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As sure as night follows day, the Liberal Democrats have interrupted recess to demand Parliament be recalled. This time, focus is on the women’s World Cup Final. Their speculative effort would involve blowing the final whistle on recess to bring forward the time when pubs can serve alcohol, so punters can enjoy pints for kick-off. Daisy Cooper said:

“MPs should get down to Westminster tomorrow and score a last minute winner for our pubs and the Lionesses. The Liberal Democrats are calling for MPs to be recalled to pass a last-minute Statutory Instrument bringing forward the time all pubs across the country are allowed to serve alcohol, to 10am.”

To be fair, it’s a solid attack…

However, based on recent form, the play is only likely to end in another own goal. The party could now field a 11-a-side football team with all of their (failed) attempts to recall parliament:

  1. August 2019 – Jo Swinson wants parliament to be recalled to debate the possibility of a no-deal Brexit. She was left disappointed.
  2. April 2020 – The LibDems join calls for Parliament to be recalled in a virtual form in the context of the pandemic. It wasn’t.
  3. July 2021 – Ed Davey calls for a recall to debate vaccine passports. His pleas fell on deaf ears.
  4. April 2022 – They called for a recall to debate a motion of no confidence in Boris Johnson after he received a Partygate fine. Still no luck.
  5. August 2022 – Scottish LibDems call for a Holyrood recall to discuss disruption to ferry services. Nope.
  6. August 2022 – Recall parliament to discuss rising energy bills. Recess went undisturbed.
  7. September 2022 – Debate the fallout from the mini-budget. No chance.
  8. January 2023 – Their next effort was over A&E delays. It had the same outcome.
  9. February 2023 – The Liberal Democrats’ number nine was when Daisy Cooper called for a recall over junior doctors’ strikes. She shot wide of the mark.
  10. August 2023 – The LibDems displayed rare self awareness and joined in on the joke, calling for a recall to end the “bored journalist crisis”. You get the picture.
  11. August 2023 – Their last-minute pub opening time intervention. You never know…

Hat-tip: Politico

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