Anneliese Dodds Promises Tougher Sentences for Intentionally ‘Mis-Gendering’ mdi-fullscreen

Labour have vowed to crack down on transphobic hate crimes, moving attacks on people’s identity into “aggregative harms“. Proposals for those who use the wrong pronouns or name to fall into the same bracket as assault and harassment driven by racial or religious hatred were first introduced in 2021, and will be reinforced by Shadow Women and Equalities Secretary Anneliese Dodds. Speaking at Labour conference, she said Labour would introduce:

“stronger laws so those who carry out anti-LGBT+ hate crime get the tougher sentences they deserve…we will modernise the gender recognition law to a new process.”

So if you muddle up Suzy with Eddie deliberately – which seems hard to prove – you could face jail time. This crosses a legal line where we are expected to not just be tolerant of people’s beliefs but share them. We don’t do this with religion, people have different religious beliefs and there is no expectation that protestants have to believe in Roman Catholic transubstantiation. Gender critical people will be forced to accept that transwomen with penises are women or got to jail. They will be committing a hate crime by “mis-gendering” even if they are correctly sexing a person. Madness.

With Labour’s lead in the polls, misgendering people could soon see people dragged off to the gulag for up to two years…

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