Green Party Council Destroys Wildlife Reserve for “Possible” Cycle Lane

Despite calling HS2 “an act of ecocide” on the grounds that building it would “bulldoze huge areas of natural woodland and cut wildlife habitats”, the Green-led Brighton and Hove City Council have nonetheless bulldozed a huge area of natural woodland and cut a wildlife habitat this week, by partially removing Europe’s longest and oldest green wall to make room for a “possible” cycle lane on the road. Built in the 1870s “to improve the seafront environment”, the wall was home to over 100 species of plant and a designated local wildlife site…

BuildingGreen, the firm responsible for maintaining the wall alongside the Council, said it was “shocked” at what happened, and that it was the result of a “miscommunication“. All this for a “possible” cycle lane. At least HS2 is actually being built…

UPDATE: Brighton & Hove City Council have issued a statement denying councillors had any knowledge of the deforestation:

We’d like to apologise to our residents for the way we went about cutting back the stretch of Green Wall at the bottom of Duke’s Mound in March.

It should not have been cut down in this way. We are very sorry about this, and an investigation is underway to find out how this happened.

As part of the Black Rock regeneration project a road safety audit was carried out. This found that the greenery limited visibility and may result in collisions between vehicles and pedestrians. The cutting back of the greenery was not raised with councillors. It was arranged by council staff as an operational requirement, stemming from the road safety audit.

Hat-tip: Jody Doherty-Cove

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Greens Lead German Election Polls With More Tax, Less Work Manifesto

The Greens polling ahead of Chancellor Merkel’s conservative CDU is a pivotal moment in German politics – one that could have geo-strategic repercussions. The German Green Party is polling 7 points ahead of the CDU/CSU and 15 points ahead of the SPD. The Christian and Social Democrats have, in various combinations, ruled Germany for generations. A Green-led government will be a shock to the industrial powerhouse of Europe.

Annalena Baerbock’s Greens will tear up the fiscal rule book which has kept Germany on a sound financial basis for generations; the party has pledged to spend €500 billion over the next decade on the “socioecological transformation” of the economy on top of the pandemic’s damage to the nation’s finances. The left-wing agenda includes:

  • Cranking up wealth taxes
  • A 50% increase in welfare payments
  • Doubling carbon taxes
  • Banning short-haul flights
  • Raising income taxes
  • A right to a 30 hour working week and a right to work from home
  • Rent caps

One thing they are surprisingly less extreme about is cutting carbon emissions: where Boris is promising to cut Britain’s emissions by an impossible 78%, the German Greens are only aiming for 70%…

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Shadow Digital Secretary Defends Starmer’s Campaign Flight to Edinburgh

Labour’s Shadow Digital Secretary Jo Stevens offered a loyal defence for Sir Keir today after Guido reported on his gas-guzzling flight to Edinburgh over the weekend. Speaking on Politics Live, Stevens said: 

“He flew to Edinburgh because he was doing a visit to Edinburgh airport…now, you know, we can all make personal choices […] we all have time limit on our time […] I’ve seen plenty of photographs and pictures of Keir on trains during the election campaign.”

We may all have limits on our time, though not all of us have called for a green new deal and then flown to Scotland for a photo op…

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Starmer Flies to Edinburgh Despite Supporting a Green New Deal

Despite advocating for “a green new deal hardwired into every level of government” during his leadership campaign, Keir Starmer nonetheless took to the skies over the weekend, flying from London to Edinburgh Airport (which is currently only open for ‘essential travel’) to film a campaign ad ahead of May’s local elections. A bit of a surprise, considering Starmer previously pushed for tax reforms to encourage alternatives to flying. Guido’s research also showed that, had Starmer taken a train, he would have apparently reduced his carbon footprint for the trip by 90%…

Naturally, Twitter was soon ablaze with criticism for Sir Keir, with Scottish Greens co-leader Patrick Greave writing:

Last week they were trying to pass themselves off as ‘Green Labour‘. This week, they don’t seem to know there’s a train from London to Edinburgh.” 

Of course, the Greens themselves don’t seem to know that if you want more trains, you have to support building the tracks for them… 

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Coldplay Dash COP26 Dreams

Coldplay has poured cold water on Dan Rosenfield’s dreams, telling The Sun, “Contrary to media reports, the band have not been approached to appear or perform at COP26.”Speculation that the band might be approached to appear or perform at the COP26 Glasgow summit remains just that, speculation.  This will be a blow to both of Coldplay’s fans…

While Boris is still trying to fight climate change, in his message to the planet that “I will try to Fix You”, The Scientist in No. 10 will now face Trouble in drumming up public support for Glasgow, and the global Paradise it aims to create.

Guido understands tackling light pollution also remains a priority, so children in inner cities can once again see A Sky Full of Stars. Chris Martin’s reassured the government, “it won’t be difficult to find someone In My Place”; and that Boris shouldn’t be offended – he just has a Yellow belly at the thought of performing in front of Greta…

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Webbe Not Only One Putting the Mental in Environmentalism

Loony leftie Claudia Webbe’s tweet that the “Earth is overpopulated; there are too many rich people. To solve the climate crisis; the rich must be abolished” has justifiably attracted a lot of mocking. She’s not the only one who thinks the pandemic is the perfect opportunity to bash the rich. To the usual roll-call of eco-extremists you can now add UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who is calling on national governments to impose wealth taxes to combat inequality exacerbated by the pandemic:

“I urge governments to consider a solidarity or wealth tax on those who have profited during the pandemic, to reduce extreme inequalities. We need a new social contract, based on solidarity and investments in education, decent and green jobs, social protection, and health systems. This is the foundation for sustainable and inclusive development.”

Even the U.S. Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, is calling for minimum corporate tax rates across the world’s major economies, presumably to pay for Biden’s mega-deficit-making stimulus splurge. The political and intellectual classes are pushing for a global paradigm shift, away from the low tax and free-market policies that, since the collapse of Soviet Communism, have seen global living standards rise at the fastest pace ever. They are using the pretext of the pandemic and environmental alarmism to justify the undemocratic policies they have long wanted to implement. Big states with high taxes and controlled by a technocratic elite – “for our own good”.

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