Labour’s 2 Billion Trees Plan Leaves No Room for Homes

Labour has announced a plan to plant 2 billion trees over the next 20 years. The BBC describes this as “ambitious”. Guido has been doing some sums.

  • This would mean more than 270,000 trees being planted every day for 20 years.
  • Assuming a 7-hour working day that is over 600 trees a minute.
  • That would require 20,000 people planting trees.
  • If each tree requires a planting density of say 10 square metres per tree, that is 10,000 trees per square kilometre, so 27 square kilometres-a-day, that is foresting an area the size of Exeter every day for 20 years.
  • After 20 years some 9.5% of the UK land surface would have to been forested.

The surface area of Britain is 209,331,000,00m², given 13% of Britain is already forest, that means Labour’s tree planting would result in nearly 23% of Britain being forest. Roughly 70% of Britain is currently agricultural land and the remaining 7% of the country is urbanised for human habitation. Looks like Labour’s 150,000 homes a year pledge will actually have to be treehouses…

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Swinson Forgets Her Net Zero Manifesto

The LibDem manifesto committed to Net Zero emissions by 2045:  “To achieve our net-zero climate target by 2045, we aim to reduce emissions from surface transport to near zero; at the same time the transition to electric vehicles and from private to public transport will drastically cut air pollution” It’s taken Swinson just seven days to forget that commitment, today she tweeted that by staying in the EU, “we can tackle the climate emergency together and set a binding net zero target of 2050”. That’s if she manages to keep her seat:

According to this MRP prediction it is neck and neck. Now she’s watered down her Net Zero promise maybe Greens should vote tactically for the SNP?

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Green Party Candidate Runs Helicopter Skiing Courses for Rich Holiday-Makers

The Green Party’s candidate for Camborne & Redruth, Karen La Borde, is a lifelong campaigner for climate action, and is desperate for humanity to cut down on carbon emissions – with one exception: she’s allowed to keep running her luxury posh skiing company, The Winter Sports Company, that offers ‘heli-skiing’ – skiing using highly un-environmental helicopters.

With the Green Party’s nannying eco-policies, La Borde takes helicopter parenting to a new level…

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McDonnell’s Oil Tax U-Turn

Just last week McDonnell denied that Labour was planning a windfall tax on oil companies. He answered a question from the telegraph, channeling Thatcher “No, no”…

“Earlier this week and over the weekend there were reports that Labour was planning a windfall tax on oil companies. Is this true and if so, please could you set out how your proposals would work?”

“On the windfall tax on oil companies. No. No.”

Today both the BBC and FT are reporting that Labour are pressing ahead with the tax, despite McDonnell’s earlier denial. Impressive to U-Turn before the manifesto has even launched… no doubt the BBC / Channel 4 factcheckers will be all over this…

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Extinction Rebellion Start Hunger Strike Outside Labour HQ

The Climate Communists, Extinction Rebellion, have launched their most audacious tantrum yet: beginning a 25-day hunger strike outside the Labour Party’s Southside Headquarters.

In a plan so cunning Guido suspects the hand of Baldrick in it, the activists are demanding that Labour commits to the objectively impossible agenda of completely decarbonising the UK in just five years and one month, or else they will quietly starve themselves. Guido isn’t sure that XR threatening to shut up and go away is the wisest strategy for the group…

The protest comes as Labour mysteriously deleted an Instagram post promising to go carbon neutral by 2030, five years later than Extinction Rebellion and Greta demand, but 20 years earlier than the IPCC recommendation, and a move that would require extreme moves such as outlawing non-electric cars, cancelling most flights, and scrapping all gas boilers.

A small group of protesters are also outside Tory HQ. The Tories have committed to accept the IPCC recommendation of decarbonising by 2050 – a move that will still cost more than one trillion pounds. If their Hunger Strike really does go on until the election, the only thing that will become extinct is their campaign…

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Extinction Rebellion Win Court Challenge Against Met’s London-Wide Protest Ban

Some of the police’s arrests may now be deemed unlawful. Big win for the climate communists. Developing…

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