Fact Check: Do New Zealand and Canada Have Better EU Trade Deals?

Shadow Economic Secretary to the Treasury Tulip Siddiq was trotted out this morning to tell viewers the news that Starmer is looking to achieve “more of a stronger Brexit deal” in Paris today.¬†Guido was more surprised by the claim that the Brexit deal “is a bit too thin, if you look at countries like New Zealand and Canada, they’ve actually got a stronger Brexit deal … which makes it easier for businesses to cut red tape.” Really?

Last time Guido checked Canada and New Zealand still trade over tariff barriers with the EU and will continue to even when their long-feted individual agreements come into force. The Kiwis will have export duties removed on some food and drink products while Canadian agricultural products, for example dairy and poultry, will still be subject to tariffs even after CETA is ratified by EU member states. The UK has a tariff free Brexit deal. Someone needs to do their trade agreement homework…

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