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Sixty female civil servants have accused the Ministry of Defence of having a “toxic” sexist culture in a letter written to the department last month. Accusations include groping, harassment and verbal abuse, with one woman claiming a senior official told her “there were only two kinds of women in defence, the bitches, who were effective, and the mumsy ones, who were completely useless”. Harsh…

Another accusation includes senior male officials making excel spreadsheets that rated women based on their looks and what they’d be like in bed. So that’s what our pen pushers are doing, no wonder productivity is so low…

In the letter seen by the Guardian, the MoD is blasted for it’s toxic culture:

“Women’s day-to-day professional lives are made difficult thanks to behaviours that would be considered toxic and inappropriate in public life, but that are tolerated at the MoD. We are spoken over during meetings, we are subject to pejorative language, we receive unwanted attention and face sexual harassment, including intrusive staring, sexualised comments, running commentary about what we wear, how we look, and how we smell.”

The letter slammed the “male-dominated” department which apparently sees women “overlooked” for promotions. The department has the most male staff  (59.49%) in the civil service. Female public servant might have a better time at Health and Social Care, where the majority are women. Maybe Glen won’t want them to return to the office 3 days-a-week anymore…

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