Eddie Izzard Standing for Labour Candidacy in Brighton… Despite Claiming “I Want to Fight For the North”

Suzy Eddie Izzard has followed through on his/her threats to stand again after losing the Labour selection contest in Sheffield Central, and has now launched a campaign for Brighton Pavilion. The eddieizzard.uk website has a fresh lick of paint and a jazzy new video, with Izzard claiming she’s standing in Brighton because she’s “just the latest in over 200 years of Izzards in East Sussex and I’m proud of my roots.” So proud, in fact, here’s what she told Matt Forde just five months ago when asked if she’d prefer a seat in the north or the south…

“Anywhere up north… I’d rather be up north, because I’m a kid from down south, and I want to be up north… if people in the north feel the south has it good, then I want to fight for the north.”

It is Guido’s solemn duty to inform Suzy that Brighton is on the southern coast. “Fighting for the north” from a beach on the English Channel will be difficult. If there’s one man/woman who can do it, surely it’s Suzy Eddie

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