Sadiq Splashes Taxpayer Cash on ULEZ TikTok Propaganda

Sadiq Khan is currently running a paid advertising campaign on TikTok to promote the supposed benefits of his ULEZ expansion. The video, published last night, encourages viewers to play along with Sadiq’s “Big Green London Quiz“, with a series of leading “true or false” questions which peddle Khan’s usual ULEZ talking points:

“True or false? Everywhere in London exceeds the World Health Organization’s limits for toxic air pollution?”

According to Sadiq’s quiz, that’s true. In Guido’s tests, that was actually only true on the London Underground. No mention of that in this quiz for some reason…

The irony here is City Hall has, like Parliament, already banned TikTok on all its devices, citing security concerns from the Chinese government. That’s not an issue for Sadiq, apparently. So long as 15-year-olds who don’t even own cars anyway are playing along with his strange quizzes, the security issues are secondary. Rest assured, Guido has sent in a Freedom of Information request on the cost of the campaign…

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