Rishi Interview Draws Rare Six Figure Audience for Piers

Piers Morgan will be pleased this morning: the overnight BARB figures mean for once he doesn’t need to strain every muscle to put a positive shine on his viewing figures. His interview with Rishi last night pulled in an average of 120,000 for the hour, peaking at 140,000 for the first 15 minutes.

The interview was entertaining, and generated a number of headlines on his tax returns, plans on small boats and nurses’ pay. It also gave us a couple of great viral moments thanks to yet another poorly-phrased ‘coke addiction’ confession from the PM, and this brilliantly awkward silence when Piers pushed him on his wealth. From the highs of Piers’s interview, the struggling station’s Tom Newton Dunn managed to pull in just 700 viewers at one point for his paper review show an hour later…

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Cost-Cutting BBC Axes Biased Presenters

The BBC has announced the headline presenting lineup for its upcoming relaunch of the BBC News Channel, following the merger of its domestic and international channels under one roof. A convenient way to reinvent itself “for a digital age”, or in other words, save money…

The five lucky “chief presenter” anchors are Matthew Amroliwala, Yalda Hakim, Christian Fraser, Lucy Hockings, and Maryam Moshiri. Lesser-known names, though Guido congratulates them all…

Two of those who didn’t make the cut will be more familiar, though: both Martine Croxall and Geeta Guru-Murthy have not been promoted. Co-conspirators will remember it was Martine who, just last year, couldn’t contain her on-air excitement at Boris withdrawing from the Tory leadership race. Geeta, meanwhile, made headlines three years ago after making the astute observation that a Brexit celebration rally in Parliament square had a lot of “very white” faces.

At the time, the BBC stood by Geeta, though they did bench Croxall for about a week. Now they’re both on the way out after all. Till next time…

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BBC Begins Economics 101 Lessons

24 hours ago we learnt that an internal BBC review found too many of their journalists “lack understanding of basic economics”. This morning the corporation’s own “economics correspondent” Andy Verity broke the news that the “UK pays more for electricity than it costs to make”. Clearly he’s just had his first lesson on the concept of profit…

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Guest’s Mobile Rings Four Times Live On Air

Lord Baker couldn’t work out how to stop his mobile phone ringing during his interview last night. In the end after the fourth time he handed it to Victoria Derbyshire to deal with. We’ve all had it happen…

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Go Woke, Go Broke: Paperchase Goes Into Administration

Stationery giant Paperchase has fallen into administration today, having failed to find a buyer for its 106 shops across the country. Tesco is only buying the brand and intellectual property, leaving 800 or so jobs at risk.

Guido’s old enough to remember when Paperchase faced a vicious backlash from angry customers in 2017, after bowing to pressure from anti-press freedom cranks not to advertise in the Daily Mail. At the time, one Owen Jones declared it “another victory against hatred”, and claimed the reaction was evidence of “a rightwing press lashing out from its death spiral”…

Today MailOnline reports on the death spiral of Paperchase, and the Daily Mail continues to sell millions of copies per year. As always: go woke, go broke…

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‘290 MPs Resign After China Blackmail Scandal’*

In what is emerging as the biggest political scandal of 2030, dozens of MPs from all parties are set to have the whip removed after the contents of secret conversations and group chats were leaked on Chinese social media.

The files, published on Chinese social network Weibo, featured messages from MPs from the Tories, Labour, Lib Dems, SNP, the DUP, Greens and the newly formed Boris4King Party.

MPs used unencrypted chats to GOSSIP about party leaders, TRASH policies that they had voted for, RIDICULE their own constituents, and make disparaging remarks about lobby journalists.

One message from a Labour MP mocked the haircut of a well-known lobby reporter, “I reckon he goes to Mr Toppers LOL” – a reference to a popular London discount barber chain.

In a thread comparing constituents, one Tory complained “M8, all the Tory voting wrinklies in my constituency just keep going on about bins!!! Like, who cares?” A Lib Dem MP replied “My lot just keep banging on about a second referendum. Move on, lads. That ship’s sailed (And you can get duty-free gin on it now!!!).”

Of the 132 MPs who had messages leaked, 119 had voted for the Online Safety Act, which demanded that end-to-end encryption be compromised in the UK, ironically for “security” reasons.

A spokesperson for Index on Censorship, which campaigned vigorously to protect encryption before the law was passed in 2023, said:

“We hate to say we told you so, but, well, we did. Breaking end-to-end encryption has rendered private communications vulnerable to attack. Perhaps now MPs will act to restore security to British politicians and citizens.”

None of the affected MPs were available for comment, but party insiders say that Westminster is bracing for a raft of resignations. Bookmakers have stopped taking bets on a general election brought about by further revelations – which would be Britain’s 22nd since 2017.

*This is a spoof news article, but the threats are very real. The proposed Online Safety Bill will force platforms to monitor private communications among the British public, undermining end-to-end encryption and exposing sensitive information. With concerns about privacy online on the rise with cyberattacks from Russia and Iran, without changes and scrutiny and changes this Bill will make Britain and its people ever more vulnerable.

Content written by Index on Censorship.

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