Grace Blakeley’s Pret a Mess Up

After misspelling her own name on the cover of her forthcoming book, Grace Blakeley’s laser-like attention to detail has now turned to Rishi’s Eat Out to Help Out policy. In her weekly Tribune newsletter, Grace wrote:

Yesterday, I had my first experience of the government’s ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme. On my way to the station I wandered into a Pret a Manger to buy some lunch, picked up a sandwich, went to the till to pay and – just as I was pulling my card out of my bag – was informed that my lunch would be free due to a £10 subsidy from the government.

Vice’s money columnist was clearly using invention about her trip to Pret, as that isn’t how the discount works. Rishi’s voucher gives you 50% off participating restaurants up to £10 – you will never get a free meal. The discount also only applies to eat-in customers – not takeaways. Given Grace claimed she was just popping in on the way to catch a train it seems unlikely the discount would have been applied full stop. The article has since been amended to say “effectively free“. It might be easier to just admit the anecdote – like Grace’s financial commentary qualifications – was just made up…

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Owen Jones’s Column Writing Masterclasses

Lockdown may have been a bleak experience for some, however the Guardian is providing entertainment in the form of a column-writing masterclass with Owen Jones –  for just £45 (plus £2.65 booking fee). The paper is clearly attempting to avoid digging into its billion pound endowment. They promise it’s fully accessible, though at £47.65 for an online video it’s clearly not for working-class fans…

The class promises to teach how to write “compelling columns that challenge the status quo” as well as how to “look at different narrative approaches – from the contrarian to the activist-columnist and the voice-of-reason”. The Guardian also promises a percentage of the tickets will be donated to schemes supporting greater diversity in the media. Guido hopes the class covers how to use the correct photo of your subject in the featured image…

In case you missed it: Red Faces as Guardian Mixes Up Rapper Kano for Wiley

UPDATE: Guido is embarrassed to belatedly realise that the accompanying picture to this article is not in fact Owen Jones, but a stock image of a white man. This is unacceptable. A full and frank apology has been issued on the Guido Fawkes twitter account.

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New Spitting Image Series Puppets Revealed

The BBC along with ITV are attempting to draw attention to their struggling streaming service ‘BritBox’. (Guido will never understand they didn’t just push the iPlayer brand international). In order to spark attention, and presumably prevent more BBC employees using the established internal name ‘Sh*tBox’, a new series of Spitting Image has been commissioned. This morning a first look at the new puppets has been released…

While Boris is built as the already well known messy haired big lipped caricature, Dominic Cummings is introduced to the audience as a vampiric hoodie-clad evil genius.

Prince Andrew on the other hand – at first glance – looks basically normal. Guido wonders if the puppet will be able to sweat…

Spitting Image’s co-creator Roger Law is back to produce the show, which originally ran for 18 series between 1984 and 1996. The new, distinctly transatlantic, characters being trailed by the show include Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Harry and Meghan, Beyonce, Vladimir Putin, Elon Musk, RuPaul, Adele, and James Corden. For some reason Guido doesn’t think it will be as politically incorrect as in the old days…

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BBC Shamed Over Targeting the Elderly

Defund The BBC is urging followers to cancel their TV licence in solidarity with the elderly, whom the corporation began taxing on Saturday.

The viral campaign launched a provocative mobile digital billboard campaign across the North West today, as they continue to appeal for funds via their Go Fund Me page so that they can keep the momentum going just as the corporation attempts to expand its power and secure the future of the TV licence.

You can look out for the signs today in Oldham, Rochdale and Salford. Unlike the BBC, they are really getting outside of the London bubble. BBC employees didn’t seem too happy to see one of the signs on display outside Media City.

Last week, even Ofcom recognised that there is a “moral dislike” of the BBC and its licence fee amongst the working class. Guido readers probably didn’t need to be told that the BBC largely serves middle class metropolitan audiences.

Defund The BBC is encouraging supporters to switch to watching on-demand so that they can legally cancel their TV licence, whilst their campaign to reduce the scope of the licence to BBC channels only continues. Visit their website to find out how…

Sponsored and created by @DefundBBC
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Government Advertising on ‘Was Wiley Right?’ Article

The Government is running ads funding a pro-Wiley article in The Voice that, following the grime artist’s antisemitic tirade over the weekend, explores the question “within his ranting were there any salient points?”  The article extensively interviews Wiley, who digs deeper still, saying why all of these families are rich, or all of these people have heritage, not just England, like, worldwide.”

Backing up his ideas of a global Jewish conspiracy, the millionaire musician went on to pursue the antisemitic and false trope that jews controlled the slave trade, claiming “They still see us as slaves. Slavery hasn’t stopped it’s just dressed up in a million pound record deal”. Why is the Government funding this?

The piece, extraordinarily continues to attempt justify Wiley’s claim that Jews control the music industry.

“There is no way to put this all in one nutshell but the hypothesis that you need to get a Jewish lawyer in order to progress in the music business may be a complete fallacy (I haven’t done the numbers, looking into the correlation in respect of who is and isn’t successful with or without one), but yet it remains.

I’ve never seen anyone Jewish refute or confirm this (maybe there was never a need felt to do so), but maybe, it’s a discussion that needs to be had?”

Is this really where the Government wants to be funnelling taxpayers’ cash?

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Norman’s Last Day

Another BBC loss today – though for once not the result of further cuts – as assistant political editor Norman Smith steps down to spend more time walking his dog. Norman announced his departure on Twitter this morning, sayingFolks…that’s it from me. Thanks for putting up with me over the years. Its been an absolute privilege . I’m off now for some longer, much longer dog walks……” Or is this one big ruse before Norman’s announced as No. 10’s new TV briefing spokesman?

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