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Newly-appointed Defence Secretary and TikTok sensation Grant Shapps has removed the popular Chinese-owned social media app from his personal phone, and has surrendered control of his beloved account to his constituency staff. A source close to Shapps told the Express this afternoon:

“Grant knows that TikTok can be a valuable tool for communicating with his constituents… Aware of security concerns, he doesn’t have the app on his phone and the account is instead managed by his constituency staff.”

Earlier this year, Shapps’ team told Guido he would continue to use TikTok in future – despite the ban on the app across all government devices – arguing it’s an effective tool to reach voters. He made it pretty clear he planned on staying:


This morning the government announced a TikTok ban on government devices. That’s sensible. I’ve never used TikTok on government devices and can hereby confirm I will NOT be leaving TikTok anytime soon! #politics #news #foryoupage #FYP #trend #wolfofwallstreet #imnotleaving #tiktok

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Not so much…

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