LibDems Warned New Policy Would Flood Homes with Sewage

The LibDems have cut out the middle man and are now trying to pump their cr*p directly into the homes of voters. This week they’re insisting the government should force water companies to simply “switch off” storm overflows over the weekend, with Tim Farron appearing on BBC Breakfast to sell this genius idea to the public. All they need to do is “ban sewage discharges” for a few days. The beaches will be cleaner, and the country will be happier. 

The only problem with this, as even Naga Munchetty repeatedly told Farron, is this isn’t possible. Unless the LibDems would rather see tonnes of sewage pumped directly into voters’ bathrooms, or causing pipes to burst in the street. This morning DEFRA released a statement pooh-poohing the idea:

“Storm overflows are an automatic safety valve that release excess pressure on the network. This prevents sewage backing up into properties and stops widespread mains pipe bursts across the country. This is a reckless suggestion that risks the safety of homes and businesses.”

A government source added:

“We’re used to the LibDems making-up ridiculous policy but this is the most dangerous one yet. It would mean people spending their bank holiday with sewage backing up through their toilets.”

A total stinker…

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