit, in the form of a letter to various MPs which is less about stopping no deal and more about making himself Prime Minister. Corbyn says he will “seek the confidence of the House for a strictly time-limited temporary government with the aim of calling a general election, and securing the necessary extension of Article 50 to do so.” In the same way the dictatorship of the proletariat is only meant to be temporary…?[…] Read the rest


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