Big Shareholder & Editor Were Sat on Table With Jenrick

The Daily Mirror’s coverage of the Jenrick affair is very muted. In fact it is hard to find it mentioned in the printed version of the paper at all this morning. You would have thought a Tory sleaze with billionaires story would be splashed day in, day out all over the front pages of the Daily Mirror. Pippa Crerar, the political editor, loves nothing more than bashing the Tories and sticking it to the powerful. So how come she’s so silent on this story?

Could it be because at the infamous fundraising dinner the Mirror’s editor-in-chief, Lloyd Embley, was there too? Guido spoke to the usually ebullient editor and asked him if it was true, that he was sat at the table with Richard Desmond – off whom he negotiated the purchase of the Daily Star and Daily Express. He was a tad evasive, though he didn’t deny it. 

Perhaps Pippa could ask her editor-in-chief what was said at the table. She might get a scoop. Though given her editor has been sitting on the story for months and Richard Desmond owns 8% of her employer, Guido is not sure how fearless she is going to be in speaking truth to power…

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Victory for Stu Peters, Manx Radio Presenter

Stu Peters, the Manx Radio presenter who was suspended for challenging the concept of “white privilege” in a heated discussion during a late-night phone-in, has been exonerated. The Isle of Man’s Communications Commission – its equivalent of Ofcom – has completed its investigation and concluded that Stu did not breach the Programme Code.

In a “decision notice” published this evening, the regulator said: “Whilst issues surrounding race can be an emotive matter, the debate in question was conducted in a fair and measured way, and for the most part, in a calm and open manner.”

This is a significant victory for the Free Speech Union, which went in to bat for Stu, a member of the new organisation. On June 7 it wrote to the Communications Commission, demanding it exonerate the presenter, and hinting that it would challenge the decision in the courts if it didn’t. The Isle of Man is bound by Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which means the Commission has a legal duty to uphold the right to freedom of expression.

Toby Young, General Secretary of the Free Speech Union, says:

“The suspension of Stu Peters by Manx Radio and the investigation of him by the broadcasting regulator just because he challenged the concept of ‘white privilege’ is a clear breach of his right to free speech. The attempt to publicly shame people who don’t subscribe to the latest woke orthodoxies and rob them of their livelihoods is reminiscent of the struggle sessions during China’s Cultural Revolution. We would do well to remember that our grandparents fought and died to protect the right to challenge ideological dogma without being punished by the authorities. I don’t believe that this cruel humiliation of Stu Peters is supported by Manx Radio listeners or the people of the Isle of Man. He deserves an apology and immediate reinstatement.”

Manx Radio, which referred the matter to the regulator when it suspended the presenter, may have been hoping for a different outcome – as of tonight, it has not reinstated Stu, with Managing Director Chris Sully instead saying station bosses “need time to work through the entire report to see what we can learn”.

If it doesn’t give him his old job back, it will be hearing from the Free Speech Union which has set up a litigation fund so it can stand up for free speech in the courts. You can contribute to that fund above and sign a petition demanding Stu’s reinstatement by Manx Radio here.

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BBC’s Diversity Push Begins With Linguistic Cull

Yesterday the BBC announced an eye-watering £100 million programme over three years to increase diversity and inclusivity. A remarkable amount for an organisation that is constantly claiming it doesn’t have enough taxpayer cash…

Yet the push has got off to a bad start. A new announcement today declares BBC Wales is to see 60 jobs cut – approximately 6% of its workforce – in a bid to make £4.5 million in savings. The BBC, therefore, have begun their ethnic diversity push by culling a swathe of their linguistic minority (Welsh) employees…

Director-General Tony Hall has said that due to the impact of Coronavirus and other financial challenges, the BBC overall needs to make £125 million of additional savings. If only the BBC could somehow find, say, a spare £100 million down the back of the sofa, Guido’s sure that would really help their finances…

In case you missed it: BBC appoints yet another white male Director-General

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BBC Scotland’s ‘Worried Parent’ Was Senior Tory Adviser

Last night the BBC’s Reporting Scotland programme spoke to “worried parent” Alison Payne voicing her concerns over schools reopening north of the border. What viewers were not told about this articulate, anti-government mother, however, is that she spent four years as Head of Research for the Scottish Conservatives, before becoming Political Adviser to the then Scottish Tory leader Annabel Goldie. Guido’s campaign for media transparency over interviewees’ party political context applies to all parties…

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Pressure Grows on Guardian to Pay Slavery Reparations

Pressure is mounting on The Guardian to address and redress its dark history after Guido first brought to light the company’s complicity in profiting from slavery in the past last week. Since then both the Mail and the Sun have helped highlight the paper’s pro-Confederacy views, and a petition calling for the paper to be “shut down” has now hit 17,000 signatures. Meanwhile, Guardian op-eds supporting Black Lives Matter continue being published daily…

This morning the The Telegraph splashed on big companies such as Greene King and Lloyd’s of London apologising for their slavery links and pledging payments to BAME groups; Barclays also hinted they will pay reparations over their historic role. Greene King explained:

It is inexcusable that one of our founders profited from slavery and argued against its abolition in the 1800s… [we will make a] substantial investment to benefit the BAME community and support our race diversity in the business as we increase our focus on targeted work in this area.”

The Guardian, which has grown from its founding first owner John Edward Taylor’s investment of his cotton trade profits – made off the back of the slave trade – to now having £1 billion in reserves in the bank, has no excuse not to follow suit. Will the paper apologise and pay up?

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Print Isn’t Really the “Mainstream Media” Now

This data from the Reuters Institute is stark. The pandemic has made printed newspapers a minor source of news, most people get their news online or from television. More than twice as many people get their news via the likes of Twitter and Facebook as from newspapers. So who is really mainstream now?

Guido has been calling newspapers the Dead Tree Press for over a decade. The situation for many national newspapers is dire, year after year of double-digit falling newsstand sales, disappearing local newspapers unable to compete with ultra-local advertising solutions from the tech-media giants which are objectively better than they can provide.  All exacerbated and undercut by unfair competition from the BBC’s monolithic, monocultural empire of local websites and radio stations. The print editions are in a death spiral…

How is the Dead Tree Press coping? They have suspended ABC audited circulation reporting, the transparency* newspapers always call for, is for other people. Not publishing their circulation figures is like not publishing their obituaries. They are still dying.

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