Portillo: I Do Not Believe the Licence Fee Can Survive

Portillo gave a good performance on Question Time last night, comparing the BBC’s reliance on the compulsory coerced licence fee to a polar-bear on an ever-shrinking block of ice. Biting the hand that feeds him…

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Labour Deputy Leadership’s BBC Bashing

As the future of the BBC hangs in the balance whilst No. 10 finally work out their policy on the licence fee, you would imagine the BBC are hoping at least Labour have their back. The latest leadership hustings snuffed out that fantasy…

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Left-Wing Groups Dominate the Airwaves

Despite claims made on Twitter whenever right-of-centre types appear on talk shows or panels, statist groups receive more media attention than free-market groups and are mentioned six times more frequently in the national media. According to our research, groups advocating higher spending have 40 times more funding and 37 times as many staff at their disposal than groups supporting lower spending. As a consequence, they unsurprisingly appear in the media far more often.

Using a media monitoring agency* we looked at media coverage for one week in the summer between the Tory leadership election and the general election. We found that well-funded groups advocating left-of-centre statist policies dominated coverage:

  • Think tanks and campaign groups advocating lower spending comprise just one in ten of the total prominent groups, yet around half of that total advocate higher spending.
  • Think tanks and campaign groups advocating higher public spending are mentioned in the national media six times more frequently than those advocating lower public spending.
  • Think tanks and campaign groups advocating higher public spending have 37 times as many staff at their disposal as those advocating lower public spending.

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Times Radio Poach John Pienaar

In a statement on Twitter, BBC News Deputy Political Editor John Pienaar has announced that he is jumping ship to the soon-to-be-launched Times Radio.

“after nearly three decades at the BBC I am leaving to join the soon-to-be-launched Times Radio as Drive Time presenter.”

It was reported this weekend that Murdoch is making lucrative offers to leading BBC presenters to lure them over; including better wages, editorial freedom and the chance to leave the BBC’s increasingly sinking ship. Nick Robinson’s name was one of those floated as being approached, along with Chris Mason. Who’s next?…
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Twitter Break Own Terms of Service

For Valentine’s Day Twitter UK have rebranded as the #DatingTwitter Advice Bureau. Hold on a second, remember when CCHQ rebranded as Factcheck UK, didn’t Twitter themselves tell us during the election that rebranding trickery like this is against their terms of service for blue tick verified accounts on Twitter?

Any further attempts to mislead people by editing verified profile information – in a manner seen during the UK Election Debate – will result in decisive corrective action”.

Isn’t it misleading for a social media platform to masquerade as an advice bureau? Will they take away their own blue tick?

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Channel 4’s New Pale Male Stale Executive Board

Channel 4’s CEO Alex Mahon now reports to an all-white, all-male executive board. Following the company’s recently announced restructuring the only other female on the executive board, Sarah Rose, is being let go. The new-look executive board will be a disappointment for the self-crowing diversity champions…

Jonathan Allen is being promoted to Chief Operating Officer, joining Director of Programmes Ian Katz, and interim Director of Sales Matt Salmon. As Allen steps up he takes on the responsibilities of chief consumer and strategy officer Sarah Rose. Guido wonders if Jon Snow ever seen so many pale males in one place. Live by the woke sword, be criticised by the woke sword…

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