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The Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme (ICGS) has published its 5th annual report on Parliament’s working culture, and after a series of investigations, has concluded alcohol is a “frequent factor” in fuelling inappropriate “incidents” across the estate, with “blurred boundaries” between professional and personal conduct leading to bad behaviour. Certain MPs are partial to a few sherbets… 

“A number of the cases included the presence of alcohol and the culture of drinking in Westminster. Alcohol was a frequent factor in incidents in bars on the parliamentary estate (leading to intimidating behaviour like shouting and swearing), external functions connected to parliamentary activities, or where colleagues socialised at bars/pubs after such events.”

Strangers’ Bar is a particular hotspot for legless legislators. In recent years, Neil Coyle and Mary Foy have made headlines for screaming obscenities after a glass or four on the terrace. Others, like Chris Pincher, Patrick Grady, and Chris Matheson have been well-oiled on or near the estate before getting into all sorts of trouble. This will inevitably lead to more calls for Parliament’s watering holes to wind back or shut down entirely, rather than barring the wrong ‘uns when they step out of line. Although the last time this suggestion came up, Speaker Lindsay Hoyle wasn’t having any of it…

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