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As Conservative safe seats across the country look to select the next generation of Conservative MPs, it’s worth taking a look at the processes in place to choose our future leaders. Guido has got his hands on the rules for Conservative Associations’ selections of candidates, and there are some interesting titbits amongst the procedural dullness. Even though the government talks a big game on woke corporations’ EDI policies, the Conservative Party themselves have deployed diversity quotas for age, ethnicity and gender:

“the Sifting Committee must comprise a minimum of one woman and one young person under the age of 30. The additional Association members of the Committee should reflect the different interests of the constituency, i.e. should have a balance of gender, age and ethnicity.”

At a guess Guido thinks these changes were initiated under David Cameron to push associations to select fewer candidates who were stale, male and pale. The guidance also describes the procedure for CCHQ’s stitch-ups in favour of carpet-bagging MPs. MPs on the displaced candidates list are allowed to walk straight through to the final stage for any seat in their region. All ‘displaced MPs’ also have the right to jump straight to the interview stage for every seat in the country, whilst any who still haven’t found a new home by the next election will be gifted a spot on CCHQ’s last-minute selections short-list.

In addition, the document outlines the tasks would-be MPs have to face including a “connect calling exercise” and a “street stall exercise” and includes details on a lesser-known “refer back motion”. The motion can be proposed before the final vote, giving members a secret ballot on whether to refer back the selection – as attempted in Bromsgrove over the weekend. If approved the entire selection process must be “halted and must start again from scratch”. The Conservative Democratic Organisation should take note…

Co-conspirators can read the full guidance below:

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