Defund the BBC Campaign Ramps Up Activity

The campaign group Defund the BBC is ramping up it’s activity after the Beeb confirmed three million more households will be forced to pay for a licence fee from next month. They are appealing for funds via a Go Fund Me Page, which Guido readers can find here, so they can keep the pressure on the government, just as reports suggest decriminalisation of non-payment of the fee is “on the agenda”.

The BBC ignored their promise to former Chancellor George Osborne when they moved to target the elderly, meaning over-75s could now be jailed for not funding them. Defund The BBC is now the largest group pushing to end the BBC’s stranglehold over UK media, after recently assembling an experienced campaign team.

Successive governments have backed away from confrontation with the BBC at the last minute and the vital movement is looking to seize the moment and make sure Boris does not back down.

The BBC has said decriminalisation could cost them up to £1 billion over five years as many viewers, tired of their content and perceived bias, are expected to cancel licence fees en masse. It would be a huge boost for other news providers and public service broadcasters, who do not threaten to send grannies to jail, and will hopefully bring about fairness in the media and greater balance on our TVs.

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Bloated on the Telly Tax the BBC Blew their Biggest Opportunity for Independence and Growth

The BBC had iPlayer technology that, thanks to the rivers of cash extorted from the British public, was years ahead of the competition. They cracked how to do mass distribution over the internet before Netflix did. They blew the chance to be the world’s biggest media corporation because Auntie would rather cling to the licence fees than stand on her own two feet and reap the rewards of independence. The chart above shows the scale of that strategic error.

It is not too late, if Auntie is too afraid of earning her crust in the world, the government should give her a push out the door. Disney has only started streaming globally this summer, Apple’s live streaming offer is an infant, Amazon’s streaming offer started in 2016. The chance is still there. BBC proselytisers are always telling us what a quality offer it is, so prove it in the marketplace. There is nothing stopping the BBC launching a proper rival to Netflix. All started without the massive back-catalogue the BBC owns…

The British entertainment media marketplace is constrained by population size as Briton’s are 1% of the world’s population. The English language and consequent cultural opportunities are global. Rather than being negative and threatening to jail grannies who don’t want to pay for BBC Radio 1, executives should be optimistic that their offer could win a greater global market share. It is not too late to go for global growth unconstrained by the licence fee. If the BBC doesn’t want to seize the opportunity the government should force it with a permanent licence fee freeze, let it deflate away…

See also: BBC Should Make Billions Worldwide from iPlayer, Not Over-75s 

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BBC Pushing Ahead with Extorting Licence Fee from Over 75s

The BBC has today announced that despite coronavirus, the corporation will push ahead with taxing those aged over 75 for owning an unlicenced TV. The measure had been delayed by two months due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Now more than three million households will be asked to start paying the £157.50 fee from 1 August, giving the BBC a cash injection of £471,000,000. No wonder they can afford that £100,000,000 to be spent on diversity…

The Taxpayers’ Alliance is incensed by the news, saying “Rather than forcing pensioners to pay the hated telly tax, the BBC should acknowledge the current funding model isn’t fit for purpose and step into the twenty-first century by abolishing the licence fee altogether.” Quite.

We asked the BBC press office at midday:

“After  August 1, 2020 is it the BBC’s intention to prosecute over-75s who refuse to pay for a licence fee?”

No answer has been forthcoming.

Guido hasn’t paid the BBC licence fee for years. Nothing ever happens – even when Guido confessed to his crime on BBC Radio 4’s “The Moral Maze”. The response to the BBC’s extortion from our senior citizens should be a campaign of mass civil disobedience. Granny should ignore their begging letters and see if they will dare to send her to jail…

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Politics Live Allegedly on the Brink of BBC Axing

The BBC’s budgetary brinkmanship continues with public posturing designed to blackmail the government. Allegedly PoliticsLive is on the brink of being culled by the corporation in their latest spate of job cuts. After the show was taken off air during the pandemic, the Westminster village TV staple has returned in a once-weekly only format. It has been in this format just two years, following the axing of The Daily Politics…

In related news, it sounds like Andrew Neil’s time at the BBC may also be coming to a grinding halt as Tony Hall prioritises his £100 million diversity scheme. Speaking to the Radio Times Neil said “I would like to be doing more shows, of course I would… I don’t know what’s happening. There’s no clarity at the moment, so I’m just waiting for the BBC to make up its mind.” The BBC often threatens to cut popular shows and stars to focus the minds of the public and MPs; if Guido were Andrew Neil he’d be flattered…

Nature abhors a vacuum and if there is a mid-morning political programming opportunity it will be taken by rivals, be in no doubt. We’re going to be able to get an afternoon dose of politics from the horse’s mouth when the Downing Street briefings start livestreaming in the autumn. Go ahead Auntie, make our day and disintermediate yourself!

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Justin Webb’s Anti-Express Dig

On this morning’s Today Programme, BBC presenter Justin Webb made a sly jab at The Express for leading on the Government’s rescue package for cultural institutions.

“The Daily Express too… Oh… Quite unexpected that it’s its lead story but there it is…”

“Quite unexpected” he claims, despite the paper having run its significant #RaiseTheCurtain campaign on this exact issue since June; writing last month:

“BRITAIN’S world leading network of theatres could completely collapse due to the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic unless the nation rallies to offer it essential support. In response to this unprecedented crisis, the Daily Express is today launching a campaign encouraging the public and government to Raise The Curtain by keeping this vital industry alive.”

Classic BBC sneering…



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BBC’s Most Absurd Waste of Public Cash

With news of hundreds of job cuts at the BBC coming out, staff are understandably worried. Guido’s repeatedly pointed out job cuts could be avoided if the BBC wasn’t spending £100 million over the next three years on a diversity and inclusivity programme. Of course corporate waste doesn’t end there; one disgruntled employee gets in touch to point out one of the BBC’s most absurd wastes of money hiding in plain sight: their practice of hiring 8 different people to do the exact same job.

BBC One and Two hire four different voice-over announcers each – one for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland- to introduce upcoming programmes, all of whom read from the exact same script at the exact same time from early morning until late evening. The only difference is the accent. They could hire one person who can do accents – instead they’re targeting important local services...

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