Boris’s Hilarious Rayner Lioness Joke

An almost Hague-esque moment from Boris during the Queen’s Speech debate…

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Queen’s Speech Bills in Full

The Queen has just wrapped up her 67th state opening speech to Parliament; announcing an enormous 31 bills the PM plans on passing over the next year, as he hopes to move his premiership on from Covid to enact some of his 2019 manifesto. The long to-do list came during a very low-key Covid-friendly ceremony, with a significantly reduced number of MPs and Lords, press, and visitors – with the Queen even arriving in a car instead of a royal coach. The bills in full are:

  1. Health and Care Bill: Improve technological innovation in the NHS; allow patients to receive more tailored and preventative care, closer to home.
  2. Advanced Research and Invention Agency Bill: Legislation to establish Cummings’s ARIA research agency
  3. High Speed Rail (Crewe – Manchester) Bill: Transform connectivity by rail and bus
  4. Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill: Extend 5G mobile coverage and gigabit broadband
  5. Skills and Post-16 Education Bill: Lifetime skills guarantee to provide access to training throughout people’s lives
  6. Subsidy Control Bill: Measures to support businesses, reflecting the UK’s strategic interests and drives economic growth
  7. Procurement Bill: Simplify procurement in the public sector
  8. National Insurance Contributions Bill: Creating eight new Freeports
  9. Planning Bill, Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Bill: Enhanced rights for renters, modernisation of the planning system, end the practice of ground rents for new leasehold properties
  10. Building Safety Bill: Preventing repeat Grenfell tragedies
  11. Dormant Assets Bill, Charities Bill: Reducing bureaucracy in the voluntary sector, releasing additional funds for “good causes”
  12. Environment Bill: Set binding environmental targets
  13. Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill, Kept Animals Bill, Animals Abroad Bill: Promote the highest standards of animal welfare
  14. Electoral Integrity Bill: Ensure the integrity of elections
  15. Higher Education (Freedom of Speech) Bill: Protect freedom of speech at universities
  16. Judicial Review Bill: Restore the balance of power between the executive, legislature and the courts
  17. Dissolution and Calling of Parliament Bill: Abolish the Fixed Term Parliaments Act
  18. Northern Ireland (Ministers, Elections and Petitions of Concerns) Bill: Strengthen devolved Government in Northern Ireland
  19. Legacy Legislation: Address the legacy of the past in Northern Ireland
  20. Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill: Increase sentences for the most serious and violent offenders and ensure the timely administration of justice
  21. Draft Victims Bill: Address violence, including against women and girls, and to support victims
  22. New Plan for Immigration Legislation: Establish a fairer immigration system
  23. Draft Online Safety Bill: Ensuring internet safety for all, especially for children
  24. Armed Forces Bill: Honour and strengthen the Armed Forces Covenant
  25. National Insurance Contributions Bill: Provide National Insurance contribution relief for employers of veterans
  26. Counter-State Threats Bill, Telecommunications (Security) Bill: Counter hostile activity by foreign states

In addition to these bills, there were a few other vague commitments laid out by the government, including:

  • Proposals on social care reform will be brought forward
  • Address lost learning during the pandemic
  • Address racial and ethnic disparities and ban conversion therapy

No time to waste…

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Commons Standards Watchdog Confirms Boris Under Investigation Over Mustique Trip

Parliament’s Standards Commissioner has finally released a long-awaited list of MPs currently under investigation by her. In 2018 MPs changed rules so that those under investigation would no longer be publicised, however Parliament recently reversed this change. A total of 9 MPs are under investigation, Boris Johnson the most prominent among them. His 2020 holiday to Mustique is the subject of a potential breach due to failure to accurately register the £15,000 “benefit in kind”. Maybe Mustique was a mistake…

Other MPs under investigation include:

  • Owen Paterson
  • Adam Holloway
  • Bob Stewart
  • Natalie Elphicke
  • Sir Roger Gale
  • Theresa Villiers

All of whom stand accused of “actions causing significant damage to the reputation of the House as a whole, or of its Members generally.” 

Loony left MP Claudia Webbe is also under investigation over employment and earnings, which while not detailed Guido presumes is related to her continued failure to register her councillor allowances payments on time. Finally, Jonathan Gullis is being investigated for using taxpayer funded stationery for non-public purposes. Probably for campaigning.

Readers may recognise some significant omissions on the list, not least the infamous Rob Roberts who is subject to a formal investigation over his behaviour towards a member of staff. Unfortunately for the press while the minor indiscretions mentioned above have been made public, those under investigation by the Independent Complaints and Grievances System remain private. Guido looks forward to continuing to reveal indiscretions MPs would rather hope are kept secret…

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WATCH: Boris Dodges Flat Renovation Question

Boris ended his PMQs spar with Sir Keir visibly furious after four questions about who paid for the No. 10 flat renovation. The PM copied the CCHQ strategy of relying on the specifically-worded phrase “I paid for [the] Downing Street refurbishment personally”. Asked whether Lord Brownlow paid the initial refurbishment invoice, Johnson dodged the question, saying “I think I’ve answered this question several times, the answer is I have covered the cost.”

The session finished with an incredible rant from the PM, which resulted in Lindsay Hoyle having to ask him to Calm it down a little.”

Whilst he may have successfully avoided generating headline quotes, though it was clearly a far from comfortable session for Boris…

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PMQs: Who’s Asking the Questions?
  1. Andrea Jenkyns (Con)
  2. Keir Starmer (Lab)
  3. Joy Morrissey (Con)
  4. Ian Blackford (SNP)
  5. Gary Sambrook (Con)
  6. Liz Saville Roberts (PC)
  7. Duncan Baker (Con)
  8. Hywel Williams (PC)
  9. Laura Farris (Con)
  10. Sarah Olney (LD)
  11. Stephen Crabb (Con)
  12. Janet Daby (Lab)
  13. Nick Fletcher (Con)
  14. Christian Matheson (Lab)
  15. Dr Luke Evans (Con)
  16. Lilian Greenwood (Lab)
  17. Ben Bradley (Con)
  18. Rachel Hopkins (Lab)
  19. Siobhan Baillie (Con)
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WATCH: Energetic Gove Firefights Sleaze Claims

A typically buoyant Michael Gove is up at the despatch box fighting off claims of sleaze and cronyism being pushed by Labour and the SNP. Responded to Alison Thewlis he pointed out:

  • Only 0.5% of PPE wasn’t up to scratch
  • All Greensill lobbying by Cameron was rejected
  • The Dyson texts were about securing ventilators for the frontline
  • Argued that what matters is the PM did impose a 2nd and 3rd lockdown.

It may not set the political world alight as per his famous Theresa May vote of confidence speech, though it was a more assured performance than has been given by any other minister in recent days…

While Gove’s performance was good, Guido couldn’t help being distracted by the Cabinet Office secretary’s healthy post-Israel glow.

Did he find time for a beach trip with JVT?

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