Former ITV Chairman Accuses GMB of Arrogance

Former BBC and ITV Chairman Lord Grade disappointed GMB presenters this morning when refusing to pander to their outrage over the Government’s boycott of the programme. As the number of days without a government spokesperson on the show hits 65, presenters Ben Shephard and Ranvir Singh asked Grade if he would have tolerated the boycott during his ITV tenure, and whether the Government have a “duty” to appear on the show. The knock on effect appears to be viewers joining the GMB boycott

Lord Grade caused faces to drop when he accused the presenters of “arrogance” in thinking they have the right of access to senior ministers, and that it’s up to the show to win the government’s confidence again – which must be done via “quiet diplomacy“. Which seems a better idea than rants on Piers Morgan’s Twitter account…

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GMB Lose 200,000 Viewers in June to BBC

The television industry’s official BARB figures are out for June and Piers Morgan is not boasting about them, so you can guess how they went. Relative to his rivals at BBC Breakfast it was a bad month, the importance of the relative figure is that Piers would otherwise try and blame the poor showing on poor news flow, lockdown fatigue or some other misdirection. The gap between the viewing figures for Good Morning Britain and BBC Breakfast was some 406,000 at the beginning of June, by the end of the month the gap widened by over 50% to 666,000. Who will Piers blame for the terrible performance? It turns out that his ranting and berating has not only led to a boycott by guests, it has led to an exodus of viewers…

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Hugo Rifkind Retracts Made Up Quote

Hugo Rifkind had a crack at Toby Young in his Times column on Monday, rubbishing him and the Free Speech Union. Unfortunately for Hugo, it has blown up in his face. In the column, Hugo wrote:

Toby Young founded “the Free Speech Union” out of a professed fear that free online discourse was becoming impossible due to censorious mobs and the cowardly organisations that care more about their own reputations. Within a day, he’d grown hopelessly tangled in his own contradictions, after being asked whether the far-right activist who calls himself Tommy Robinson would be welcome in his club. Only if he was prepared to “sign a statement of values not to be racist, sexist or prejudiced against Muslims,” said Young. Even the club with “Free Speech” in its name has caveats.

Rather than free speech per se, Young was agitating for something along the lines of “the freedom to speak without facing an onslaught of other people calling you scum”. 

Hard-hitting stuff, but there’s one small difficulty. Toby never said the things attributed to him in quotation marks. Why in particular would he have mentioned Muslims? Hugo just made that up or as he put it to Guido “put quote marks around what should have been a paraphrase and garbled it. Easy mistake, but still unforgivably sloppy of me. It’s been changed, I believe there’s a correction tomorrow, and I’ve written to say sorry, too. Any and all ridicule of me rightly deserved.” 

Toby tells Guido:

“Hugo picked an odd day to write a column saying the free speech crisis is a figment of my imagination, given that Reddit has just announced it will be deleting 2,000 subreddits. He’s perfectly entitled to attack me of course, and does so frequently, but making up silly quotes and attributing them to me is a step too far. I expected higher ethical standards from someone who’s won so many journalism awards.”

Three years ago, Rifkind wrote a 4000-word piece for The Times about what he called “the vitally important but hideously complex issue of fake news”. If Toby hadn’t complained, this bit of fabricated news would have stood uncorrected…

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Twitter Bitch Fight of the Week: Telegraph Versus York Minster

A row has sparked up between two ancient Tory institutions, namely Christianity and The Telegraph. Yesterday The Telegraph threw more petrol onto the culture fire war, claiming the “future of a Roman Emperor statue outside York Minster is being “looked at” following complaints” about Constantine’s support of slavery.

Three hours later, God’s northern residence replied to the article, claiming that contrary to the piece, they “have not received any formal complaints and at present the statue is not under threat from removal.”

Gabriella Swerling, the article’s author, didn’t take the denial lying down

Based on the likes of York Minster’s subsequent reply, Twitter users have chosen which side of the story they believe

Thankfully it seems employee Tom’s intervention diffused things between Gabriella and the house of t’Lord

Who would have thought it would have been the Telegraph squabbling with the Church of England…

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Piers on Antisemitism Apology

Interviewing Anneliese Dodds on GMB this morning, Piers went in hard on last week’s sacking of Rebecca Long-Bailey, saying “it’s hard to imagine a more antisemitic trope than that”. Guido can think of something more antisemitic, Piers…

Herr Morgan also asked whether Becky should apologise, saying “she can’t seem to bring herself to say the word ‘sorry'”. Two weeks ago, the Campaign Against Antisemitism put out a statement in response to Guido’s exclusive photo of Piers’ party wear, saying:

Mr Morgan must clarify what exactly happened and, if the claims are true, make amends.

Over a fortnight on from Guido’s story, Piers is keeping stum…

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Polls Have Closed, You Want a MediaGuido Podcast

According to a survey of followers of the @MediaGuido Twitter feed, what the world wants is another podcast, specifically 71.5% of them want a media affairs podcast. The reason Guido is contemplating doing this is not commercial – we haven’t figured out how to make a commercially viable podcast yet* – it is more of a public service. The fourth estate is one of the most powerful forces in public life, standing in judgement over the politicians who govern us. It has long been accused of having power without responsibility, the prerogative of the harlot as it was once described. Who holds the “presstitutes” to account?

Academia is full of media critiques, “hackademics” are usually Marxist Murdoch conspiracy theorists or former hacks who almost universally have a left-of-centre view of the world. The correspondents who cover the media world are invariably left-of-centre, even when they are just covering the economics of the media industry, rather than the culture of the media. There are some exceptions – Stephen Glover covers the media sporadically from a right-of-centre perspective. Amol Rajan tries to follow a middle way at the BBC, though inevitably the former broadsheet editor would rather keep his job than rock the boat too much. There is a crying need for a perspective that is not left-of-centre.

On Google Scholar there are 458 references and citations of the Guido Fawkes website by academics, almost all of the academic papers view the website as some kind of political and media aberration, when in fact on so many issues the editorial stance we take is the mainstream majority stance as repeatedly reflected at the ballot box. The fringe minority views are actually in academia.

Media coverage of the media suffers from the same problem that Fox News correspondents embedded with the US military had in Iraq – they are active participants. Their salaries are paid by the people whom they cover, their reporting carries career damaging risks, so they self-censor. Imagine you are the Guardian’s media correspondent, how do you positively spin the paper’s annual financial report? The same goes for The Times’ media correspondent covering the global adventures of their proprietor. All media correspondents are understandably wary of accidentally writing their obituary.

The plan is that the podcast will try to highlight stories that other media correspondents won’t for ideological reasons or because of the compromises being part of the corporate media requires. We’ll see how hard it is to get guests…

In the last month we have covered the editor of The Times breaking lockdown with the sister of the Prime Minister. The newly woke morning TV presenter and tabloid favourite who dressed up as a Nazi SS officer. The property developer and media investor who was sat with the Mirror‘s editor when he lobbied the minister who approved his billion-pound development. None of these stories got coverage elsewhere in the media. Editors turn a blind eye to each other’s failings because they fear the consequences of “an eye for an eye.” The proprietor and editor of Media Guido has no such fears and no intention of ever working for anyone else…

*Potential sponsors or advertisers should get in touch via

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