Extinction Rebellion Encampments Declared Illegal By Police

The Metropolitan Police last night declared that all Extinction Rebellion protests must cease as they brought in new restrictions under Section 14 of the Public Order Act. The order came in as the number of protesters arrested for obstructing highways and other crimes neared 1,500. The last main central London site in Trafalgar Square was comprehensively cleared last night, leaving quite a mess…

Extinction Rebellion in response released a statement saying it would “let Trafalgar Square go” but added that the “International Rebellion continues”.

This hasn’t stopped some activists continuing their vandalism this morning, with a small group attempting to break in to the Department for Transport, one hitting at the glass front of the building repeatedly with a hammer. The group still maintain a large encampment south of the river on Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, now surrounded by police. Only a matter of time now…

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Eco-Terrorist Attacking Department for Transport

Police are observing an eco-terrorist smashing the window above the entrance to the Department for Transport. Seems like this would be a good moment to engage the eco-terrorist with a taser. Rather than standing around watching him cost taxpayers thousands of pounds of damage. Weak.

UPDATE: A police negotiator is/was trying to negotiate him/her, to come down. The irony of them trying (and failing) to stop Department for Transport civil servants entering the Ministry is that they’re launching a plan to decarbonise transport today.

UPDATE II: We have identified the woman trying to smash the window as Dr. Gail Bradbrook – a co-founder of Extinction Rebellion who in 2016 took an 11,000-mile flight to Costa Rica for her luxury holiday. Now she’s campaigning to end airport expansion…

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Fracking XR

A reader writes from Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens:

“I live overlooking the XR camp. They are using Calor gas and ironically our block is so energy efficient we never have the heating on but it is powered by renewables. I am spitting feathers with rage but police actually admitted they don’t know what’s going on…”

That wouldn’t be fracked gas being used to warm up their lentil soup… would it?

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Extinction Rebellion Confronted By Actual Scientist

Newsnight had the excellent idea of pitting a nutty Extinction Rebellion protester (and former Green Party councillor) up against an actual scientist and author of the IPCC report on Climate Change last night, and although the IPCC;s Myles Allen tried to be polite to XR’s Sarah Lunnon, he calmly shot down her increasingly erratic predictions of “six and a half billion people dying” and calls to overthrow capitalism to reach net zero emissions in a little over five years. Newsnight’s Emma Barnett did a good job exposing their hysteria for what it is, following in the footsteps of Andrew Neil

The BBC would do well to stop giving loons at Extinction Rebellion airtime, especially when their increasingly baffling and anti-scientific claims are bemusing even IPCC scientists. XR would do well to heed their own banners and leaflets, which say “listen to the scientists” and “tell the truth”…

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Protestors Storm Wrong Office

Animal Rebellion just tweeted that “Animal Rebellion have just stormed Cargill’s Head Office in London, named the worst company in the world for environmental destruction”. The office in the video it that of Carval, a subsidary which was sold by Cargill in a management buy-out last month. Incidentally, the agri-financial behemoth’s brokerage arm was the editor’s first employer in the City…

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Department for Transport Graffitied by Climate Extremists

Extinction Rebellion have today turned their attention to attacking air travel as part of their ongoing campaign for a mythical luddite utopia. Throughout the day, protests have been taking place at London City Airport, during which a Paralympian managed to get on top of a plane and another began protesting his own flight just before takeoff. The police soon made sure he was Heathrown off the plane…

The campaign is, of course, plane stupid as Andrew Neil pointed out while taking an Extinction Rebellion spokesperson to task last night; as completely ending literally all air travel would only reduce global temperatures by 0.03°C.

Away from the airport, one climate communist took a spray can to the Department for Transport, graffiting the building with the bright pink words, “Fly today, die tomorrow” next to a picture of a human skull. The elderly culprit was soon ushered away in a police van.

Guido doesn’t think Extinction Rebellion’s latest campaign will take off any time soon…

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