Happy Birthday Guardian, Where’s Your Race Report?

Last year The Guardian announced that the Scott Trust had commissioned an independent report that would investigate the paper’s historical links to the slave trade – after Guido pointed out that it had given unqualified support to the Confederacy during the American civil war, and its founder made his fortune in the cotton trade. Surely a cancellation offence for the woke… 

Back in the 1860s the Manchester Guardian, as it was, gave unqualified support to the confederacy during the American civil war; even reprinting confederate propaganda against the slaves’ liberator, Abraham Lincoln.

“… it was an evil day both for America and the world when he was chosen President of the United States”

–  Manchester Guardian, 10th October 1862

Upon the news of President Lincoln’s assassination, the Guardian described the president’s time in office as “abhorrent”, specifically the Proclamation of Emancipation – the act that declared “all persons held as slaves” within the rebellious states “are, and henceforward shall be free.” Perhaps the opposition to emancipation of slaves was driven by the views of their founder, John Edward Taylor, who made his money in the cotton trade – an industry that prospered on the backs of cotton-picking slaves.

On its bicentennial anniversary the paper claims “times change but the Guardian’s values don’t”. That’s all very well, Guido however wants to know, where is the report? The investigation was announced in July 2020, yet since then, Guido hasn’t read a word from either The Guardian or the Scott Trust itself on what they might’ve found. Did we miss its publication? 

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OFCOM’s Urgent Investigation into BBC Bias Against Reform UK

Responding to a formal complaint from Reform UK over their exclusion from a Welsh leaders’ debate, OFCOM has acknowledged “substantive issues” have been raised over the corporation’s treatment of the party, and are to urgently convene an election committee ahead of Thursday’s vote. Responding to the move, Richard Tice says:

“It is clear that the BBC has never forgiven us for winning the last European elections and forcing the Government to act on Brexit. Ignoring the strength of support that we have had cannot have been an accident but a monumental, and anti-democratic act of spite”.

OFCOM will not only be urgently convening the committee to adjudicate on any BBC bias, they are expediting the process given the severity:

“We consider that the Complaint raises substantive issues under the Broadcasting Code that, if upheld, might require redress before the elections on 6 May 2021. Further, and as we stated in our letter dated 19 April 2021, we recognise the very close proximity of the Leaders’ Debate to the election due to take place next week, and will be expediting our usual procedure for assessing standards complaints under the Code. The Election Committee will therefore be convened to determine this Complaint as a matter of urgency.”

Given the election is on Thursday the blatant bias is unlikely to be rectified in time…

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WATCH: Behind the Scenes Sneak Peek of GB News Studio
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Labour to Publish Just One Year’s-Worth of Shadow Cabinet Press Meetings

Labour is finally set to release information on the shadow cabinet’s meetings with media proprietors, Guido learns, with the data now being collated covering the first year of Starmer’s leadership. Guido first pointed out the transparency black hole from the party back in 2019, after spotting Corbyn’s team had failed to release the data for three years. So much for Leveson…

While Starmer has no choice in releasing the meetings given his current No. 10 transparency push, Guido understands the blackspot from 2016 to 2020 will remain undeclared, given it would be the responsibility of the former Leader of the Opposition’s office, many of whom are now no longer involved with the party. Corbyn’s meetings with Skwawkbox and Novara Media will be lost to the mists of time…

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Carole Cadwalladr Makes Yet Another Apology to Arron Banks

You may have forgotten that the Arron Banks defamation case against Carole Cadwalladr is still ongoing, given she dropped her defence of truth back in November. Remember all those Russian collusion allegations she pushed so hard? No evidence presented whatsoever and that will cost her (or rather her backers) a fortune. This has not stopped her milking crowdfunding mugs though; she is continuing the battle with Banks and attempting to mitigate her costs with a novel argument. Namely that despite there being no truth to the allegations which she made around the world to much acclaim, they were made in the public interest. Essentially running up her crowdfunded legal bill to argue that her disinformation was in the public interest. Some chutzpah!

Carole’s crowdfunding website itself has unbelievably resulted in her having to make yet another apology to Banks. This time after her she tried to raise money on the back of repeating the claim of a secret Russian relationship with Banks – despite having admitted it was untrue. A weary sounding Arron Banks tells Guido “Yet another apology – it’s about time Carole dropped her court case, apologise and stop wasting her donors’ money and the court’s time.” That would, however, require Carole and her backers to finally accept that it was all a fantasy…

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Newsnight Breaches BBC Guidelines Again By Failing to Declare former ‘Electoral Commissioner’ Was Also Former LibDem MP

Newsnight interviewed former electoral commissioner and Cambridge law professor David Howarth to discuss the ongoing flat-gate scandal, during which he claimed “this is not a trivial matter, or just a convention“, and that “it’s about transparency and openness“. Wise words indeed from the professor…

Ironically, it seems Newnight had little interest in “transparency and openness” because at no point did the interviewer, Lewis Goodall, disclose that David Howarth is a former LibDem MP, having sat in Parliament for five years (2005-10) and previously served as both the Leader of Cambridge City Council, and as a member of the Lib Dem Federal Policy Committee. Hardly trivial background details, given the topic he was invited to discuss was party political and BBC guidelines state that viewers should be informed of party affiliations…

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