African Power: Fossils Fuelling Growth

A new study into Africa’s energy generation landscape shows the share of non-hydro renewables in African electricity generation is likely to remain below 10% by 2030. According to Nature Energy, researchers from the University of Oxford predict that whilst total electricity generation across Africa will double by 2030, fossil fuels will continue to be the main energy source:

Galina Alova, of the Oxford Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, says:

“There is a prominent narrative in the energy planning community that the continent will be able to take advantage of its vast renewable energy resources and rapidly decreasing clean technology prices to leapfrog to renewables by 2030 – but our analysis shows that overall it is not currently positioned to do so.”

The study predicts that in 2030, fossil fuels will account for some two-thirds of all generated electricity across Africa. While an additional 18% of generation is set to come from hydro-energy projects. The problem is that eco-colonialists are pressurising Western banks and aid donors to refuse to fund the energy needs of Africa’s growing population. The path to prosperity that China has blazed on the back of economic growth requires reliable energy. Greens will sacrifice the prosperity of Africans on the altar of their ideals. Eco-imperialism is the twenty-first century’s neo-colonialism.

Find out more: Energy Justice

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Boris’s Tries Wooing Biden With Celebrity Influencers & Social Media Stars

If the Sunday Times story about last Friday’s mini-reshuffle is to be believed, Alok Sharma’s demotion from BEIS Secretary to full-time president of the COP26 summit is part of a No. 10 rebrand attempt of Brexit Britain in the eyes of Biden’s incoming liberal administration:

Boris Johnson put a cabinet minister in charge of the COP26 climate change summit last week following a warning from Joe Biden’s team that there was no “heavy hitter” running the show.

In the first sign of the US president-elect flexing his muscles with the UK, Biden’s climate change pointman John Kerry complained before Christmas that if Britain wanted to be taken seriously it would need to get a grip on preparations for the summit, which Britain is hosting in Glasgow in November.

The rebrand isn’t just about changing Britain’s reputation with the president-elect, however. The Cabinet Office is currently advertising for a “Relationship Manager – Influencers and Civil Society”, whose full-time job will be that of selling Britain’s “climate action” efforts via COP26 to “high profile influencers around the globe”, with an emphasis on social media; presumably to turn the tide of a generation who think because Boris is a Tory PM he doesn’t have environmental credentials. It can’t be long before Boris is lipsyncing to Dua Lipa with Greta on TikTok…

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Left-Wing Press Spread Un-bee-lievable Brexit Lies

This weekend the Guardian and Independent both published a whopper of a story sure to set social media and MP’s casework inboxes alight; with claims Boris was to use Brexit to authorise the use of a “bee-killing pesticide banned in the EU” – neonicotinoid thiamethoxam – to treat sugar beet seed this year in an effort to protect the crop from a virus. Greta immediately leapt on the story:

There was just one problem with the screeching Remainer environmental outrage: the pesticide is not banned in the EU and the UK was always entitled to use it pre-Brexit – with 10 EU countries also having issued emergency authorisations for the pesticide since 2018 including Belgium, Denmark and Spain. DEFRA makes it very clear: “The UK’s approach to the use of emergency authorisations has not changed as a result of the UK’s exit from the EU.”

British sugar beet yield in 2020 is expected to be down by 20-25% on previous years due to predation by aphids which have been spreading beet yellow virus:

“The temporary use of this product is strictly limited to a non-flowering crop and will be tightly controlled to minimise any potential risk to pollinators.”

Don’t expect blind, unverifiable Remainer anger to die down just because Brexit’s finally done and dusted…

UPDATE: Reported today in French press France approves three-year use of controversial pesticide

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Year Ago Today: Jolyon’s Kimono Clad Fox Killing

The Brexit War is over and Jolyon Maugham has been totally defeated. His crowdfundng lawfare was relentless and, ironically, without him we would almost certainly have had a soggy soft Brexit. Brexiteers, in the end, owed much of their parliamentary success to his ill thought out tactics.

This morning is the anniversary of the death of another victim of Jolyon’s ill thought out tactics – the unknown fox. Lest we forget…

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Professor Frank Furedi, Annual GWPF Lecture 2020
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Supreme Court Approves Heathrow Third Runway

The Supreme Court rules that Heathrow’s third runway is not unlawful, overturning the Court of Appeal’s ruling it was assessing. The Court of Appeal ruling had previously declared a third runway unlawful under climate change legislation. While the UK has been arguing over one, China has built dozens…

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