Eco-Terrorists Target ‘At Risk’ Supporters in Coronavirus Fundraiser

Guido readers may remember the name Jay Tiernan, the violently anti-Tory eco-loon behind ‘Stop the Cull’, who last summer were responsible for protests that saw 3,000 chicks die after cutting the birds’ fencing and gas pipes, resulting in hundreds of week-old birds dead or gasping for food or water.

Now Jay’s Stop the Cull is trying to work out how to continue their eco-terrorism amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, with one recent post clarifying they “encourage social distancing AND sett surveying for as long as advice is that going out into the countryside is ok. We would advice people to follow any and all bio security advice given out by the government.” Guido’s pretty sure the Government has not classified Stop the Cull as ‘key workers’…

Tiernan goes on to beg:

On a very morbid but important note, if like some of our older members and those with high blood pressure or diabetes who are in the high risk group and you are in the process of writing your will, please consider the Hunt Saboteurs Association. They have no waged staff and the money they get coming in they hand out to local groups in the form of grants to help them stay on the road.

The future of humanity will hopefully become more compassionate towards animals and each other, but no doubt they’ll always be some people who have a sadistic streak or are prepared to make money from animals, those people shouldn’t be thinking we are going away.

The Countryside Alliance have hit out, telling Guido “It’s appalling that at a time when we need to pull together and support the most vulnerable in society, animal rights extremists see a national crisis as an opportunity to raise money to fund their vicious campaigns. It’s completely unacceptable”

Guido prays that before any elderly badger lover hands money over to Jay, they know of his history of financial fraud, having received an eight-month sentence for defrauding thousands from the Department for Education – a lot of which he confesses was not spent on his activism, but on “rent and living.” Can his supporters be sure how he’ll spend their generous donations?

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Extinction Rebellion in Favour of Extinction

Fresh from their environmental protests digging up green spaces, an Extinction Rebellion cell in the East Midlands has printed new controversially pro-Coronavirus stickers. The literature, which calls human life a ‘disease’ and Coronavirus ‘the cure’, was distributed in the West Midlands yesterday.

Extinction Rebellion ‘coordinators’ have this morning distanced themselves with this group, which is followed by scores of other Extinction Rebellion groups across the country. The trouble with having a terrorist-like cell structure is that when one group makes a PR faux par it’s hard to disavow them…

This is what Extinction Rebellion’s leaders believe, the East Midlands group is just following the logic of their messaging, which often pushes the discredited idea that there are somehow ‘too many people’ to sustain.  A perfect world for Extinction Rebellion types would be one with no travel, no industry, no jobs, and no humans at all…

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Extinction Rebellion Rebrand to ‘Fight Coronavirus’

This morning photographers arrived at No. 10 to capture footage of a new group, ‘Pause the System‘, turning up in hazmat outfits to demand the Government do more to fight Coronavirus. The group’s demands include ‘pausing the system’ to respond to the ‘health emergency’, as well as demanding the Government “provide universal basic income and full statutory sick pay for all people, pause all mortgages and rents”. Isn’t it a coincidence that every time there’s a ‘crisis’ the only solution is Marxism?

The group’s third demand – “prevent future pandemics” gives the game away:

“Both the climate emergency and the factory farming and trade of animals bring strong threats of future pandemics. The government must act to reduce emissions to net zero, halt biodiversity loss, as well as ban factory farming and the trade of animals.”

There is little information about who is behind the shady group given, however the two press officer names – Steph Zupan and Dan Kidby – are, not to Guido’s surprise, Extinction Rebellion organisers and spokespeople.

Steph organised Animal Rebellion’s ‘Veggie Swarm Action’ last October, calling on the need “to engage in strategic direct action”. She also wrote that “scientists have warned us for decades now about our fate if we don’t make serious changes”She doesn’t seem so keen on scientific advice these days…

Dan Kidby is also a spokesman for Animal Rebellion, who wroteAnimal Rebellion is a movement of people from all walks of life who have come together because the evidence is clear: a transition to a plant-based food system is critical to avert climate breakdown and mass extinction” helping to organise last year’s shut down of Smithfield Market. The climate communists will hijack any cause to push their absurd agenda…

Video Hat-tip: @rachaelvenables
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‘Dirtiest’ News Websites Revealed

Despite sustained focus on industries like aviation by environmental campaigners, digital technology – including the internet – is responsible for just as much in global carbon emissions – around 2-3%. To get websites sorting out their environmental efficiency, has been set up, allowing you to see the amount of carbon emissions generated by each website. Guido thought he’d check out the competition…

  • The Star: emits more than 61% of websites
  • Guardian: emits more than 63%
  • Telegraph emits more than 70%
  • The Times: emits more than 81%
  • The Star: emits more than than 82%
  • Guido: emits more than 84%
  • The Sun: emits more than 84%
  • The Independent: emits more than 87%
  • Metro: emits more than 88%
  • Buzzfeed: emits more than 98%

While publications like the Guardian, Independent and Buzzfeed preach to about the ‘climate crisis’, each visit to their polluting websites generates 1.67g, 2.99g and 9.38g of CO2 respectively. We calculate that The Guardian creates 500 tonnes of carbon emissions a month, that is 6,000 tonnes a year. Guido expects Extinction Rebellion to be heading to their offices imminently…

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SNP Hypocrisy Shifts into Top Gear

The SNP’s ability to be some of the most pious climate preachers in politics, whilst at the same time staking an independent Scotland’s economy entirely on oil extraction has always confused Guido.

It comes as no surprise, therefore, to discover the SNP’s Westminster leader is a massive petrol head; with Park’s Land Rover proudly posting Ian Blackford’s recent purchase of a gas-guzzling Range Rover Velar for his wife. A post that has mysteriously since disappeared…

His new ownership of the 270g of CO2-per-kilometer car was, embarrassingly, announced hours after Blackford spent significant time attacking the Tories’ climate change policies during yesterday’s budget debate. Guido thought he’d compare and contrast Blackford’s words and actions. And on that bombshell…

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Prince Harry Tells Russian Pranksters Trump has “Blood on his Hands” & Boris is a “Good Man”

Back in December Prince Harry thought he was spilling his heart out to Greta Thunberg. Unfortunately for the soon-departing royal, he was being led on by a couple of notorious Russian pranksters. Previously linked to the Kremlin…

During the phone call (co-conspirators can listen by pressing play above), Harry tells ‘Greta’ that Donald Trump has blood on his hands, due to his “pushing the coal industry“. The Sun also reports of another prank call with the prince (which the duo Vovan and Lexus do not appear to have uploaded) in which Prince Harry:

  • Describes Boris as “a good man”
  • Said Megxit is not the easy decision “but it was the right decision for our family, the right decision to be able to protect my son.”
  • Said the Prince Andrew scandal “is completely separate from me and my wife.”
  • Defended his private jet hypocrisy by saying “Unfortunately there is very few alternatives”

Don’t be surprised if woke Harry starts offering opinions like this more candidly after Megxit…

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