European Court Demands UK Respond to Remainers’ Election Interference Claim

The European Court of Human Rights has demanded the UK government to respond to a legal claim made by Ben Bradshaw, Caroline Lucas and Alyn Smith over alleged Russian interference in elections. Yes, they’re still banging on about this…

Having fallen flat on their faces in the High Court in 2021 alongside Carole Cadwalladr – the judge ruled the case was “unarguable” and threw it out – the three MPs have now turned to Strasbourg to explain away why Remain lost in 2016. They’d previously claimed Boris had “unlawfully failed to act compatibly with his public law duties in refusing to establish a public inquiry” on the issue, and insist the government has now breached its obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights. Strasbourg now say the government has until the end of April to respond…

The ECHR did add that this request doesn’t yet mean the case has been found admissible. A Downing Street spokesperson said “I would point out this claim has been roundly rejected by UK courts.” Not that that’ll ever placate the likes of Caroline Lucas…


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British Rival to Munich Security Conference Launched

For sixty years, the Munich Security Conference has traditionally been the forum for international decision-makers and experts to discuss security challenges. Whereas the World Economic Forum at Davos discusses climate change and diversity, the Munich Security Conference discusses nuclear security and global conflict hotspots. The focus is usually on German and European responses to global and regional challenges. German strategic policy is a mess; wrong about Russia for years, and slow on weapons. Yet next month the German elite will hold its famous conference attempting to tackle the big geopolitical questions with a straight face. With Scholz in a ridiculous foreign policy mess, Germany’s leadership is lost on foreign policy.

Scholz has been craven on Ukraine. Even today as Britain sends Challenger tanks he will only send Leopards if the US (which has done more than anyone) sends Abrams. While the organisers are not publicly calling it an antidote to the Munich Security Conference, the London Defence Conference clearly aims to be. An invitation-only two days in London at Bush House, King’s College London – for leaders, policymakers, boffins, military and media-types. The insurgent British alternative Conference launching today is being chaired by Lord Salisbury and run by Iain Martin. Britain is the biggest military power in Western Europe – an event of this kind makes sense.

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Boris Named Honorary “Citizen of Kyiv” in Davos

This morning, Mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko presented Boris with an honorary “Citizen of Kyiv” medal to recognise the former PM’s work in supporting Ukraine since the start of the war. The latest in a long line of accolades the Ukrainian people have bestowed on him…

Writing on Telegram, Klitschko said:

“As Prime Minister of Great Britain, Johnson did everything possible to help Ukraine. And continues to support us and convince the civilised world of the necessary support.”

Later, in front of a packed audience at the Ukrainian Breakfast 2023 event, Boris once again reinforced the need to continue backing the country against Russian aggression, including with tanks. Making it clear the West shouldn’t be threatened by Putin’s posturing… 

“I say focus on Ukraine and not Putin. Putin is not going to use Nuclear weapons. What we must do is support Zelenskyy and Ukraine. Give them the tanks, there is nothing to be lost… [Putin] is like the fat boy in Dickens. He wants to make our flesh creep.”

At the same event, Canadian Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland chimed in: “this puck is going to Ukrainian victory, so let’s skate there. Let’s make it happen as quickly as possible.” Without skipping a beat, Boris added: “tell Putin to get the puck out of Ukraine”…

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Jacinda Goes as She Tanks in Polls, Country on Brink of Recession

Progressive heroine Jacinda Ardern is resigning as New Zealand’s Prime Minister saying “I know what this job takes, and I know that I no longer have enough in the tank to do it justice. It’s that simple”. After denying rumours she was set to quit for months, she has announced she is quitting. Despite saying she wants to be remembered for kindness and compassion she will be remembered for implementing some of the harshest lockdown measures outside Communist China. Yet excess mortality in New Zealand has been running at about 10% above normal, with Covid peaking as the leading cause of death last July.

Her New Zealand Labor Party is tanking in polling, the country is on the brink of recession and inflation is the highest it has been for a generation. Jacinda leaves New Zealand with the lowest business confidence in the OECD…

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James O’Brien Left Crestfallen as Mick Lynch Refuses to Back Down From Supporting Brexit

After a very chummy left-wing, back-patting discussion on the RMT’s strikes, James O’Brien’s interview with Mick Lynch took an unexpected turn as Remoaner-in-chief O’Brien tried getting Lynch to condemn Brexit. In light of the government taking back control of workers’ rights…

Far from shirking the confrontation, Lynch provided one of the most coherent and well-argued defences of the constitutional principles of Brexit heard in recent months, pointing out that having sovereignty over workers’ rights is no bad thing, and allows for these policies to be debated and thrashed out back home rather than in Brussels. Lynch’s Lexit logic was impeccable.

Asked if he’d still back Brexit today were there a second referendum, James O’Brien ended up looking crestfallen as the RMT boss refused to deny that he would. 1:0 to Mick…

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Varadkar Admits EU Made Mistakes with Northern Ireland Protocol

Leo Varadkar is back as Ireland’s Taoiseach, following a coalition deal switcheroo, and is already turning to the neverending problems seen with the Northern Ireland protocol. At a press briefing in Dublin, he told hacks that all parties – the EU, Ireland and the UK – “made mistakes in the handling of Brexit.” He specified that one error was designing the protocol as “perhaps… a little bit too strict.”

“We’ve seen that the protocol has worked without it being fully enforced.

“And that’s why I think there is room for flexibility and room for changes and we’re open to that and up for that, and I know from speaking to President Von der Leyen and Maros Sefcovic, that’s their position too.

“So, we are willing to show flexibility and to make compromises. We do want there to be an agreement.

He also tried to improve his poor image among Northern Ireland’s unionist community, many of whom blame him personally for the protocol problems:

“And, you know, I have spoken to a lot of people who come from a unionist background in Northern Ireland over the years.

“I do understand how they feel about the protocol. They feel that it diminishes their place in the Union, that it creates barriers between Britain and Northern Ireland that didn’t exist before.

“And I do understand that and I do get that.

Reacting to Varadkar’s honest statement, this morning John Redwood has said he is “glad Ireland now admits they and the EU made mistakes”, asking “will the EU now end its intransigence and drop the Protocol?” Guido reckons John will have to wish on tonight’s expected Quadrantid meteor shower to see any chance of that happening…

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