Labour Council Hikes Council Tax by 5%, Splashes Thousands Renaming Green Project mdi-fullscreen

It is Guido’s duty to once again report on Enfield Council. Having already banned meat, ruined their own finances by giving themselves a pay rise, and recently unleashed cows strapped with shock collars on a public park, the Labour-led council have now proven their return to fiscal discipline by raising council tax by 5%… and immediately splashing £26,000 on renaming their green travel programme. “Healthy Streets” has now become “Journeys and Places”. None of that money was spent on actually improving transport.

Instead, the £26,000 went on “research and scoping for the rebranding project“, redesigning leaflets, and “training the graphic designers” – for some reason. You’d assume graphic designers would know how to do their job already. Apparently not. Renaming a local transport project must be really tough.

The Council website assures visitors “it is still the same programme”, so the only thing that’s changed is the logo… 

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