Flint: Thornberry Said She’s Glad Her Constituents aren’t as Stupid as Mine

McDonnell: Next Labour Leader Should be Female and not from London

Ed Davey Can’t Say why the Lib Dems did so Badly

McDonnell: I Own this Disaster

Burgon Considering Labour Party Deputy Leadership Run

Gove: Brexit Negotiations will Conclude by the End of Next Year

What will be in the Queen’s Speech?

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Boulton on Cameron

People’s Vote R.I.P.

It is Guido’s sad duty to report that the People’s Vote is no more, it has shuffled off this mortal coil and it will now abandon this existence, such as it was. For all the millions of pounds spent and the hundreds of thousands of Waitrose customers who marched, it failed spectacularly. The 52% who voted yesterday to get Brexit done, again, won…

People’s Vote say they will “now refocus its campaign to concentrate on vital social issues that this government must urgently prioritise in its Brexit negotiations. We will remain a grassroots campaigning group who will act on issues of social inequality.”

So yet another centrist organisation will be borne from the ashes of the People’s Vote database just as it rose from Stronger In. We wish them well…

Wes Streeting Tears into Corbyn and Burgon

They’ve had everything they wanted in this election, they had the leader they wanted, the NEC they wanted, the manifesto they wanted, they even had the Brexit policy they wanted and they had the headquarters they wanted says Wes Streeting of Corbyn, Burgon and the outriders. Streeting says the Labour Party has to relearn the painful lesson that “hard-left politics” does not survive contact with the voters. Wes Streeting says the party needs to return to the mainstream. Unfortunately for Wes, the mainstream of his party has gone far to the left.

A disgruntled Labour staffer emails:

Party staff were divided into two camps during this election. Those who had fought election campaigns before 2017, and repeatedly warned that the data pointed to massive losses, and those whose political education starts and ends with Corbyn, who believed blind faith and winning the Twitter war would see Jeremy propelled into Number 10. There was an unprecedented mis-allocation of party resources. Activists were being bussed to no-hoper seats and concentrated in London until a fortnight ago. Staffers with no organisational experience, but the requisite ideological purity, were handed senior paid campaign roles. There was a total lack of control as Momentum directed their volunteers to seats where Momentum activists were standing.

There is very little of silver linings here, except that the lions share of antisemites and their defenders will not be sat on the green benches in Westminster. Of course, the likes of Jones, Sarkar, Bastani, Blakeley and Lansman will refuse to own the failure. Cognitive dissonance pays handsomely when the broadcast media are booking talking heads willing to shamelessly parrot the Corbyn line. A share of the loss is theirs, they helped construct the fantasy and enforce hardline adherence to the dogma, and they should now be honest with party members about the part they played. 
This election is a damning indictment that finally proves these despicable London-living politicos and pundits do not understand the working classes and never will, and what comes next is on them.
Sounds like Labour’s centrists are in the mood for a fight, they now have 5 years to get their party back…

Boris’s Victory Speech

Pundit of the Night: Emma Dent Coad

The Tory victory in Kensington was one of the many shock election results last night, and clearly came as much as a shock to incumbent Labour MP Emma Dent Coad who only hours before losing took to the airwaves to preemptively thank her LibDem opponent Sam Gyimah for splitting the vote and allowing her in.

Ironically Sam did split the vote, just in the Tories’ favour…

Lib Dem Leadership: Runners and Riders

If you’ve just woken up, Guido has the joyful task of informing you Jo Swinson hasn’t become Prime Minister. From bullishly calling the election along with the Tories and SNP, to running a presidential-style campaign before they realised their leader would end the campaign less popular than Corbyn.[…] Read the rest


Opinium Claim Polling Victory

Survation famously claimed victory in 2017 having predicted the election most accurately. It looks like this year’s crown is being snatched by Opinium. Savanta and ICM will have to reevaluate their methodology given their predictions of only 5-6 point Tory leads…[…] Read the rest


Friday Caption Contest (Oh Edition)

Entries in the comments…[…] Read the rest


All the Defector MPs Lost Their Seats

Research by the BBC’s Laurence Sleator has shown that all 18 MPs who defected in the last Parliament then stood again for this one failed in their endeavours to be re-elected to the House of Commons. Two even lost their deposits…

Liberal Democrat Losers

  • Angela Smith
  • Chuka Umunna
  • Phillip Lee
  • Luciana Berger
  • Sarah Wollaston
  • Antoinette Sandbach
  • Sam Gyimah

Independent Losers

  • Frank Field
  • David Gauke
  • Dominic Grieve
  • Anne Milton
  • Chris Williamson (Lost deposit)
  • Ivan Lewis (Lost deposit)
  • Gavin Shuker
  • Roger Godsiff

Tigger Losers

  • Anna Soubry
  • Mike Gapes
  • Chris Leslie

Turns out voters don’t take too kindly to party-hopping democracy dodgers when their time comes…[…] Read the rest


Alan Johnson Demolishes Momentum ‘Cult’

Speaking on ITV shortly after the exit poll was announced, Alan Johnson absolutely took Momentum founder Jon Lansman to pieces:

“I’m afraid the working classes have always been a big disappointment for Jon and his cult”

Bang on.[…] Read the rest


Only One Pundit Called This

#StonkingToryMajority[…] Read the rest


Boris’ CCHQ Victory Speech

The FT’s Seb Payne has got hold of an audio recording of Boris’ private victory speech to CCHQ staff. Jubilant scenes…[…] Read the rest


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