Labour Has Won the Twitter War, Again

Despite a spirited effort from Tory digital operation, unleashing fresh memes like BorisWave and provoking hatesharing of their quirky Twitter content, the Labour Party has stormed ahead on the social media sites native to the party’s core demographic.

Labour are busy gloating about their impressive retweet and video view counts. They boast:

  • Labour achieved more than three times the video views compared to the Tories
  • Rob Delaney’s scaremongering video about NHS alone achieved a total of 13.3m views.
  • Corbyn has received 2.4 million retweets, compared to the Tories’ 372,000
  • 649,000 people have shared Corbyn’s content on Facebook, of whom 432,000 have never shared a Corbyn post before.

Follower growth on Twitter and Facebook for the Labour Party, boosted by celebrities, has been impressive:

In 2011 the “Yes to the Alternative Vote” campaign were surprised to discover that their social media sentiment analysis, which gave them a 2:1 lead, was wrong. Yet still this garbage persists, for example analysis designed & built by idiots at Mediaworks, using AI apparently, Caroline Lucas has the most positive sentiment on social media. So what?

Ultimately, as David Cameron reminded us all in 2015, and Vote Leave proved again in 2016, Britain and Twitter are not the same thing…

Elmo 1:0 Corbyn’s Body Guard

Corbyn’s always attracted muppets…

What’s Going on Here?

Corbyn’s sole mate put her best foot forward today at the polling station, but Guido spotted something up with her election outfit. Would have thought Hackney Labour would be shoe-ins…

UPDATE: Clearly Diane was caught on the back foot; Meg Hillier has deleted her photo. Although Guido reckons the hilarity of the photo still has legs…

Corbynistas and even Dragon’s Den’s Deborah Meaden are now claiming the picture is Photoshopped:

The claim is trending on social media

The claim falls down, however, when you notice their ‘proof’ is taken from Diane’s Instagram yesterday

Guido’s always happy to fact check…

Last Night’s Final Corbyn Rally

At the last event of his campaign last night, Corbyn supporters were chanting the usual lyrics “oh, Jeremy Corbyn” and his new hit “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”, the genocidal promise of Hamas to drive out the Jews from Israel/Palestine. Don’t forget to vote…

Steve Coogan: Brexiteers are Ill-Informed and Ignorant

Having spent the day parading around the media campaigning for Labour, long-time lefty Steve Coogan took to Channel 4 last night, saying if, as a celebrity, he can “say anything that can help influence the election, you’re honour-bound to do that”.

Labour may be worrying he influenced the election in completely the wrong way, however, after coming out with classic statements like Brexiteers being “ill-informed and ignorant”, and the Tories rely on underfunding the education system as they need stupid people to boost their voter numbers. Exactly the finely-crafted messaging Labour were hoping to push the night before they attempt to cling on to their Brexit-voting heartlands…

What the Papers Say this Morning

Polls are open for just 15 more hours. This is how each of the national papers are presenting the choice facing the country. The Sun takes Guido’s prize for creativity, with its callback to 1992…

Greg Knight’s 2019 Election Song

It’s the campaign ad everyone was waiting for…

1 Day to Go


  • Boris delivered milk saying that he will also deliver Brexit
  • Boris made an ‘oven-ready’ pie, like his Brexit deal
  • Ad blitz including a banner across a boat on the Thames
  • Final TV broadcast tonight
  •  Topline(s):
    • We need just 9 more seats


  • Corbyn spent the day in the North East with a rally in Middlesbrough
  • Pre-emptively highlighting their successful social media campaign
  •  Topline(s):
    • Boris’s Government offers the people of this country absolutely nothing.

Cut through

  • Final election campaign day

Latest polls:

Opinium: CON: 45% (-1) LAB: 33% (+2) LDEM: 12% (-1)
YouGov: CON: 43% (-) LAB: 34% (+2) LDEM: 12% (-2) BREX: 3% (-1)

YouGov MRP: CON: 339 (-20) LAB: 231 (+20) LDEM: 15 (+2) BREX: 0 (-) SNP: 41 (-2)

PaddyPower Majority Odds (Yesterday’s in Brackets):

    • Tories: 2/5 (1/3)
    • No overall: 9/4 (5/2)
    • Labour: 20/1 (33/1)
    • Lib Dems: 500/1 (500/1)

Leaflet Typo of the Day

We get sent a lot of leaflet typos – a surprising number of campaigns can’t spell “education” for some reason. This one from Labour will worry parents in Leicester…

Tory Activist Attacked with ‘Unknown Liquid’ in Barnet

Guido has been told by multiple sources that an employed campaign assistant in Barnet has been attacked with what is believed to be acid.

The severity of injuries is not yet known. Developing…

UPDATE: What was thought to be acid by those on the ground is now thought not to be acid, but an unknown liquid.


  • A campaigner in Barnet was sprayed in the face with an unknown liquid by a group of young men in Chipping Barnet
  • The campaigner was shocked and in pain at the time so attended a police station.
  • Two police officers took the campaigner to Chipping Barnet Hospital (once they’d washed her face) to get some tests
  • Tests so far at the hospital are showing this is not acid. Appears to be perfume.

It is not thought to be politically motivated…

Swinson Ends Election Even More Unpopular than Corbyn

From claiming she could be the next government to looking like they’ll actually lose seats, the Lib Dems have had a cracking campaign – and it’s all down to one woman: Jo Swinson. 

It’s known Swinson’s got more unpopular over the election. According to Ipsos MORI she is now officially less popular than Corbyn. Swinson’s net favourability has fallen from -20 a month ago to -31 today: 1% more unpopular than Corbyn’s -30. In the same period Corbyn’s become 9% more popular, Boris 6% less popular and Farage 4% down. Even Theresa May will be feeling sorry for Jo at this point…

See also: Jo Swinson Wiped from Lib Dem Leaflets

Tories Float their Message Past Parliament

The Conservatives are delivering a final day ad blitz; accompanying the Prime Minister’s stunts of smashing a ‘gridlock’ wall, baking an oven-ready Brexit pie, and delivering milk (like he’ll deliver Brexit), the Tory campaign is now floating their ‘voting anything other than Conservative delivers Corbyn’ message down the Thames. At least Bob Geldof hasn’t shown up this time…

Sky Teams Up with BuzzFeed for Overwhelmingly Left-Wing Election Night Programme

Sky News‘s ‘Election Social‘ programme on Thursday evening is set to be a corker. Co-organised by BuzzFeed, the show’s political balance is non-existent. Sky News’s Lewis Goodall and Roland Manthorpe will co-host with two Buzzfeed journalists…

Guido understands that BuzzFeed was responsible for much of the running order, resulting in an extraordinary ideological bias. The only Conservative supporters announced for the show are youth activists Luke Black and Emily Hewertson. They will be facing a torrent of left-wing comment from Corbynistya writer Maya Goodfellow, the New Statesman‘s Sarah Manavis, left-wing writer Mollie Goodfellow, anti-tory comedian Michael Spicer, Corbynista stand up Sooz Kempner, leftie comedian Munya Chawawa, and Corbynista journalist Kieran Yates.

Taking into account the two lefty Buzzfeed hosts and former Labour activist Sky News correspondent, that’s an overwhelming 80% of the show taken up by left-wing commentators. 

Who are the Papers Backing?

Guido brings you another rolling list, this time of who the papers are backing in the 2019 election. Stay tuned for rolling updates…


Daily Express: So let’s put Boris behind the wheel, rev up the engine for Brexit Britain and power ahead to prosperity instead.”

Daily Mail:[Boris is] promising to ‘Get Brexit Done’, then deliver a moderate, One Nation Conservative prospectus with increases in funding for public services.”

Evening Standard: “Vote for Boris — Corbyn is unfit to lead Britain”

The Sun: vote for Boris Johnson’s Conservatives, get Brexit over the line in January, finally defeat the Remain and second referendum campaigns and move on with our lives.”

The Telegraph: Business is waiting to invest; much of the public wants to get on with developing the post-Brexit economy. […] Read the rest


Guido’s Christmas Appeal: Get Femi Back on TV

Young Femi is just 29 and three-quarters years old, but this election he’s been through more than anyone should have to endure. He desperately needs someone who cares…

When Parliament dissolved a few weeks ago, Femi was badly affected; with his national broadcaster TV spots drying up, thanks to them selfishly inviting actual politicians over campaigners from disintegrating organisations.[…] Read the rest


Lib Dem MP Tells Voters to F**k Off

A Lib Dem incumbent MP, Stephen Lloyd, has been caught on camera telling prospective voters to f**k off. Clearly confident of victory…

The Eastbourne MP – with a majority of only 1,600 – was recorded telling his prospective electorate:

Voter: “You need to stop putting graffitti up everywhere… big boards all up Eastbourne alone..

[…] Read the rest


Fifteen Former Labour MPs Sign Letter Saying Don’t Vote Labour

Following yesterday’s YouGov MRP poll, which showed a hung parliament is now within the margin off error, fifteen former-Labour politicians, have put their names to an open letter that will run today as an ad in local papers across the north.[…] Read the rest


Second YouGov MRP Poll Halves Projected Tory Majority

The second YouGov MRP – this time of over 100,000 people – has halved their last predicted Tory majority; from 68 to only 28, Guido has been told by an insider polling expert…

It looks like the reduction is coming at the expense of both a handful of Tory campaign cock ups and a Brexit Party squeeze. However this last point could be reduced over the next 24 hours…

A CCHQ source told Guido they always knew the first MRP poll was overestimating the Tory lead.[…] Read the rest


2 Days to Go


  • Trying to get the election back onto Brexit after bad NHS day yesterday
  • Campaign stunt of Boris driving through a ‘gridlock’ wall at the JCB factory
  • Release of Boris’s Love Actually parody last night
  •  Topline(s):
    • Tories need just 9 more seats


  • NHS day derailed by Guido’s leaked phone conversation between Jonathan Ashworth and a Tory friend
  • Released blueprint to revive steel industry
  • Corbyn on campaign trail in Bolton
  • Corbyn released viral ‘reading mean tweets’ video last night
  •  Topline(s):
    • It’s time to save our NHS


  • Attacking stagnating economic growth
  • Attacked Boris’s comments about EU migrants
  • Topline(s):
    • Human rights are under threat at this election.
[…] Read the rest


Comedy Unleashed Tonight for the Banter

Unfortunately tonight’s Comedy Unleashed is sold out. Enjoy this clip instead. Team Guido will be there laughing almost as much as we were at Jon Ashworth’s “banter” this morning…[…] Read the rest


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