BREAKING: Hoyle Not Calling Foreign Aid Amendment

Just announced by Speaker Lindsay Hoyle: he has not called the Tory rebels’ amendment after clerks advised him not to earlier this morning, citing it outside the scope of the bill. An incredible anti-climax given all the press build up…

Hoyle made a rare speech explaining the decision of the ruling, citing the level of media speculation. He has, however, called on the government to move a motion in future, allowing the House a decision on the 0.7% foreign aid commitment…

Andrew Mitchell was subsequently called to make a point of order, in which he said the government is treating the Commons with disrespect. He claims his personal figures put the government on course for a defeat of nine to twenty votes had it been called. There are now 30-or-so firm members of a new Tory awkward squad…

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Simple Rob Roberts Recall Option Being Explored

While Rob Roberts was out on the town last night, commiserating the first night of his six-week parliamentary suspension, Westminster was actively trying to search for a way to force a by-election. Guido hears the most straightforward route currently being explored involves the Standards Commissioner writing a new report to supplement the Independent Expert Panel’s, endorsing its findings and thereby being able to recommend a recall petition. Moves are also afoot by staffers to let Rees-Mogg know the widespread concerns should Roberts be able to remain an MP. Though certainly not guaranteed, there is still a chance of a by-election…

In other Rob Roberts news, twice this week The Times has alluded to a nickname for the scandal-ridden MP being used in the Tory whips’ office, which “Red Box would disclose but for reasons of taste”. Guido thought co-conspirators might be interested to learn the moniker: Arse Arsehole.

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BREAKING: MPs Suspend Rob Roberts for Six Weeks

Rob Roberts has been suspended from the Commons for six weeks after MPs voted to implement the recommendations of the Independent Expert Panel, which found him guilty of sexual misconduct earlier this week. The issue of Roberts not being subject to a recall remains, however MPs have pledged to work together to change this so-called loophole. Rees-Mogg twice told the house Roberts should do the honourable thing and resign…

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Hancock Rejects Cummings’s “Unsubstantiated Allegations” and Accusations of Lying

Matt Hancock is up in the Commons, fighting back against Cummings’s scathing attacks yesterday:

“I welcome the opportunity to come to the House to put formally on the record that these unsubstantiated allegations around honesty are not true, and that I’ve been straight with people in public and in private throughout. Every day, since I began working on the response to this pandemic last January, I’ve got up and asked what must I do to protect life. That is the job of a health secretary in a pandemic.”

Stay tuned for the press’s opportunity for questioning during Hancock’s press conference at 5 pm…

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Philip Davies & Lee Anderson Appointed to Women & Equalities Committee

Guido learns that parliament’s wokest committee – the Women and Equalities Committee – is to welcome two new, perhaps unexpected, members: Philip Davies and Lee Anderson. Philip Davies is making a, no doubt, welcome return after having served on it in 2016 – where he made headlines calling for the word “women” to be removed from the Committee’s name. Lee Anderson is a co-conspirator favourite: from saying nuisance tenants should be forced to live in tents; to recently ranting that he’s torn up his licence fee. Confirming the appointment, Lee told Guido:

“The great women of Ashfield have been the backbone of my community for hundreds of years with barely any recognition.

Yes the men have worked down the pits and gone off to war but its our women that have kept everything together.

The women in communities like Ashfield need a voice in Parliament and anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a firm believer in better rights for women. I am a modern man with a modern outlook who is keen to speak up for the women in my community.

They deserve to be on a level playing field with us men which is not always the case. I will still open doors for women and give up my seat on public transport as I am a gentleman first and a politician second, but you can be assured that I will be fighting on all fronts for the women of Ashfield.”

Both men will no doubt relish the appointments, which they richly deserve. Guido sends his warmest congratulations to the pair. Chapeau to the 1922 Committee on the wit and wisdom of their appointments.

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Rob Roberts Will Likely Evade Recall Petition

A loophole in the MP complaints system may see Rob Roberts avoid a by-election – despite his whopping 6-week suspension. Suspension judgments greater than 10 sitting days – handed down from the Standards Commissioner – entitle an MP’s constituents to initiate a recall petition; if it hits a 10% threshold, a by-election would have to be held. Yet because the ruling came from the newly-established Independent Expert Panel, Rob Roberts’ suspension will not entitle his constituents to this right. The IEP was only established in 2020 – this is the first ruling against an MP by it, thereby explaining why the loophole’s only just been noticed.

Various senior ministers have indicated moves are afoot to close this loophole, though it may not come in time to see Roberts sacked by his voters. There are also concerns that retrospective changes to target one individual may not go down well. Retrospective legislation is rightly seen as bad law. The government has said Jacob Rees-Mogg will “invite relevant bodies to consider whether any changes could be made in future to the process to enable recall to be triggered.” The phrasing “in future” make Mogg’s orthodox view clear.

This morning Grant Shapps said he agreed “this loophole does need to be closed”, and at PMQs Boris said he would “take that point very seriously” when asked by a Welsh Labour MP whether the government would introduce emergency measures to close the loophole. It sounds like MPs are to vote on Roberts’ suspension tomorrow morning.

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