Scottish Labour Discreetly Promotes SNP Attack Ad Ahead of Rutherglen By-Election

Whilst the SNP have despatched sex pest Patrick Grady to help their campaigning efforts in Rutherglen and Hamilton West, Scottish Labour have also turned to dirty tricks. The party has been paying to target an anti-SNP attack ad over on Facebook. Although Labour are happy to share the video with target voters, they don’t seem so keen for others to see the mudslinging…

While the party was willing to spend over £500 promoting the video to individual voters on Facebook, it is nowhere to be seen on Labour’s social media pages and is “unlisted” on Youtube – meaning you can only see it if you have the link. In the five minute video, Anas Sarwar lists the SNP’s Operation Branchform arrests, accuses the SNP of choosing “secrecy and cover-up over transparency” and says the “mired in sleaze” party tried to “hide sexual misconduct allegations”. You can always trust the Scots to take the low road…

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