“Last Snow” Forecast from the Past

Twenty years ago the environmental correspondent of the Indy was telling us that, as a result of global warming, snow was sadly going to be a thing of the past. As we enjoy snow and record cold temperatures The Sun reports that the Thames has frozen over. The global warming theorists will alter their predictions, alter their models and fine tune their non-falsifiable theory. The new twist? Everything proves their theory; too much rain, not enough rain, snow, no snow, too much sunshine, no sunshine….

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Chuka Joins JP Morgan to Advise on Green Investments

Former Labour, former The Independent Group, former Change UK – The Independent Group, former LibDem MP Chuka Umunna has added another job to his already lengthy CV, joining JP Morgan’s European environmental, social and governance (ESG) advisory efforts – the hot sector in finance currently. A brave choice given the last strategic advice Umunna gave on Europe resulted in him and all multiple colleagues losing their seats…

An internal memo sent to Guido reveals Chuka is leaving global comms firm Edelman, which he only joined last July, along with his old flame Luciana Berger, to “work closely with the firm’s regional and global ESG stakeholders… to help our clients successfully navigate the evolving ESG landscape.” In particular, he’ll work on the new sustainability-focused financing wing of the investment bank. There’s no word on whether Chuka is retaining any of his other three roles at Forbes, Digital Identity Net U.K. and a strategic corporate advisor to companies.

Read the internal announcement in full below:

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Ed Miliband’s Coal Mining Flip-Flop

This morning, Shadow BEIS Secretary Ed Miliband used his Andrew Marr appearance to rail against the new coal mine opening in Cumbria, saying it shouldn’t open as it undermines the UK’s ability to take a lead against climate change. Miliband’s tried a lot of rebranding over the last few years, however his coal outrage takes the biscuit, having lobbied on the industry’s behalf in parliament for over a decade:

  • October 2005: “Those who have traditionally thought that coal cannot be an answer to our energy needs should approach this question with an open mind. My constituents want coal to be given a chance in the forthcoming examination of energy policy”
  • July 2015, Miliband criticised the Government for not providing taxpayer subsidy to coal: “I find it frustrating when new nuclear is given a multi-billion-pound bill payer subsidy, but a few million more for a coal mine is seen as an option that either cannot be afforded or should not be entertained”
  • July 2015, Miliband criticised the Government for introducing the climate change levy after it led to the closure of a coal mine in his constituency: “The levying of the tax at point of sale rather than when the coal is burned means that the energy companies have an incentive to stockpile coal, and they did so in advance of April to avoid the higher levy. Companies had huge stockpiles of coal and orders at Hatfield dried up”
  • July 2015, Miliband claimed it was not “morally right” to push on with the early closure of coal mines: “The miners feel they have had the rug pulled from under them. I do not believe the decision makes economic or industrial sense, and nor is it morally right. I believe the Minister should think again”

Miliband now being considered one of Labour’s best media performers should be seen as the canary in the coal mine for the party’s election prospects…

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France Found Guilty of Breaking Paris Climate Agreement Commitments

Yesterday a Paris court found the French state guilty of breaking its commitments to reducing emissions in-line with the international climate change agreement signed in that very city. A complaint submitted by a group of NGOs – including Oxfam and Greenpeace – accused France of failing to act to halt climate change, the court finding the state guilty of “non-respect of its engagements” aimed at combating global warming. The government has had to pay compensation to the NGOs for “moral prejudice”… of €1 each.

The Paris Climate Agreement signed five years ago commits signatories to limit global warming to less than 2℃; France, however, has missed its 2015 national targets and delayed most of its efforts until after 2020. Macron had slammed Trump for withdrawing from the agreement. Now Biden has signed America back up to a foreign agreement which not even France is following…

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Think-Tank Lobbies for £143 Billion in Subsidies for Corporate Funders

IPPR North, the Northern office of the left-wing IPPR think-tank – is arguing that decarbonising the North’s housing stock could directly generate 77,000 jobs and £38.5 billion in gross value added (GVA) by 2035, this would be achieved after a taxpayer subsidy of £143 billion. £143 billion. This is not a typo.

The IPPR argues that social housing providers are key players in delivering decarbonisation at scale and developing the private-sector supply chain. They argue that taxpayers should fund a 10-year programme of subsidy into social housing and retrofitting new boiler systems. They claim it will generate 77,000 jobs, which works out at a mere £1,857,142 for each job – a bargain. This is the green economics madhouse.

£143 billion is almost an entire year’s income tax revenue, it is three times the defence budget, it is, in other words a stupendous figure. It represents a tsunami of taxpayers’ money going where? To the sponsors of IPPR’s report of course.

The publication was sponsored by the Northern Housing Consortium with the logos of not-for-profit housing associations prominently displayed. There was no mention of the dozens of property developers, property service companies, plumbers, builders, roofers, construction firms and boiler fitters who will stand to profit from the green gold rush.

Guido has nothing against the green upgrading of homes, he just thinks the taxpayer should not be on the hook for it. Are all those corporations who have concreted over so much of the North in it just to save the planet? Of course not, they’re in it to make billions in profits snatched off taxpayers…

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Treasury Compelled to Release ‘Net Zero’ Cost Calculations

Last year Guido reported the news that the Government was refusing to publish the “over 220,000 specified data points… organised over 100 Excel workbooks” it had produced on calculating the cost of a net zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 policy. The work, completed in 2019 prompted then Chancellor Philip Hammond to write a letter to Theresa May citing the greater than £1 trillion cost of Net Zero. Despite Hammond explaining it would leave certain industries “economically uncompetitive”, the policy was rushed through with next to no debate in the dying days of the May administration…

Yet now the Information Commissioner’s Office has finally ruled that the Treasury needs to release the underlying cost calculations. It was ruled that the public interest was not given sufficient weight in the Treasury’s original decision to withhold. In a lengthy contemplation of the case, the Information Commissioner’s decision notice, seen by Guido, finally concludes that the public interest favours disclosure” of the cost calculation. The Treasury has 28 days to appeal or put up…

Andrew Montford, Global Warming Policy Forum, which won the decision says:

“This is a major embarrassment for the Treasury. It appears that it cobbled together a few numbers on the back of an envelope, and simply emailed them off to the Prime Minister without a blush. After Parliament’s decision to adopt the Net Zero target without any meaningful scrutiny, and without consideration of the economic and engineering implications, it is becoming clear that the whole project is misgovernance on a historic scale.”

A trillion-pounds is completely off the scale…

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