Restaurateur Who Gave Rishi the “Best Training I Ever Had” Seeks Handouts to Avoid Going Bust… Again mdi-fullscreen

Once again, the curry house boss who Rishi credited for giving him “the best training I ever had” has undermined the credibility of Sunak’s formative business experience. Kuti Miah, the owner of Southampton-based Kuti’s Brasserie, is once again in the local press and this time he’s complaining that “if we don’t get help, we’ll have to close”. Perhaps he knows someone who could pull some strings…

Kuti’s warning did come as a surprise to Guido. Kuti’s curry house has already liquidated twice in the past three years and if Kuti’s business practices are anything to go by, the third is only a matter of time. He also lost an employment tribunal for shortchanging his employees, diverted furlough payments and paid staff off the books.

Guido will let co-conspirators speculate as to why Rishi changed his story to claim that his first job with Kuti was only “for fun”As we all know teenagers like to work shifts for fun, not cash in hand…

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