Channel 4’s Wind Expert Arrested in Extinction Rebellion Protest in 2019

Guido couldn’t help noticing a familiar face on Channel 4‘s onshore wind segment aired earlier this week. The video above shows Dr. Ben Kenward, introduced only as a “Senior Lecturer” at Oxford Brookes University, insisting the government is “simply not acting according to the public will” unless they “strip back the layers of extra difficulty” to building wind turbines in the UK. The segment introduces him merely as a “critic” of the government’s current plans…

Just one small fact that Channel 4 breezed over here. Kenward isn’t just a critic: he’s a full-blown Extinction Rebellion activist who was even arrested at a protest back in 2019. The fact Kenward is still tilting at windmills this week isn’t so surprising when he’s used to yelling about the climate disaster as he’s escorted to a police van. Maybe Channel 4 were confused by the new moustache and hair combo. As always, Kenward is entitled to his views and Channel 4 is equally entitled to air them, though viewers have a right to know his activist credentials…

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