Just Stop Oil: Labour Empowered Us to ‘Escalate to High-Level Action’ mdi-fullscreen

In news that will come as a shock to absolutely nobody, Just Stop Oil have boasted about their links to the Labour Party. In a meeting recording obtained by the Daily Mail, eco-campaigner Larch Maxey highlighted Just Stop Oil’s influence on Labour policy:

“Very reluctantly we blocked the roads around Parliament every day for 32 days straight. And that suddenly cut through, we were headline news, Labour suddenly shifted and said ‘We hate Just Stop Oil, oh but by the way, we’re going to stop new oil, coal and gas”

He added that Labour’s response is why “we have to escalate it again”…

Lee Anderson added his two cents to the story on X. He mused:

“Does this mean a vote for Labour is a vote for Just Stop Oil? Best get out on the campaign trail in my diesel car to put this to voters. I wonder what they will make of it all”.

The Tories think they’ve struck oil with this attack line.

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