Hunt Doesn’t Rule Out Return to Cabinet in Future
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Dawn Butler Accuses Tories of Bullying Bercow

The Labour Party continue to show they’re the true party of workers’ rights, with their ongoing defence of serial abuser (if the accusations from his officials are to be believed) John Bercow. Following Diane Abbott’s claim earlier this week that Black Rod – who served in the Balkans – couldn’t possibly have been bullied, Dawn Butler is now arguing the Tories’ refusal to give the former speaker a peerage is, itself, bullying. Mental contortions you can see from space…

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Vintage Boris Tells Dame Edna How to Solve Housing Crisis

Is Boris going to start advocating free movement?…

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Iain Dale Walks Off GMB Set After Left Wing Hectoring

Iain Dale had enough this morning on GMB after the two lefty panelists flanking him didn’t allow the LBC Presenter to get a word in edgeways. The left wing panelists, Tribune Magazine‘s Grace Blakeley and the BBC Asian Network‘s Nihal Arthanayake tried to blame the Tate Modern attack on austerity. After being repeatedly shouted down, Dale walked off. It was frustrating for those watching at home and must have been more so for Iain…

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Sky News Find Farage Twice as Popular as Corbyn

The 52% strike again…

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Chris Bryant’s Reluctant Starmer Endorsement

Not the ringing endorsement camp Starmer will have been hoping for…

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