Twitter Bitch Fight of the Week: Blakeley versus Shaheen

Grace Blakeley and Faiza Shaheen waged an ideological class war last night on Twitter, after Blakeley declared that class has nothing to do with your family, education, or background and is instead ‘a social relationship rooted in production‘. A bold take from the privately-educated, ex-management consultant turned Marxist influencer…

Things escalated pretty quickly once Shaheen caught wind of Blakeley’s take.

Blakeley tried to backpedal by claiming the tweet was ‘poorly phrased‘. Too late.

Feeling the heat, Blakeley then tried to wriggle out of the exchange altogether…

Shaheen wasn’t interested in a debate, though…

Things reached a boiling point when Blakeley accused Shaheen of instigating ‘a pile onto another woman on the left‘. Poor Grace…

Lefties arguing over who is really working class seems to neglect one important signifier – how they vote:

The working classes, or at least those on lower incomes, vote Conservative. High status, high income IYIs like Blakely vote for the Labour Party…

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Profundity of the Punditry: Boris Will Quit Edition

Having spent most of 2020 insisting Boris would tap out at some point within the next year, either after the Brexit deal or after the pandemic, depending on who you read, it looks like half of the commentariat has made an about turn after realising how popular the Prime Minister still is in the wake of the local elections. Don’t expect to see as many commentators forecasting Boris’s imminent political demise from now on…

In academia the political scientists have been confounded. Writing on the LSE’s Policy and Politics blog, Robin Pettitt, who tells us “I am an expert in the internal life of political parties”, confidently predicted that the demise of Boris would be triggered this week and his replacement as Tory leader would be in place by the autumn party conference. This may need revising… 

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Government’s Ramped Up 2020 Press Schmoozing Revealed

New transparency releases show the government significantly increased its meetings with top press hacks from September to November of 2020, after noticeably limited contact during previous months due to Covid. In this two month period, Boris had private meetings with a swathe of top news figures, including:

  • Rebekah Brooks, News UK
  • Lord Rothermere, Daily Mail
  • Tim Davie, BBC
  • Tony Gallagher, Times
  • Fraser Nelson, Spectator
  • Geordie Greig, Daily Mail
  • Chris Evans, Telegraph
  • Victoria Newton, Sun
  • Allister Heath, Sunday Telegraph
  • Fran Unsworth, BBC
  • Emma Tucker, Sunday Times
  • John Witherow and Tony Gallagher, The Times
  • Gary Jones and Mick Booker, Daily Express
  • George Parker and Roula Khalaf, FT

Surprisingly no meetings with ITV figures. Unsurprisingly no meetings with Mirror or Guardian executives…

Perhaps the fact most likely to intrigue will be the releases from Lee Cain and Dominic Cummings, who both reveal they met with Laura Kuenssberg on 15th October.

Laura’s meeting took place amid Boris announcing further Covid restrictions and the introduction of tiers in England. Two days after the meeting, the row with Manchester erupted, during which Kuenssberg received briefings on the 15th from Cummings and Cain that Manchester had been told it was going into tier three. This was at the time the PM was resisting a full national lockdown in favour of regional tiers. The day of the meeting, the 13th, Laura received a message from a “senior government source” slamming Starmer for refusing to back action on Covid. It’s known by this point Cummings was a fully paid-up member of the pro-lockdown doves in No. 10. Two weeks later, the chatty rat briefed the press about the second lockdown, bouncing the PM into an early announcement…

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Guardian Admits Historic Support for the White Supremacist Confederacy, Still Covering Up Slavery Links Report

Following Guido’s exclusive yesterday that The Guardian had covered up the results of an independent report showing its historical connections to slavery, the paper has now published a mea culpa admitting somewhat sheepishly, in terms, that it had supported the Confederacy during the American Civil War, claiming its “support for the Confederacy led to a loathing of Abraham Lincoln that today seems petty and shameful“. An odd volte face, considering just two days ago it claimed “times change but the Guardian’s values don’t”…

Informed readers have long been aware of the Guardian’s unwoke support for white supremacist side in the American Civil War. Presumably the underlying values that led a previous editor of the Guardian to take that position in past times have now actually changed. The report commissioned last July by The Guardian’s owner the Scott Trust was supposed to investigate their founders links to slavery and the cotton trade. According to the report’s lead author,  Dr. Sheryllynne Haggerty, the report was completed, though never published. Judging from The Guardian’s confession this morning, it’s easy to guess what the report found…

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EXCLUSIVE: Scott Trust Commissioned Report into Slavery Links Covered Up By Guardian

Following yesterday’s story pointing out The Guardian’s silence over the report into its historical links to slavery, Guido can now exclusively reveal that the report for the Scott Trust has been undertaken – yet remains unreleased.

The independent investigation – which was commissioned by The Guardian’s owner the Scott Trust –  began its research back in July, after Guido identified the paper’s support for the Confederacy during the American Civil War, and that its founder made his fortune in the cotton trade. Ten months later, The Guardian is still keeping quiet on the report’s findings.

The report’s lead author, Dr. Sheryllynne Haggerty, confirmed that not only had the investigation concluded, it was also only ever ‘a scoping report‘ in the first place – which suggests to Guido that its results were obvious from the start. Clearly, The Guardian has been covering up the investigation’s findings for some time…

Guido has asked The Guardian press office for comment. At the time of going to pixel no response has been received.

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Tweeter Apologises for Calling Laurence Fox a Racist

Time Out sub-editor Liz Tray has apologised on Twitter for calling Laurence Fox a racist on the platform:

“On 14th April 2021, I tweeted that Laurence Fox was a racist. I accept that this allegation is untrue. I have deleted the tweets and apologise to Mr Fox for any distress caused.”

The next day Fox replied to Tray’s allegation, saying he was putting his lawyers on the case

One victory from Fox down, a few more court actions to go

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