Francois Calls for Big Ben to Bong

Over to the House authorities…

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MPs Will Be Sloping Off to Davos After All

It’s not just Sajid Javid who will be breaking Number 10’s ‘no sloping off to Davos’ rule this year. Multiple MPs will be jetting off to those glistening Swiss slopes for the annual ‘Parliamentary Ski Week’, three weeks after the World Economic Forum summit in the same alpine town. With great powder, comes great responsibility…

Tory MP Henry Smith has advertised the trip by email to Parliamentary skiers, who, if they attend the February jaunt, will receive free of charge:

  • Seven days Ski passess for themselves and their partners
  • Ski instructors
  • Welcome drinks
  • Get together with the Mayor of Davos
  • a ‘Thursday surprise Dinner’
  • a Friday ‘get together’
  • Prize giving at the end of the trip

In addition, Ski passes for kids will be 50% off. The subsidised and free goodies amount to thousands of pounds for each MP. Will taxpayers après-ciate forking out for their holiday?…

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Seumas Quoting Trump

Guido just had a chance to interrogate Seumas as to how long he was posing a security risk without his pass yesterday. Seumas merely responded “here is my pass, I am wearing my pass” and held it up to the huddle of hacks gathered round him after PMQs. Guido pressed and asked how many hours was he without it yesterday and only responded “no comment”. The exchange ended by Seumas saying “in the words of President Trump, all is well.” Guido thought he detected a slight odor…

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MPs Stage Fight Against Parliamentary Staff’s Library Takeover

Sir Edward Leigh is leading a charge of MPs against parliamentary authorities over the seizure of Library rooms C and D for parliamentary office space. Guido noted disquiet from MPs over the move last year which is coming as the Norman Shaw North office building effectively shuts down for renovation in six months’ time.

In a letter to Speaker Lindsay Hoyle, Sir Edward has appealed to protect the ‘rich cultural heritage’ of the Library rooms and keep them for MPs. Expect more fuss in the run up to the change…

Read the letter in full below:

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Tory MPs Refuse to Stop Cheering Thatcher

The SNP MP didn’t fail to walk into his open goal twice in quick succession…

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38 Degrees to End Mass-MP Emails

An overwhelming sigh of relief is being heard in Westminster today from MPs and their staffers alike, as campaign website 38 Degrees has informed offices they are ending their identikit mass email-campaigns from constituents. One senior aide hopes the move “blanket reduces the amount of people who can be bothered to send”…

Currently, people just have to enter their name, email and postcode, and often without knowing it, a campaign email is sent to their MPs. They receive hundreds of them a week and clog up their intrays…

38 Degrees have finally acknowledged the frustrations and will no longer encourage constituents to “send generic template emails to their MPs. Instead, people who take action with 38 Degrees will tell you, in their own words, why they care about the issues that affect them, and what they’d like you as their MP to do about it.” Will help MPs get to the pub even earlier from now on…

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