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Liz Truss has written a scathing public letter to Rishi Sunak this afternoon, slamming Downing Street’s decision to invite China to the government’s AI summit next week. She’s demanding he immediately rescind the offer…

“Dear Prime Minister,

I was deeply disturbed to learn that the Government intends welcoming to next week’s AI summit representatives of the same Chinese state that has used and abused technology to aid its oppression of millions and attacks on freedom and democracy.

The regime in Beijing has a fundamentally different attitude to the West about AI, seeing it as a means of state control and a tool for national security.

These and other concerns were a significant factor in the decision by the now Deputy Prime Minister in 2020, when he was Digital Secretary, to remove all Huawei equipment from the UK’s 5G networks. That was the correct call then and should have informed decisions about invitations to the Bletchley Park summit.

In any case, no reasonable person expects China to abide by anything agreed at this kind of summit, given their cavalier attitude to international law.

I am therefore requesting that you reconsider the invitation you have extended to China to next week’s summit.”

China are hardly going to great efforts to hide their espionage. Just months ago, Chris Cash was accused of spying for Beijing while still holding a parliamentary pass. Now we’re rolling out the red carpet for them…

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