Twitter Break Own Terms of Service

For Valentine’s Day Twitter UK have rebranded as the #DatingTwitter Advice Bureau. Hold on a second, remember when CCHQ rebranded as Factcheck UK, didn’t Twitter themselves tell us during the election that rebranding trickery like this is against their terms of service for blue tick verified accounts on Twitter?

Any further attempts to mislead people by editing verified profile information – in a manner seen during the UK Election Debate – will result in decisive corrective action”.

Isn’t it misleading for a social media platform to masquerade as an advice bureau? Will they take away their own blue tick?

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Channel 4’s New Pale Male Stale Executive Board

Channel 4’s CEO Alex Mahon now reports to an all-white, all-male executive board. Following the company’s recently announced restructuring the only other female on the executive board, Sarah Rose, is being let go. The new-look executive board will be a disappointment for the self-crowing diversity champions…

Jonathan Allen is being promoted to Chief Operating Officer, joining Director of Programmes Ian Katz, and interim Director of Sales Matt Salmon. As Allen steps up he takes on the responsibilities of chief consumer and strategy officer Sarah Rose. Guido wonders if Jon Snow ever seen so many pale males in one place. Live by the woke sword, be criticised by the woke sword…

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Iain Dale Walks Off GMB Set After Left Wing Hectoring

Iain Dale had enough this morning on GMB after the two lefty panelists flanking him didn’t allow the LBC Presenter to get a word in edgeways. The left wing panelists, Tribune Magazine‘s Grace Blakeley and the BBC Asian Network‘s Nihal Arthanayake tried to blame the Tate Modern attack on austerity. After being repeatedly shouted down, Dale walked off. It was frustrating for those watching at home and must have been more so for Iain…

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Long-Bailey Calls for Ban on ’24/7 Work Culture’… Late Last Night

Rebecca Long-Bailey has called for an end to ’24/7 work culture’, where workers will be given the right to switch off digital devices outside their work hours to alleviate stress and anxiety. Journalists received the embargoed press release at 19:25 last night…

The Corbynista is channelling her inner Dolly Parton with this 9-5 policy, saying stronger unions will prevent time with friends and family being interrupted by emails or demands. Unfortunately for Becky, she is campaigning against a culture that isn’t widespread.

In addition to breaking her own policy by having her over-worked team send out the press release out-of-hours, Long-Bailey gave it a publication embargo of 08.30 this morning. Surely hacks can’t even be expected to read her policy until after 9…

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Boris Trolls the Lobby

Given the events of this week, and the collapse in relations between the Lobby and No. 10, Boris took great pleasure in looking up to the Lobby gallery when he said this. Is this the start of renewed relations between the two or a sign of even more trolling to come…

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Is The Times Trying to Frame Lee Cain?

The Times this morning had a story about about a million-a-year trader fired for stealing from the canteen. The picture was of Lee Cain, the Prime Minister’s Director of Communications and was probably the best press he’s had all week. Still not the worst picture mix-up of the day…

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