Iain Dale Walks Off GMB Set After Left Wing Hectoring

Iain Dale had enough this morning on GMB after the two lefty panelists flanking him didn’t allow the LBC Presenter to get a word in edgeways. The left wing panelists, Tribune Magazine‘s Grace Blakeley and the BBC Asian Network‘s Nihal Arthanayake tried to blame the Tate Modern attack on austerity. After being repeatedly shouted down, Dale walked off. It was frustrating for those watching at home and must have been more so for Iain…

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Long-Bailey Calls for Ban on ’24/7 Work Culture’… Late Last Night

Rebecca Long-Bailey has called for an end to ’24/7 work culture’, where workers will be given the right to switch off digital devices outside their work hours to alleviate stress and anxiety. Journalists received the embargoed press release at 19:25 last night…

The Corbynista is channelling her inner Dolly Parton with this 9-5 policy, saying stronger unions will prevent time with friends and family being interrupted by emails or demands. Unfortunately for Becky, she is campaigning against a culture that isn’t widespread.

In addition to breaking her own policy by having her over-worked team send out the press release out-of-hours, Long-Bailey gave it a publication embargo of 08.30 this morning. Surely hacks can’t even be expected to read her policy until after 9…

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Boris Trolls the Lobby

Given the events of this week, and the collapse in relations between the Lobby and No. 10, Boris took great pleasure in looking up to the Lobby gallery when he said this. Is this the start of renewed relations between the two or a sign of even more trolling to come…

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Is The Times Trying to Frame Lee Cain?

The Times this morning had a story about about a million-a-year trader fired for stealing from the canteen. The picture was of Lee Cain, the Prime Minister’s Director of Communications and was probably the best press he’s had all week. Still not the worst picture mix-up of the day…

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Guido Writes to the Lobby Chairman About Bullying

This is self explanatory:

Jason Groves
Chairman of the Lobby


4 February, 2020

Dear Jason,

Congratulations on becoming chairman of the Lobby.

I am writing to ask you to restrain your colleagues from bullying a member of our reporting team.

On January 20, 2020 Christian Calgie was shouted at for a prolonged period by a number of your colleagues, the ringleaders being Pippa Crerar and Tom Newton-Dunn. You will no doubt be aware that recordings of that day are circulating. Your predecessor as chairman of the Lobby has already apologised in relation to that day.

Christian is the most junior member of our reporting team and has been in the job for a matter of months. He is live tweeting the proceedings on my instructions. Today when Christian began tweeting someone shouted “That wanker’s tweeted… we’re off embargo.” Christian is now reluctant to attend the briefings.

I recognise that your colleagues do not like the competition and want to keep proceedings as they were. That does not entitle them to bully the youngest member of my staff. He is doing his job. You will no doubt share my expectation that your colleagues should in future behave professionally towards our reporters in their place of work, at government briefings.


Paul Staines
Editor, Guido Fawkes

Give it a rest.

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Damian Green Calls Out Lobby “Snowflakery”

Damian Green – hardly an MP on the ‘Borisite’ wing of Tories – has skewered the “fake outrage” of the Lobby in his question during an Urgent Question requested by the Labour Party into yesterday’s Lobby farce:

“Does my Honourable friend agree that what we’re seeing here is some fake outrage and a mass outbreak of snowflakery?”

In the Labour Party’s MP briefing for the Commons session, they included the false information David Frost is a Civil Service appointee, and it fell to Clive Efford to walk into the trap. Minister for the Constitution, Chloe Smith, reminded Labour of Guido’s earlier report that Frost is a SpAd

Guido doesn’t think this will put the argument to bed any time soon however…

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