Corbyn Sacks Saboteurs

Shadow minister Daniel Zeichner has resigned from the frontbench and Corbyn has sacked rebels Catherine West, Rupa Huq, Gareth Thomas, Andy Slaughter and Ruth Cadbury. Jezza showing strong leadership of the opposition against opponents of the government and saboteurs of Brexit. Another Labour reshuffle coming…

Queen’s Speech Gets Lily Allen’s Goat

A couple of weeks ago Lily Allen made this promise:

Eat the goat Lily…

MPs Who Voted to Stay in Single Market & Customs Union

Chuka Umunna’s Remoaner amendment to stay in the single market and customs union has been defeated by 322 votes to 101.

These are the 101 MPs who voted to block a real Brexit, including 49 Labour MPs voting against Corbyn’s whip. No Tory rebels.

Rushanara Ali (Labour – Bethnal Green and Bow)
Mr Adrian Bailey (Labour (Co-op) – West Bromwich West)
Hannah Bardell (Scottish National Party – Livingston)
Luciana Berger (Labour (Co-op) – Liverpool, Wavertree)
Mhairi Black (Scottish National Party – Paisley and Renfrewshire South)
Ian Blackford (Scottish National Party – Ross, Skye and Lochaber)
Kirsty Blackman (Scottish National Party – Aberdeen North)
Mr Ben Bradshaw (Labour – Exeter)
Tom Brake (Liberal Democrat – Carshalton and Wallington)
Deidre Brock (Scottish National Party – Edinburgh North and Leith)
Alan Brown (Scottish National Party – Kilmarnock and Loudoun)
Chris Bryant (Labour – Rhondda)
Ms Karen Buck (Labour – Westminster North)
Sir Vince Cable (Liberal Democrat – Twickenham)
Ruth Cadbury (Labour – Brentford and Isleworth)
Dr Lisa Cameron (Scottish National Party – East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow)
Mr Alistair Carmichael (Liberal Democrat – Orkney and Shetland)
Douglas Chapman (Scottish National Party – Dunfermline and West Fife)
Joanna Cherry (Scottish National Party – Edinburgh South West)
Ann Clwyd (Labour – Cynon Valley)
Ann Coffey (Labour – Stockport)
Ronnie Cowan (Scottish National Party – Inverclyde)
Neil Coyle (Labour – Bermondsey and Old Southwark)
Angela Crawley (Scottish National Party – Lanark and Hamilton East)
Stella Creasy (Labour (Co-op) – Walthamstow)
Sir Edward Davey (Liberal Democrat – Kingston and Surbiton)
Martyn Day (Scottish National Party – Linlithgow and East Falkirk)
Emma Dent Coad (Labour – Kensington)
Martin Docherty-Hughes (Scottish National Party – West Dunbartonshire)
Stephen Doughty (Labour (Co-op) – Cardiff South and Penarth)
Maria Eagle (Labour – Garston and Halewood)
Jonathan Edwards (Plaid Cymru – Carmarthen East and Dinefwr)
Mrs Louise Ellman (Labour (Co-op) – Liverpool, Riverside)
Paul Farrelly (Labour – Newcastle-under-Lyme)
Tim Farron (Liberal Democrat – Westmorland and Lonsdale)
Mike Gapes (Labour (Co-op) – Ilford South)
Stephen Gethins (Scottish National Party – North East Fife)
Patricia Gibson (Scottish National Party – North Ayrshire and Arran)
Patrick Grady (Scottish National Party – Glasgow North)
Peter Grant (Scottish National Party – Glenrothes)
Neil Gray (Scottish National Party – Airdrie and Shotts)
Kate Green (Labour – Stretford and Urmston)
John Grogan (Labour – Keighley)
Helen Hayes (Labour – Dulwich and West Norwood)
Drew Hendry (Scottish National Party – Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey)
Lady Hermon (Independent – North Down)
Meg Hillier (Labour (Co-op) – Hackney South and Shoreditch)
Wera Hobhouse (Liberal Democrat – Bath)
Dame Margaret Hodge (Labour – Barking)
Stewart Hosie (Scottish National Party – Dundee East)
Dr Rupa Huq (Labour – Ealing Central and Acton)
Christine Jardine (Liberal Democrat – Edinburgh West)
Darren Jones (Labour – Bristol North West)
Susan Elan Jones (Labour – Clwyd South)
Peter Kyle (Labour – Hove)
Ben Lake (Plaid Cymru – Ceredigion)
Norman Lamb (Liberal Democrat – North Norfolk)
Mr David Lammy (Labour – Tottenham)
Chris Law (Scottish National Party – Dundee West)
Mr Chris Leslie (Labour (Co-op) – Nottingham East)
David Linden (Scottish National Party – Glasgow East)
Stephen Lloyd (Liberal Democrat – Eastbourne)
Caroline Lucas (Green Party – Brighton, Pavilion)
Angus Brendan MacNeil (Scottish National Party – Na h-Eileanan an Iar)
Kerry McCarthy (Labour – Bristol East)
Stewart Malcolm McDonald (Scottish National Party – Glasgow South)
Stuart C. McDonald (Scottish National Party – Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East)
Alison McGovern (Labour – Wirral South)
Catherine McKinnell (Labour – Newcastle upon Tyne North)
John McNally (Scottish National Party – Falkirk)
Carol Monaghan (Scottish National Party – Glasgow North West)
Mrs Madeleine Moon (Labour – Bridgend)
Layla Moran (Liberal Democrat – Oxford West and Abingdon)
Ian Murray (Labour – Edinburgh South)
Gavin Newlands (Scottish National Party – Paisley and Renfrewshire North)
Brendan O’Hara (Scottish National Party – Argyll and Bute)
Albert Owen (Labour – Ynys Môn)
Jess Phillips (Labour – Birmingham, Yardley)
Liz Saville Roberts (Plaid Cymru – Dwyfor Meirionnydd)
Mr Virendra Sharma (Labour – Ealing, Southall)
Mr Barry Sheerman (Labour (Co-op) – Huddersfield)
Tommy Sheppard (Scottish National Party – Edinburgh East)
Mr Gavin Shuker (Labour (Co-op) – Luton South)
Tulip Siddiq (Labour – Hampstead and Kilburn)
Andy Slaughter (Labour – Hammersmith)
Chris Stephens (Scottish National Party – Glasgow South West)
Jo Stevens (Labour – Cardiff Central)
Jamie Stone (Liberal Democrat – Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross)
Wes Streeting (Labour – Ilford North)
Jo Swinson (Liberal Democrat – East Dunbartonshire)
Alison Thewliss (Scottish National Party – Glasgow Central)
Gareth Thomas (Labour (Co-op) – Harrow West)
Stephen Timms (Labour – East Ham)
Chuka Umunna (Labour – Streatham)
Keith Vaz (Labour – Leicester East)
Catherine West (Labour – Hornsey and Wood Green)
Dr Philippa Whitford (Scottish National Party – Central Ayrshire)
Hywel Williams (Plaid Cymru – Arfon)
Pete Wishart (Scottish National Party – Perth and North Perthshire)
John Woodcock (Labour (Co-op) – Barrow and Furness)
Daniel Zeichner (Labour – Cambridge)

Fewer MPs backed Chuka’s amendment than voted against Article 50. Just 101 MPs are refusing to accept Brexit means Brexit. Saboteurs crushed…

Queen’s Speech Passes 323-309

Never in doubt…

May on Brown: “Control Freak… Meaningless Soundbites… Absolute Disaster”

Back in 2007 the Shadow Leader of the Commons, one Theresa May, wrote a cutting assessment of Gordon Brown’s first six months as PM for ConHome. Ten years on, the ironies are quite something…

Meaningless soundbites: “Brown is the master of the meaningless soundbite, an initiative a day… Well, if as Chancellor he was the master of the meaningless soundbite, as Prime Minister, Gordon Brown has surpassed himself.” Not so strong and stable eh…

Control freak: “It’s a controlling thing – [Brown] thinks he has to control everything… Charles Clarke might have said this in public, but I’m sure David Miliband and Lord West are saying just the same thing in private. Can you think of any other foreign secretary who has had his speech torn up and re-written by Downing Street? Can you think of a minister who has had such an obvious dressing down as when Lord West said that the case for extending 28 days had not yet been made?” Ministers serving under May’s own control freak regime will find this particularly hilarious…

Psychological flaws: “You know Gordon, he feels so vulnerable and insecure. He has these psychological flaws… When Gordon Brown let the speculation about an early general election get out of hand, only to back down when he saw the opinion polls, there must have been much mirth amongst the Blairites.  The arrogance, the dithering, followed by the pathetic climbdown was just the sort of behaviour they had predicted.” Because Theresa would never make an arrogant decision about an election based on opinion polls…

Macavity quality: “The Chancellor has a Macavity quality. He is not there when there is dirty work to be done… Macavity the Cat has been at it again this week.  Knowing that the public hate the renamed European Constitution, and knowing that he has broken his manifesto promise to hold a referendum, Gordon Brown really didn’t want to be photographed signing the treaty with the other European heads of government.  So, he agreed to go to the Liaison Committee for his evidence session, knowing it clashed, and deliberately double-booking himself.” Not like May to go missing at important moments…

Team player? “The idea that he’s a team player is utterly ludicrous’ (former Permanent Secretary)… in his regular press conference, the Prime Minister studiously refused to back Harriet Harman – deliberately using her as a human shield.” Another one that will have Cabinet ministers laughing. Penny for Philip Hammond’s thoughts on the press conference reference…

Absolute disaster: “It would be an absolute f*cking disaster if Gordon Brown was Prime Minister’ (government minister, reported to be John Hutton)… Well I probably wouldn’t use the same language as John Hutton, but with the first run on a British bank for 140 years, the HMRC lost data fiasco, and his own Party facing a criminal investigation, it’s pretty hard to disagree with the sentiment.” Ahem.

Bring back Blair: “Looking at the opinion polls, I don’t think another Labour leader is what the general public want – but it seems clear that they can’t stand that Gordon Brown.” Now it is Tory MPs who are privately joking “bring back Dave”…

Funny how things work out…

“Different Approach” a “Priority” Says Snapped Downing Street Memo

Notorious Downing Street snapper Steve Back has done it again. These notes were spotted being carried into Number 10 today:

“conscious of new challenges… more pragmatic… Take a diff. approach w/ DfE… new direction… sees this as a priority…”

They never learn…

Snow Respect: Jon’s “Anti-Thatcher” Outburst At Her Funeral

Jon Snow shouted that he was part of the “anti-Thatcher brigade” while covering Margaret Thatcher’s funeral, Guido can reveal. Chartered accountant Craig Gardner witnessed the Channel 4 News anchor make the comment during the former Prime Minister’s funeral procession in 2013:

“When I attended Thatcher‘s funeral I was standing on Ludgate Hill in the City of London waiting for the cortege to pass towards St Paul’s Cathedral. Jon Snow and his Channel 4 News camera team barged through the crowds to get to the front to rig up their camera. While making his way through the crowd Mr Snow was shouting “anti-Thatcher brigade coming through”, so his recent remarks come as no surprise.”

Conor Burns MP, a close friend of Lady Thatcher, said in response:

“A comment and behaviour characteristically grubby and typical of the hard left – not one to be expected of a mainstream broadcaster whose credibility is fast evaporating.”

This is pretty much the consensus view of most Tories, good luck to Jon getting them to appear on his show, that is assuming he still dares to risk inviting any on…

UPDATE: A Channel 4 News spokesman says of this on-the-record eye witness account: “This is simply not true.” Notable that a spokesman gave the denial, not Snow himself. More to come soon…

Bercow Cuts Ties

Our “modernising” Speaker has overturned convention and ruled that male MPs will no longer be required to wear ties in the Commons. Likewise, the compulsory tie rule has been scrapped for gentlemen of the press gallery. There is near mutiny among the few members of the Lobby with higher dress standards. At least one person will be happy:

The end times… this country really is going to the dogs…

UPDATE: Nigel Farage tells Guido:

“This just goes to show Bercow is a low-grade lightweight with no respect for our institutions or our history.”

Telegraph Kills Tradition of Charitable Donations

The Telegraph used to make a big deal of its noblesse oblige responsibilities to the less privileged. In 2015 Telegraph Media Group made £3 million of charitable donations via the Barclay Foundation – £2 million to the Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre veterans charity and £1 million to Great Ormond Street children’s hospital. TMG’s new company accounts, released yesterday, reveal that the tradition of charitable donations is dead. Forget the £3 million of the previous year, in the last year TMG made just £850 of charitable donations. Times are tough, profits are £32 million…

Job Number 6 For Professor Osborne

Congratulations to George Osborne on job number six: he has just been appointed an economics professor at the University of Manchester.

  1. Washington Speakers Bureau after-dinner speaker
  2. Adviser to Blackrock
  3. Chairman of Northern Powerhouse Partnership
  4. Fellow at McCain Institute
  5. Editor of the Evening Standard
  6. Economics professor, Manchester University

Is George the best person to be teaching economics? Students will be wary of his previous forecasts: 500,000 to 820,000 jobs lost after the Leave vote (wrong), recession (wrong), wages falling by 2.8% (wrong), house prices hit by 10% (wrong). Undergrads will need to do better than their new professor’s Treasury paper to pass…

Lock Him Up!


The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is investigating online gambling firms about the ways they have been screwing gamblers over and breaching Consumer Protection Law.

Deceptive sign-up and bonus offers with unfair and non-transparent terms and conditions are pure evil. It takes a matter of seconds to deposit cash into a remote gambling site, but it can take days and sometimes weeks to withdraw funds. Players can “reverse” the withdrawal while it is still being processed which encourages gamblers to blow their winnings – something known as “the curse of the reverse”!

All this is bad enough but most of these firms went offshore to places like Gibraltar to avoid tax and strong regulations. Here the Gambling Commission is supposed to enforce the licensing objective that gambling is “fair and open”, but has failed to do so.

The Remote Gambling Association (RGA) is the body set up by the predatory online gambling firms to help them get away with screwing gamblers over. The head of that body is Clive Hawkswood, one of the parasites making a living from these screwed over gamblers.

The RGA has drafted “Fair, Honest, Safe and Fun – the case for cross border gambling in the EU”. It concludes that gambling is a “leisure” market activity and implies that the RGA is acting on behalf of consumers as there is a high demand for gambling.

Of course, this is all false. It is the supply and the deceptive offers that creates gambling demand and gambling is not a harmless leisure activity.  

It doesn’t take an economist to work out that if billions are lost on remote gambling sites and some of that cash is going offshore where it isn’t taxed, there is a negative impact on the economy. It’s time for Theresa May to crackdown on the remote gambling racket.

Content produced and sponsored by Campaign for Fairer Gambling

Snow Storm: Behind the Scenes of Last Night’s Channel 4 News

Guido can reveal what happened off camera on the set of last night’s Channel 4 News when the Adam Smith Institute’s Matt Kilcoyne gently ribbed Jon Snow over the anchor’s “f**k the Tories” outburst at Glastonbury. Kilcoyne recounts the episode to Guido:

“We were brought on for the interview, I was up against two left-wingers. Just to test the water as to whether Jon Snow was comfortable on the subject I asked him before we went live: “how was Glastonbury?” He replied saying it was fantastic, absolutely amazing, so he didn’t seem too offended by me mentioning it. We did the interview and at the end, as a joke, and just continuing the banter from earlier, I said “not everyone hates the Tories as much as you do”. Jon was instantly riled. As soon as we were off camera Jon turned and said to me: “Well thanks a bunch, you complete bellend, that was totally unprofessional”. The producer rushed over and grabbed my lapel mic off, telling me to “just leave”. I was being ushered out of the studio. Jon basically lost his temper. I did think it would lighten the mood at the end of the interview, it wasn’t a personal attack in any way.”

Jon “f**k the Tories” Snow dishes it out but can’t take it…

CCHQ Hiring Campaign Managers

You might think that after electing a “strong and stable” government, a party headquarters would be reducing the headcount. As of yesterday CCHQ put up new adverts for campaign managersSomebody clearly thinks there could there be another election in the offing…

Snow Told Live on Air “Not Everyone Hates the Tories as Much as You”

Jon F**k the Tories Snow had been blatantly biased in the preceding debate on austerity, guest Matt Kilcoyne of the Adam Smith Institute upset Jon Snow by politely ribbing him live on Channel 4 News – Snow called his impertinence “rude”. Snow’s credibility as an impartial broadcaster will drain away if more guests do likewise… 

UPDATE: The catch-up online edition has been edited to remove the clip. How Snow-flakey…

Snow Avalanche of Criticism Problem for Channel 4 News

Our story yesterday was front page news and provoked an avalanche of follow-up coverage and criticism of Snow. Channel 4 News frequently complain about their inability to get the government to defend their position on the show. Tory MP Philip Davies, who sat on the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee says “Channel 4 News are always complaining they can’t get a minister on their show, hardly surprising when Tories know what the anchor thinks of them.”

Guido asked Jon Snow to come on Guy News for an interview to explain his position. The Channel 4 press office said he was not available…

UPDATE: Below is the relevant guidance section of the Producers Handbook for Channel 4 Producers:

Personal Interests

Any personal interest of a reporter or presenter, which would call into question the due impartiality of the programme, must be made clear to the audience. For example, if a guest presenter or reporter had close connections to one political party and was reporting on a politically sensitive issue, it would be appropriate to alert viewers to the individual’s political allegiances. Producers must ensure that all presenters and reporters are briefed about this requirement and that they have appropriate procedures in place to ensure that they become aware of any personal interests that could impinge upon the perceived impartiality of a programme or programme item……

Guido reckons a presenter who shouts “f**k the Tories” probably calls into question “due impartiality”.

Inside YouThink Polling Company

This seems accurate. Well, more accurate than their polls…

PMQs Sketch: Back to School Edition

Someone even urinated on my office door“: the inaugural Prime Minister’s Questions of the new political age began on Sheryll Murray’s piss-stained Cornwall doorstep. And for the next 50 minutes, that is where it remained. A Maybot humbled, Jez a Prime Minister-in-waiting, the nation stirred to anger in the shadow of a looming tower: none of it was enough to lift up our once great Prime Minister’s Question Time from the cesspit of mediocrity it has become. Honourables and Right Honourables could not rescue parliamentary prime-time from the sewer. They delight too much to swim in it…

If he had managed to get any good A-levels, a man of Jeremy Corbyn’s intellectual stature could by now be an Emeritus Professor of Public Safety at a polytechnic university. Today he aped grey-haired Station Officer Steele from TV’s Fireman Sam. They’ve a lot in common: both elderly jokers better not deployed on the front line, the harder-working lower ranks desperate for the day they slip just a little too fast down the greasy pole. Jez hosed the House with technical details, details which could not be squeezed through the nozzle of Commons procedure into actual questions. It was all so much of the same: the long prefaces, the misplaced emphases, the plateau phase never quite arriving at climax. Finally, it came: “I think I can help the Prime Minister with this issue” – but Jez, aren’t you the Prime Minister? – “what the tragedy of Grenfell tower has exposed is the disastrous effects of austerity!

Continue reading

New PPS List in Full

Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury and Minister for the Civil Service
Rt Hon Theresa May MP – George Hollingbery MP and Seema Kennedy MP

HM Treasury
Chancellor of the Exchequer – Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP – Kwasi Kwarteng MP
Ministerial team – Suella Fernandes MP and Chris Philp MP

Home Office
Secretary of State for the Home Department – Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP – Robert Jenrick MP
Minister of State – Rt Hon Brandon Lewis MP – James Cleverly MP
Ministerial team – Nusrat Ghani MP and Simon Hoare MP

Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs – Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP – Conor Burns MP
Ministerial team – Amanda Milling MP

Ministry of Defence
Secretary of State for Defence – Rt Hon Sir Michael Fallon MP – Oliver Dowden MP
Ministerial team – Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP

Ministry of Justice
Lord Chancellor, and Secretary of State for Justice – Rt Hon David Lidington MP – Lucy Frazer QC MP
Ministerial team – Alan Mak MP

Department for Education
Secretary of State for Education, and Minister for Women and Equalities – Rt Hon Justine Greening MP – Helen Whately MP
Ministerial team – Luke Hall MP

Department for Exiting the European Union
Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union – Rt Hon David Davis MP – Gareth Johnson MP
Ministerial team – Jeremy Quin MP

Department for International Trade
Secretary of State for International Trade, and President of the Board of Trade – Rt Hon Liam Fox MP – Tom Pursglove MP
Ministerial team – Mike Wood MP

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy – Rt Hon Greg Clark MP – Kelly Tolhurst MP
Ministerial team – Rishi Sunak MP

Department of Health
Secretary of State for Health – Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP – Jo Churchill MP
Ministerial team – James Cartlidge MP

Department for Work and Pensions
Secretary of State for Work and Pensions – Rt Hon David Gauke MP – Peter Heaton-Jones MP
Ministerial team – Huw Merriman MP

Department for Transport
Secretary of State for Transport – Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP – James Heappey MP
Ministerial team – Scott Mann MP

Department for Communities and Local Government
Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government – Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP – Mims Davies MP
Ministerial team – Kevin Foster MP

Office of the Leader of the House of Commons
Lord President of the Council, and Leader of the House of Commons – Rt Hon Andrea Leadsom MP – Victoria Prentis MP

Office of the Leader of the House of Lords
Lord Privy Seal, and Leader of the House of Lords – Rt Hon Baroness Evans of Bowes Park – Victoria Atkins MP

Scotland Office
Secretary of State for Scotland – Rt Hon David Mundell MP – Alberto Costa MP

Wales Office
Secretary of State for Wales – Rt Hon Alun Cairns MP – Glyn Davies MP

Northern Ireland Office
Secretary of State for Northern Ireland – Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP – David Morris MP

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs – Rt Hon Michael Gove MP – Kevin Hollinrake MP
Ministerial team – Rebecca Pow MP

Department for International Development
Secretary of State for International Development – Rt Hon Priti Patel MP – Wendy Morton MP
Ministerial team – Michael Tomlinson MP

Department for Culture, Media and Sport
Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport – Rt Hon Karen Bradley MP – Matt Warman MP
Ministerial team – Nigel Huddleston MP

Cabinet Office
First Secretary of State and Minister for the Cabinet Office – Rt Hon Damian Green MP – James Morris MP
Ministerial team – Will Quince MP

Attorney General’s Office
Attorney General – Rt Hon Jeremy Wright QC MP – Michelle Donelan MP

Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, and Conservative Party Chairman – Rt Hon Sir Patrick McLoughlin MP – Edward Argar MP

Telegraph Head of Axings Faces Axe

Interesting rumblings at Telegraph Towers. The word, according to three sources, is that Richard Ellis, one of the most senior figures at Telegraph Media Group and their former Publisher, Chief Development Officer and Director of Talent, is likely to be on his way out. Ellis was in charge of sacking the scores of journalists who have left the paper over the last few years, so the newsroom is awaiting news of his fate with keen interest. His departure will make editor Chris Evans nervous – Evans has been notably absent in the newsroom over the last few days. Telegraph veterans have felt a great disturbance in the force…

UPDATE: Another source gets in touch to say Ellis was given the push on Friday. A Telegraph old hand says he was Murdoch MacLennan’s man and his departure is a consequence of MacLennan being sidelined. Which would be good news for Evans…

European Commission Planning EU-Wide Taxes to Fill Post-Brexit Black Hole

Guido said in January that world opinion would shift this year from “What the hell have the Brits done?” to “The EU is in trouble without Britain.” Lo and behold the European Commission has today issued a finance paper which faces up to the reality of the EU without its second biggest financier.  […] Read the rest


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Quote of the Day

Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner:

“We have no plans to write off existing student debt.”


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