Simpson’s After Dinner Yarn Unsuitable for Morning TV

Foreign correspondents and veteran BBC journalists are full of interesting yarns from their careers. John Simpson’s yarn live on Good Morning Britain whilst chatting to Kate Garraway and Richard Madeley was a little better suited to after dinner over the port. Madeley and Garraway apologised for Simpson’s unexpected outburst…

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Maitlis Turns on BBC Over Cummings Monologue Slapdown

Emily Maitlis says the BBC was wrong to find her in breach of impartiality rules (twice) and accuses the BBC’s management of caving into political pressure from Downing Street. The Newsnight presenter added that she would not let the current affairs show become a “public announcement tannoy” for ministers.* No doubt Jess Brammar, whom Emily showers with sugary praise, will agree with Maitlis…

She defends her Newsnight monologue in which she delivered an American TV style personal rant: “Dominic Cummings broke the rules. The country can see that, and it’s shocked the government cannot.” She claims “it hasn’t ever been explained to me what was journalistically inaccurate about that.”

Maitlis also defends her retweeting of Piers Morgan’s anti-government tirade. At the time the BBC said it was “clearly controversial, implying sharp criticism of the Government”. Maitlis once again disagrees with her employers, saying “the tweet said nothing I haven’t actually asked on air”. 

It seems Emily’s showboating for Press Gazette has seen her called into the headmaster’s office, with a BBC spokesman saying:

“Nothing is more important than our impartiality. All BBC journalists must abide by the BBC’s editorial guidelines and social media rules. There are no exceptions. We will be taking this up with Emily.

If Emily is completely unwilling to abide by the BBC’s impartiality rules she should look for a job elsewhere. There are lots of media organisations where delivering opinionated news is fine, just they’re not funded by a universal tax to pay her recently pared back £329,999 salary

*When was the last time you can remember seeing a minister on Newsnight? Nowadays that happens as frequently as there is a blue moon.

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Anti-Vaxxer Denies Harassing Newsnight Editor Nick Watt

A second anti-lockdown crank has pleaded not guilty to the harassment of the BBC’s Nick Watt, who was accosted by a mob of protesters in Whitehall last month. Christopher Aitken, who admits being part of the mob yet still insists he “did nothing wrong”, was caught on camera chasing the Newsnight editor into Richmond Terrace following the government’s decision to delay reopening beyond 21st June. Aitken left court yesterday wearing a box on his head, and in the esteemed company of – who else? – Piers Corbyn. A trial is now set for 29th November…

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Demi Lovato Shares Tom Harwood Clip to 110 Million Followers

The clip got 1.6 million views on TikTok, which is a heck of lot more than GB News usually gets. Co-conspirators will spot a familiar face on Demi Lovato’s most recent Instagram post

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Brammar Supports Black Lives Matter

After Guido reported that Jess Brammar was in the running to become head of BBC News, and that this was controversial given she’d promoted a woke agenda as editor of the Huffington Post, some people who should know better claimed this was untrue. Jess had made it hard to produce evidence because she’d deleted thousands of her tweets going back a decade. Which was eyebrow-raising in itself.

On Brammer’s Instagram account, Guido found that on the BLM campaign’s social media “Blackout Tuesday” last June, Brammar joined with other BLM supporters in posting a black square to signal her support for the campaign which has some far out policies – including defunding the police. Given she is seeking a position of great sensitivity (in that the role involves setting the tone for the nation’s dominant BBC news channels and guaranteeing the impartiality of the output), this is not insignificant. If she were currently employed by the BBC this would be in breach of the BBC’s new social media guidelines established by Tim Davie…

Her posts detail her struggle with “White Privilege” and motherhood, and even has the self-awareness in some of her Instagram posts to realise that she is becoming a woke parody. Holding a woke book for toddlers open on the page “P is for Privilege“, she posts “Yes I am very happy to be a parody of myself”. In another post she says she and her partner, Guardian media editor Jim Waterson, are anti-cars – except when they need to hire one. Guido sympathises with Jess having to hide her feminist rage at the line in the “Wheels on the Bus” rhyme “the mummies on the bus go shhh shhh shhh”, it is so infuriatingly unwoke…

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GB News Director of Programming John McAndrew Quits

GB News‘ Director of Programming, broadcasting veteran John McAndrew, has resigned from the station allegedly following disagreements over the future direction of the channel. Apparently McAndrew had been in favour of more local reporting and open discussions rather than the Wootton-style culture war rants. His departure might indicate which way the channel plans to go…

Hat-Tip: Jim Waterson

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