Agar Was Coughing and Spluttering at the Despatch Box

Edward Agar went into self-isolation yesterday after dining with Nadine Dorries last Thursday. Here he is on Tuesday at the despatch box…

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Tony Hall Challenged Over BBC Wokeness

Appearing before the DCMS select committee was never going to be an easy ride for Tony Hall, especially after its newly-elected Chair, Julian Knight, has publically called for licence fee reform. Lord Hall was repeatedly challenged on diversity of thought at the Beeb. Unsurprisingly, Hall seems happy with the status quo…

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Fresh Faced Rishi’s Warning Against Excessive Borrowing & Spending

Rishi’s response in 2015 to then Chancellor George Osborne’s budget, was when he first caught our eye, here are some wise excerpts:

“… under this Government, Britain will live within its means. No more irresponsible borrowing. No more spiralling debt at the taxpayer’s expense. No more passing the debt to the next generation. I was delighted to hear the Chancellor’s plans for this nation finally to run a budget surplus. … For too long, Governments have got that back to front, spending first, ignoring how much is coming in, then letting borrowing endlessly make up the difference. … There appears to be a natural ceiling to what any Government can extract from the pockets of its hard-working taxpayers. That to me suggests a simple conclusion: in normal times, public spending should not exceed 37% of GDP. That is the best estimate of our income as a Government and therefore the best guide to what we can afford to spend. So the Government’s plans to get public spending to that level are not, as some Opposition Members have suggested, an ideological crusade or clever politics; rather, tackling excessive public spending is simply the sensible, logical and responsible course of action. That action, taken to make sure that we live within our means, is the same course of action that any business or household would take when presented with the facts. We all know what happens when those facts are ignored: more borrowing, more debt.”

Guido preferred his earlier work…

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Sajid Offers Opposition Speech

Rishi managed to claim his budget today stuck within the Government’s fiscal rules by conveniently excluding emergency Coronavirus spending from any of the costings. Cheeky.

Instead of Jeremy Corbyn pointing this out in his rambling, half hearted response, it took Sajid Javid to offer a stark reminder to the Government from their own back benches. In a speech where he championed a smaller state along with reforms like ending the factory tax, he emphasised the importance of sticking to fiscal rules.

“The fiscal rules that we set out in our manifesto are important. Sticking to those rules in normal times is what separates us from the parties opposite.”

Grassroots Tories and free marketeers on the back benches will not be comfortable with the new spending stance…

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Rishi’s Best Joke

Much better jokes and delivery from Sunak in today’s budget than Eeyore Hammond ever managed. Unfortunately for Rishi, it’s only the second-best John Mcdonnell Little Red Book joke during a budget

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PMQs: Who’s Asking the Questions?
  1. Gary Sambrook (Con)
  2. Neil Parish (Con)
  3. Alex Davies-Jones (Lab)
  4. Naz Shah (Lab)
  5. Hywel Williams (Plaid)
  6. Antony Higginbotham (Con)
  7. Dr Julian Lewis (Con)
  8. Pete Wishart (SNP)
  9. Rachel Hopkins (Lab)
  10. Allan Dorans (SNP)
  11. Bill Esterson (Lab)
  12. Nickie Aiken (Con)
  13. Neil Gray (SNP)
  14. Zarah Sultana (Lab)
  15. Mr Alistair Carmichael (Lib Dem)
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