BBC Presenter Takes Our Breath Away

During the show ‘Coronavirus: Your Questions Answered‘, Carrie Gracie was very insistent her cough wasn’t a viral symptom, instead blaming it on a “dusty” studio. Guido’s question is, will her colleagues believe her?

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London Could Soon Enter Lockdown With Travel Restrictions

As Guido hinted yesterday, two sources have indicated that the Government is now actively considering putting London into lockdown – restricting travel via public transport. Sadiq Khan – who as Mayor of London attends some COBRA meetings – hinted at week-day TFL timetables being stripped down to Sunday services, coming into play as soon as this weekend. Restrictions on travel to only those with a valid need could coincide.

It is well known that London is already the UK’s hotspot, with places like Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea, Southwark and Lambeth home to a large number of cases. A stretcher manned by hazmat clad medical professionals was seen on South Harrow High Street yesterday, taking a presumed Coronavirus patient to a waiting ambulance.

London may start to look a lot more European in its coronavirus response very soon…

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Stanley’s Still Pubbing

Hardly sticking to the messaging his son would want him to. Next round’s on Stanley…

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Piers Morgan Slapped Down By Public Health Expert

Clinical Director of the Scottish Government Professor Jason Leitch appeared on GMB this morning to help calm Piers down. It led to the most iconic line of the week…

“I’m not sure where your masters in Public Health came from Piers…”


Leitch went on to say that closing down mass gatherings at this point in the trajectory of the infection would not be helpful, and that the reason for the Scottish Government’s request with regards to large gatherings is not about transmission – it is about freeing up the medical staff who work on those events. Guido awaits the Government’s first televised Corona virus daily briefing later today for more information…

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Hancock: This Is A National Effort
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Virus Response is ‘One of the Biggest Challenges Our Generation Faces’
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