Tory Interns Made to Take “Privilege Walks” mdi-fullscreen

Interns at the Conservative party have been made to take part in “privilege walks” administered by the charity Patchwork Foundation, to shed light on the career advantages that white middle class apparently have, according to The Telegraph. The so-called diversity test forced interns between 2021 and 2022 to line up in a row whilst statements were read to them, if answered yes, they had to take a step forward. Those who walked the longest distance were deemed the “most privileged”…

CCHQ were swift to make known their distance from the oppression obstacle course, with a Conservative spokesman saying: “Patchwork Foundation development days are run alongside, but are separate to, the CCHQ internship.” Luckily the Tories are miles ahead in the polls so there’s plenty of time and energy to waste on this… 

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