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We introduced EuroGuido as a channel focused on European affairs ahead of the referendum in 2015. We had a lot of fun over the years and ran a mainstream media-mocking series of articles with the #DespiteBrexit hashtag, highlighting the media’sā€“ particularly the BBC’s ā€“ qualifier for any positive news that happened. At some point, political discussion has to move on from Brexit.

The political salience of EU issues among readers is diminishing and the wider world is looming larger. The Indo-Pacific tilt away from the Old World is well underway. China and India are the coming superpowers with super-sized economies whilst the European Union’s share of world trade is shrinking, and even native national populations are shrinking in absolute terms. Focusing on the Atlantic powers seems narrow. Apart from the conflict in Ukraine, there are tensions over Taiwan and ongoing wars in the Middle East, as well as instability in Africa and economic challenges in South America. There is a lot more going on in the world outside Europe.

So we’ve renamed the Twitter/X account and have updated the branding to reflect our shifting coverage. GlobalGuido will cover trade, politics and economic affairs. So expect to read about election results in Argentina, and everything from crypto-regulation to defence alliances. We’ll do it in the accessible way we have always done; serious issues lightened, perhaps, by looks at the US election ā€“ which gets saturation coverage by the UK media from a monocultural perspective. We won’t cover everything because this isn’t the Economist or Foreign Affairs. Often we will report on international policy developments with reference to UK policy. We might, for example, reference the US Federal Reserve’s interest rate moves because they set the monetary agenda for us far more than many think the Bank of England does. We will, as always, aim to do it all in an entertaining way with an underlying bias towards policies which promote freedom and prosperity.

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