Labour Just 4 Points Behind SNP in Scotland, Even After Arrest Sturgeon Has Higher Favourability Than Any Scot Politician mdi-fullscreen

A new poll from YouGov shows Labour are now just four points behind the Scottish Nationalists north of the border. The worst result for the SNP since 2018…

SNP: 36% (-1 from Apr)
Labour: 32% (+4)
Conservatives: 15% (-2)
LibDems: 6% (-2)

It turns out having your former First Minister arrested isn’t good for your numbers. Anas Sarwar is already popping open his champagne this evening, it’s just a shame Sir Keir couldn’t name a single member of Anas’ team this week. Though Sarwar shouldn’t get too far ahead of himself. Despite her arrest, Nicola Sturgeon still has the highest favourability of any politician in Scotland…

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