Rare Victory for Jolyon as SNP Admit Breaking Own Climate Rules mdi-fullscreen

The restless fox-beater – who finds it “really hard losing cases” – has turned on erstwhile allies in Scotland by bringing the SNP Scottish government to heel. The Good Law Project threatened to launch a legal challenge against the Scottish government for failing to publish an environmental impact statement for their two-year-old budget. SNP officials admitted their breach of climate obligations and put out a statement that “urgent work is underway on a remedy”. Kimono man has welcomed his great victory over the SNP, for whose quiet support in his countless failing cases he has always been grateful. Needless to say the Good Law Project “will be keeping a close eye on this” as they oblige bureaucrats to produce more useless research. Guido is reminded of Jolyon’s iron principle – that it “would be wrong for us to change our model to fight easier cases and improve our win rate”.

After attacking his friends and allies north of the border, the RSPCA’s best advert extended the hand of friendship by welcoming the “refreshing” contrition of the Scottish government, which “put its hand up and promised to address it”. With friends like these…

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