WATCH: Lembit Öpik’s Septuple Sky News Gatecrashing

Kay Burley’s Sven-Göran Eriksson interview turned into a fiasco as Lembit Öpik decided to try gatecrashing the chat – seven times. He’ll do anything for a bit of screen time. 

It’s not been a great week for Lembit, after the Sunday Times also revealed he’s now been expelled by the LibDems for offering advice to clients on how to beat them in elections. Guido can’t imagine he was charging much for that advice…

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Pink News CEO Picks Fight with Today Programme’s Justin Webb Over Stonewall Controversy

Pink News CEO Benjamin Cohen caused quite a stir on the Today Programme this morning, after accusing the BBC of hosting “two different gay people [to talk] about trans issues […] without a single trans voice” following Liz Truss’s call for government departments to leave Stonewall’s Diversity Champions programme – and the charity’s boss suggesting that freedom of speech ‘has limits‘ in the context of LGBT rights. It was possibly the most raucous exchange Guido’s ever heard on Radio 4

Clearly spoiling for a fight, Cohen also attacked presenter Justin Webb for introducing the issue despite being “cisgender”*, and suggested the coverage of Stonewall’s new “free to be” strategy reflected a “a homophobic and transphobic media frame”. The usually even-measured Webb managed to lose his patience, telling Cohen “you don’t know anything about me”, and insisting he stay on track. All very loud for an early Tuesday morning…

UPDATE:  Listeners heard denials that Stonewall want to allow trans-women into women’s refuges. Stonewall has made repeated calls for exemptions – which allow for female-only services – to be abolished. That is the logic of claiming “trans-women are women”. This is their long-standing position, see the August 2015 Stonewall submission to the Women & Equalities Select Committee:

  • A review of the Equality Act 2010 to include ‘gender identity’ rather than ‘gender reassignment’ as a protected characteristic and to remove exemptions, such as access to single-sex spaces

This is just one of the reasons why feminists have had enough and are at loggerheads with Stonewall.


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Crusader Saved from Cancellation by Woke Owners

Guido is delighted to inform co-conspirators that the Express’s Crusader is saved, after the takeover of the Daily Express by Reach – the rebranded Mirror Group – they tried holding a “brand review” of the Express conducted by a consulting company. There was a genuine fear that the new owners would cancel the problematic-for-wokesters Crusader logo of the paper. Apparently, after a panicky management received hundreds of emails from Express readers alerted by Guido’s stories, they swiftly reverse-ferreted on the whole plan. The righteous Christian warrior fights on…

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WATCH: Another Former Sky Producer Slams Kay Burley’s “Toxic” Workplace

A former Sky producer who worked with Kay Burley has told Guido of how Sky’s soon-to-return presenter has a “divide and conquer approach to how she treats her team”, ensuring loyalty from those she likes, and shunning those who upset her. In one anecdote from the whistleblower, Burley is accused of turning against one senior producer and treating her “like a bit of a slave”, humiliating her by having her carry Kay’s shoes around. Resulting in mockery from Burley’s loyalists.

The former producer confesses she was very young at the time, however became aware that Kay was running “weekends away” at her Cotswold holiday home in Lechlade, something Guido’s source said felt like “grooming”:

What Kay does is this divide and conquer thing, but she has her favourites. And suddenly they’re getting the best stories. And suddenly, they’re kind of working on her programme

And then she ran the sort of weekends away, where she would invite people to come away to her Cotswolds place. I think if you were invited, obviously you had to go. I mean, I had a friend who was invited, she said ‘what the hell do I do?’ They didn’t want to go but sort of thought, Well, I better go. And in a funny way, I was always quite relieved, not to.

I thought it felt like she was grooming people really.”

Another producer tells Guido that a mere issue with a printer on set resulted in Kay pushing him aside socially, despite getting along “really well” with her up until that point. Referencing the infamous image of Kay grabbing a photographer by the throat, Guido’s whistleblower said it was “absolutely” her revealing her true colours…

Media sources point out that in the US Ellen DeGeneres’ long-running daytime TV show was wound up amid similar toxic workplace claims. Degeneres’ show ran on the Comcast-owned NBC network. Comcast also owns Sky…

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Tim Martin Claims Telegraph “Misreported” Him Over Calls for More EU Migration

Furious Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin has accused the Telegraph of writing a “false story” about him in today’s paper, in which they claim he has changed his position on immigration in response to staff shortages across his pub chains. The Telegraph also say he now proposes a visa system that will make it easier for venues to hire European workers. Naturally Remainers have leapt on it, accusing Martin of being a Brexiteer Icarus… 

According to Martin, however, the whole thing is untrue:

“I was trying to be helpful to the journalist by providing up-to-date anecdotal information on staffing, which clearly demonstrated a very positive situation for Wetherspoon. However, my comments were misreported. The false story, expressed in the headline “Wetherspoons boss calls for more EU migration as bars and restaurants tackle staff shortage” and expressed or implied elsewhere in the article, was that Wetherspoon was suffering staff shortages, which clearly isn’t true, and that I had subsequently been moved to change my stance on immigration, which, as my evidence to the parliament several ago clearly shows, isn’t true either.”

Guido recommends Tim has a pint and waits for all this to blow over…

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Viewers Turned Off by Sir Keir’s Life Stories 

Despite Sir Keir having a decent performance on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, Southside may be heading for a comedown after hearing the viewing figures. Guido learns ITV viewers almost halved from Coronation Street’s 3.5 million viewers to the start of Life Stories’ 1.7 million. For comparison, Piers managed to pull in 2.3 million for his episode with Loose Women’s Coleen Nolan. 600,000 fewer… 

It could be worse: on the other hand GMB pulled in its lowest ever viewing figures yesterday with just 450,000 viewers. Piers will be delighted to note that’s down from 1.29 million on his final episode in March…

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