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A young couple from Kuwait made history this week after getting an annulment only 3 minutes after getting married at their local court in Kuwait.

The couple allegedly had an argument which reached its climax with the Groom calling the Bride ‘stupid’ after she had tripped on arrival. 

The story which was shared by Trending Impact explained that the heat and passion boiled to such an extent, that the judge agreed to annul the divorce just minutes later. 

Papers are calling it the shortest marriage in history, even by Married at First Sight and Kim Kardashian standards. There is no confirmation over whether the couple have reunited or not, although unlikely, but opinions and ideas are gathering around the web, with some saying that the Bride could demand compensation from the ordeal.

Where Do The Couple Stand Legally or Financially?

Under such bizarre circumstances, there is a question of whether the Bride or Groom have any legal rights in terms of property or finances, since the marriage was once agreed, albeit for just 3 minutes. We speak to some industry experts to get a range of professional opinions. 

Richard Allan, the co-founder of Divorce Bob explains:

“Annulment is usually based on specific grounds, such as fraud, impotence, bigamy, or lack of consent. If a marriage is annulled, especially as quickly as this one, there may be no financial or legal obligations between the parties. It will almost be as if the marriage never occurred.”

“This type of marriage may be classed as uncontested, since neither party is trying to claim child support, custody battles or financial support and hence it can be annulled so quickly.”

Matt Sullivan of consumer finance startup, Harpsey, disagrees:

“The Bride in this case could request financial damages, compensation or some kind of ongoing support. Despite a quick annulment, with the right legal representation and attorney, a judge might stand in her favour to receive some kind of settlement – especially if she has faced public humiliation or embarrassment over the nature of the divorce and separation.”

Dan Kettle of homes and utility company, Warmable explains:

“There is a further question of any shared assets or properties. If the couple were living in a house together and whether they owned 50% each or even if the Bride was contributing towards rent, mortgage payments or furniture, she could claim a stake in the property and any physical assets, also including cars.”

“Despite contributing less financially overall, she could in fact claim a disproportionate amount if she chooses to do so and with the right legal representation, since her husband’s insult could be considered wrongdoing and under the witness of the judge.”

Support for the Bride has already been gathering momentum on social media with one person writing on Twitter : “A marriage with no respect is a failed one right from the beginning”. Another added: “If this is how he acts right at the beginning, it’s better to leave him.”

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