BBC Neglect to Introduce Comrade Bob as Labour Adviser

When Lord (Sir Bob) Kerslake appeared on the Victoria Derbyshire programme today to attack the Government over Sir Philip Rutnam, viewers could be forgiven for forgetting that he is an adviser to Jeremy Corbyn. Presumably for the sake of ideological balance he was on the show alongside former Labour Home Secretary Alan Johnson…

Readers will remember Kerslake as fiercely biased Brexit saboteurComrade Bob‘. Just another one to add to the list of partisan guests introduced as impartial experts…

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BBC Buys Into Extinction Rebellion’s Fake Miners

Earlier this week, BBC’s Politics Live passed off Extinction Rebellion protestors wearing fake miners helmets made of cardboard as being real miners. Viewers were repeatedly told that an Extinction Rebellion protest outside Bradley coal mine in County Durham contained “miners” and “former miners”. Guido can now reveal that the BBC has admitted there was no evidence of current or even former miners at the protest…

The programme portrayed the protest as an alliance of miners and Extinction Rebellion, however, in a letter to Banks Mining, who run the site, the BBC only claimed that one person who said he was the “son of a miner” was at the protest. Guido hears that initially, a spokesman for the actual miners had his invitation revoked at the last moment. Martin Raine, an actual miner, tells Guido:

“It is our jobs at stake here and instead of allowing us a voice the BBC showed fake miners with fake cardboard helmets and interviewed a student bussed in by XR who got the basic facts wrong.”

A reminder you can feed into the Government’s licence fee consultation here

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Government Wants Your Views on BBC Reform

Co-conspirators will know that Guido has little time for the BBC’s biased activist/experts, bloated news crews, and Question Time group think. Rival broadcasters don’t charge a legally-enforced licence fee to non-viewers. Why should the BBC continue to enjoy that privilege?

With the new consultation on decriminalising the TV tax, ministers may be finally looking at major changes to Britain’s state broadcaster. Decriminalising the licence fee is the first step to funding reform; from a tiered system to a subscription model. Something we’ve called for long before Dom got on the phone to Tim Shipman

The Taxpayers’ Alliance is preparing for a fight, rallying grassroots supporters to counter the tidal wave of worthy submissions (often from taxpayer-funded groups which always dominate these otherwise dull consultations). They’ve designed a nifty tool to do the legwork for you, and generate a submission which won’t fall foul of the notoriously selective civil service consultation guidelines. You can find it here.

They’re also on the lookout for some examples of poor old dears who’ve been on the receiving end of the BBC’s nasty enforcement letters and home visits. If your grandma’s been hassled by some BBC jobsworths, let the TPA know:

Join Guido in sticking in a submission, to stick it to the Beeb. The road to BBC reform starts by clicking here….

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Channel 4 News: Least Trusted by Right, Most Trusted By Left

The Reuters Institute has a piece out making supportive noises about the BBC; one bit of the research caught Guido’s eye. The Oxford University academics did a survey which asked respondents to self-identify politically, then rate various news sources as trustworthy. What was most striking was the width of the range of opinion about Channel 4 News’ trustworthiness depending on your political persuasion. Those on the right rated it the least trustworthy and those on the left rated it the most trustworthy. This strongly suggests that there is an objective basis for believing the obvious, it is the most left-biased TV news show in Britain…

The same research suggests that Tories trust ITV news more than even The Telegraph and least trust The Canary and Buzzfeed. Lefties most trust Channel 4 News followed by The Guardian and least trust the Daily Mail and The Sun. This once again demonstrates that readers like their prejudices confirmed (“media homophily”). Proving the truth of the axiom that people like people like themselves…

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All Must Have TV Prizes

At the Royal Television Society awards last night Emily Maitlis and Newsnight were deservedly double award winners with Scoop of the Year and Presenter of the Year for the game changing Prince Andrew interview. Congratulations.

In a move more redolent of a nursery school’s sports day the luvvies judges gave all the television political teams an award. This follows on from the Booker Prize judges splitting the prize money with all the shortlisted authors. What is the point of woke judges not making judgements?

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Caroline’s Centenary Clanger

At tonight’s Women’s Lobby celebration of the centenary of women journalists in parliament there were audible gasps when Caroline Wheeler, the Sunday Times deputy political editor, lamented that there are “more one-eyed male journalists in the Sunday Lobby than there are women”. Stunned ministers and MPs among the two hundred strong crowd looked at their feet. Whilst factually correct, it seemed a bit of a tone-deaf note to strike at the celebration of women. It is hardly inclusive to make a mockery of blameless male hacks’ disability. One onlooker described it as “needlessly crass”.

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