Ashworth Still Won’t Accept He Called the Election Correctly

After Guido’s exclusive leak of Shadow Health Secretary telling a (now former) friend that things were “dire” for his party during the election, Jon Ashworth is still refusing to accept he called the 2019 vote correctly. Come on Jon, don’t let Guido be the only pundit who called it…

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Raab: Barnier is Wrong on Irish Border Checks
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Raab Tells Varadkar to Stay Out of UK Politics
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Watch in Full: Boris Addresses the Nation on Brexit Day
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Happy Brexit Day Everyone

In the Guy Newsroom we’re celebrating with some fizz and Exmoor Caviar, from England’s first British caviar farm. Guido’s off to share it with fellow partying Brexiteers tonight. Enjoy your celebrations wherever you are!

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Boris On HS2: “Keep Digging”

The journalist who has managed to squeeze the biggest clue towards uncovering the Government’s HS2 decision is ten years-old Braydon Brent. In a sit down interview with the schoolboy, Boris said “in a hole the size of HS2, the only thing to do is keep digging.” Which isn’t quite¬†the phrase…

HS2. Can you explain it please?

Yes I can. It’s a colossal railway line. Now the truth is, the people who did it spent far too much money, they were profligate with the way they did it. Do you know what I mean by profligate? They just wasted money. And the whole way it was managed was hopeless. So we’re in a hole. We’re in a mess. But we’ve got to get out of it and we need a way forward, so we’re thinking about how to sort it out now.

I’m sure with you as Prime Minister, I’m sure you’ll get out of it. Is it a deep hole or is it a small one?

It’s a … in a hole the size of HS2, the only thing to do is keep digging.

Keep digging.

That’s what you’ve got to do. It’s a big hole.

Braydon, give Guido a call. we have job opening for a scoop getter like you…

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