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China hawk Iain Duncan Smith has warned that the Communist Party used hidden tracking devices in government cars to follow the Prime Minister’s movements, before the cars were stripped and the devices were quietly removed. Speaking to Nick Ferrari on LBC, IDS revealed:

“It was never absolutely confirmed, of course they wouldn’t do for security reasons, but I’m pretty reliably told that they had to strip out the cars to find the devices based in the little SIMs, and they were capable and were tracking the cars and the car journeys. They have capability to be able to throw the switch, as it were, on batteries et cetera, as and when they wish.”

Last month the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) of MPs published a report claiming China has “successfully penetrated every sector of the UK’s economy“, and the government has “no strategy” to stop it. Even if the government makes a U-turn on this soon, it looks like China will know about it before anyone else…

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