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The New Statesman’s Will Lloyd has written a profile this week on Rory Stewart which contains an entertaining revelation. It turns out when Stewart isn’t busy agreeing with everything Alastair Campbell says on their centrist dad podcast, he’s also something of a Wikipedia scholar. Lloyd did some digging and discovered an account named “Chezza88” had made a series of edits to Rory’s own profile in recent years, including a useful new section on The Rest is Politics….

When confronted, Stewart claimed:

“That account has sometimes been used by me – I wrote my father’s entry – and inserted recent stuff about Rest Is Politics – it was however also heavily used by parliamentary office, leadership and London Campaign teams (and also at one point by mother!).”

Impressive to have those teams still edit his page when he lost the Tory whip a year before, and no longer had an MP’s staff…

According to Lloyd, later on over the phone, Rory apparently seemed “rattled” by the revelation, adding “I hope there’s nothing really weird or horrible there.Don’t worry Rory, Chezza88 has been on the case…

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