Don’t Forget, Tonight On ITV: “Contagion”

Not one for the kids to watch which is why it on after the watershed at 9 p.m. tonight. The 2011 film starring Matt Damon, Laurence Fishburne, Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Winslet is just too close to reality for comfort. Incidentally the doctor who was the chief scientific consultant for the pandemic film says he has coronavirus. Dr. W. Ian Lipkin, the director of Columbia University’s Center for Infection and Immunity, says “this has become very personal to me too because I have COVID… And it is miserable, it is miserable.” Stay home, watch the movie, scare yourself…

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Watch In Full: Rishi’s Self-Employed Announcement

Rishi Sunak has announced a new self-employed income support scheme. The Government will pay self-employed people, who have been adversely affected by Coronavirus, a taxable grant worth 80% of their average monthly profits over the last three years, up to £2,500 a month.

The scheme will be open to people across the UK and will run for at least three months.

Grants will be claimable alongside continued earnings.

The scheme will be available for individuals with trading profits of up to £50,000. To make sure only the genuinely self-employed benefit, it will be available to those who make the majority of their income from self-employment. To minimise fraud only those with a tax return for 2019 will be available to apply. 95% of those who are majority self-employed will be able to access the scheme…

HMRC expect to have the scheme set up no later than the beginning of June, however support in the form of the business interruption loans, self-assessment income tax payments have been deferred, and self-employed people can access Universal Credit in full.

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Sanders Praises Sunak

Speaking to his supporters last night, socialist firebrand and hanging-on-in-there US Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders – the sweetheart of many a Corbynista – heaped praise on Rishi Sunak’s economic support package. The senator told supporters on a livestream last night “what is going on in the UK… is, I think, the proper approach… that is the direction I think we should have gone here”. Makes Corbyn and McDonnell’s opposition for opposition’s sake look even more childish…

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Maintaining Stability in Turbulent Times

In this latest episode of Trust TV Mike Kerley, Fund Manager of Henderson Far East Income, discusses the impact of COVID-19 on the Trust and the Asian markets in general. Mike also discusses his plans for the Trust over the next 10 years and how he and the team incorporate ESG to their investment strategy. Find out more here…

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How Many People Are Complying with the Government’s Lockdown?

Polling for ITV’s Peston last night found that while the vast majority of people are following the Government’s advice, there are some significant holdouts.

  • 10% of Brits are still meeting people outside their immediate family
  • 10% of Brits are still doing more than essential shopping
  • 18% of Brits are still taking public transport
  • 7% of Brits are ignoring hand washing advice

Do better…

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Why Did Government Work Guidance Change?

Piers Morgan highlighted a change in the wording of Government advice this morning on GMB, and one that MHCLG minister Robert Jenrick was unable to explain. Initially following the Prime Minister’s lockdown address, Number 10 said that only ‘key workers’ may leave the house to go to work. Then advice was quietly changed to ‘work from home if possible’. Perhaps it is because the government is worrying that an economic depression will kill as many as coronavirus?

Philip Thomas, Professor of Risk Management at Bristol University, says that keeping the economy going in the next year is crucial, otherwise the lockdown measures would “do more harm than good”. His analysis shows there is a clear link between GDP and life expectancy, in part due to richer countries being able to spend more on healthcare and other policies which raise living standards. This means it is possible to calculate roughly the effect of increased, or decreased, wealth on the health of a population. Completely shutting down the economy would be a second disaster reducing life expectancy.

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