Radical Libertarian Economist Easily Wins Argentine Presidential Election mdi-fullscreen

Argentines yesterday voted in libertarian economist Javier Milei, who regards Mrs Thatcher as one of “the great leaders in the history of humanity“, as their new president. Milei was close to winning in the first round but was forced into a run-off against Peronist Sergio Massa. It wasn’t close in the end at 56% to 44%…

Milei’s outsider message – β€œOut with all of them” – has resonated with a country forced to deal with governments constantly printing money to cover their permanent fiscal deficit and running inflation up to 15% a month. Argentina has one of the world’s worst wealth taxes, tight exchange controls, and a 35% corporation tax which put the economy in a dire state. Some of Milei’s thoughts on tax include:

It seems to me an attack on our intellect when politicians refer to taxpayers as contributors. It’s like the rapist referring to his victim as his girlfriend”.

This is the largest majority in a presidential election since 1983. Milei says his mission is to “kick Keynesians and collectivists in the ass” and has promised: “If I raise a tax, I’ll cut off my own arm“. Naturally The Guardian is in shock that a “volatile, far-right libertarian” has won. Guido is ecstatic

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