Sajid Javid’s Resignation Speech in Full

Watch his properly Conservative, spending restraining, tax cutting resignation speech in full…

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PMQs: Who’s Asking The Questions?

Q1 Philip Dunne (Con)

Q2 Martin Docherty-Hughes (SNP)

Q3 Mhairi Black (SNP)

Q4 Kate Osborne (Lab)

Q5 Sir Oliver Heald (Con)

Q6 Sir Edward Davey (Lib Dem)

Q7 Laura Trott (Con)

Q8 Bill Esterson (Lab)

Q9 Saqib Bhatti (Con)

Q10 Siobhain McDonagh (Lab)

Q11 Ben Bradley (Con)

Q12 Gerald Jones (Lab)

Q13 Miriam Cates (Con)

Q14 David Linden (SNP)

Q15 Ian Mearns (Lab)

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Parliament’s £8000 Brexit Night Booze-Up

While the big-ticket parties on Brexit night were the most sought-after invitations – Downing Street, Jon Moynihan’s mansion in Chelsea, and Farage’s Private Member’s club – those not on the VIP invite lists had to make do with sticking to Parliament’s meagre seven bars.

Guido’s FOI now shows staffers, MPs, and Lords got through nearly £8000 worth of booze to celebrate our newly-won independence, with the Woolsack Sports and Social bar alone raking in £5000 before rowdy staffers were kicked out by Parliamentary security at 10 pm.

Spirits were clearly high and demand for spirits even higher, with 142 shots sold, along with 10 bottles of champagne and prosecco. Conversely, the group who ordered 21 shots of Courvoisier were clearly drowning their Remainer sorrows…

MPs’ usual haunt, Strangers, took in less than £100 on Brexit night. Readers might presume the lack of sales was from MPs favouring the more glamourous parties, though Guido understands CCHQ advised MPs to celebrate in their constituencies to avoid looking out-of-touch. One Tory rising star had planned on going to her local with live music, only for the pro-EU band to cancel when they found out her intentions…

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All of Kawczynski’s Parliamentary Staffers Jump Ship

Guido understands both of Daniel Kawczynski’s Westminster staffers have left his office this week to work for new MPs – jumping ship on the same day. Replacing reasonably long-serving staffers is not the easiest task in the world, replacing an entire office is tougher still. Not the best signal to those looking for a job…

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New Peerage List Largest in Years

Guido can reveal that the list of proposed new peers currently under review stands at a massive 39 – with 28 new Tory appointees and new Labour nominees in single figures. These numbers confirm the scrapping of the informal ‘two out, one in’ rule, and would see the size of the Upper House swell to 833. With the Commons set to remain at 650 in the upcoming boundary review, Boris is once again proving his reluctance to cut the cost of Government…

Based on current reports, we will soon see Peter Cruddas, Michael Spencer, Jon Moynihan, Charles Moore, Dan Hannan, James Wharton, Philip Hammond and Ken Clarke wrapped in ermine. It remains up to the Lords Appointments Commission whether Bercow will be returning in the next few weeks…

UPDATE: PM spokesman claims it is Boris’s intention to reduce the size of the House or Lords. Actions speak louder than words however…

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Boris Confirms HS2 Green Light; Reveals Reforms to Avoid Further Costs

In the House of Commons, Boris has formally what was revealed last night: HS2 has been given the go-ahead by Cabinet, despite the explosion in costs.

He also announces there will be a new, dedicated transport minister to oversee the project, and there will be changes to how the project is managed. Euston redevelopment and northern lines will be managed by other companies.

UPDATE: Watch as Corbyn tries out a rarely-used sprinkling of humour in regards to Boris’s previous infrastructure project attempts

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