Parliament Pushing Ahead with Red Lion Nationalisation

Parliament’s workers today would have been hard-pressed not to notice a big new model that’s been set up in PCH showing off the latest post-election proposals for the Restoration and Renewal scheme. See the full new estate below…

Whilst there’s lots of interesting things to see, including Parliament’s new public entrance and House of Commons, the most important news is what’s happening with Westminster’s pubs.

St Stephen’s Tavern may have been saved, alas the Red Lion is still destined for effective closure.

Speaking to a Commons official, Guido was informed Parliament has very recently come into agreement with the proprietor of the politicos’ haunt, and they are set to take it over once the restoration and renewal plans get going. Whilst the official was being very diplomatically sheepish about telling Guido whether the pub would stay as a drinking venue for pass-holders, he did note any change away from a public house would have to go through Westminster council – the next fight starts here…

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What’s Corbyn Saying Here?

A lot of mutterings about what Corbyn said to Rebecca Long-Bailey in response Andrea Leadsom’s statement – he does have a track record of disparaging language towards female Tory MPs after all. We’ll leave it up to Guido readers to decide…

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House of Commons Rugby Team ‘Sexism’

A scrum of woke Parliamentary rugby players are miffed off today as a result of an email from the Chairman of the Commons and Lords Rugby Team, Mark Pawsey (who is also, coincidentally, the MP for the Rugby constituency). He has invited male MPs, Lords and staffers to sign up for a full tournament of rugby, his email quite reasonably invited female MPs to a less brutal game of touch rugby. “Nice bit of sexism” one rugby-loving staffer rather unfairly commented…

Writing to MPs with the subject line “Do you or anyone in your office play rugby?”, Pawsey explained the team plays “for fun under a modified version of the game called ‘Golden Oldies’ which enables those whose careers are nearly over to continue playing…”. The invitation seemed open to all, however the captain went on to say

“In previous sessions we have also accommodated lady players by having a short game of Touch Rugby before the match. So, ladies are also welcome to join!”

It would obviously be a dangerously uneven contact sport with mixed teams, this seems a perfectly reasonable compromise. What a ruck up!

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Bercow Rips Off Taxpayer with £12,000 Leaving Parties and £1,000 Taxi

We hoped we’d seen the last of Bercow-induced rage stories but just when you thought he was finally out of the public consciousness it has now been revealed he expensed a £1,000 taxi to Nottingham and his various leaving parties to the tune of £12,000 in his last few months. This is expenses scandal level…

The taxi journey, revealed thanks to a Daily Mail FoI, took Bercow from parliament to Nottingham Trent University, for a speech about how Parliament should respond to the ‘anti-politics age’. A good start would be not fleecing the taxpayer for your ego-induced jollies…

He also spent thousands on farewell tours, including:

  • £7,000 visit to the US (where he gave a speech encouraging MPs to block No Deal)
  • £3,696 retirement party for the Principle Clerk of the House
  • £3,187 retirement party for the Clerk of the House
  • £3,168 retirement party for the Speaker’s Chaplain
  • £2,376 retirement party for Commons ‘Invitations Secretary’
  • £1,400 dinner with presiding officers from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • £234 drinks bill for MPs
  • £118 Sky subscription
  • £74 Heathrow Express to Edinburgh festival

By contrast, when moving into speaker’s house last week, Sir Lindsay came down by train in standard class..

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Committee Chairmanship Battle Lines Drawn

A new Parliamentary term means new Select Committee Chair elections, and the races are already hotting up. Two of the more interesting battles are shaping up to be the Health and Social Care Committee, vacated by Sarah Wollaston, and the Transport Committee, which switches from Labour to Tory due to the size of the Government’s stonking majority. The formerly Lib Dem Science and Technology Committee is turning Blue too…

On the Health Committee, Guido hears that Jeremy Hunt is angling for the top job, but is facing a strong challenge from Dr Dan Poulter who has been sounding out colleagues about standing for the role.

Guido understands that former Transport Minister Robert Goodwill will be standing for the newly Tory role of Transport Committee Chairman, against Tory wet Huw Merriman.

Crispin Blunt is also staging a re-match against Tom Tugendhat who beat Blunt to take the role in 2017.

With every Government bill almost guaranteed to pass, Committee Chair races are set to become the biggest source of scrutiny…

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Withdrawal Agreement Passes Commons

It’s finally happened: a Brexit Bill has passed the Commons.

Ayes – 330

Noes – 231

Onwards to the Lords on Monday

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